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Interesting Tidbits (from Nesara)

– Interesting that May 1st is the start of the IMF’s new fiscal year

– Interesting that April 30th is when the IMF updates the IQD’s exchange rates, every single year (except for twice during September).

– Interesting that Kurdistan will start selling oil GLOBALLY starting May 2

– Interesting that the CBI hasn’t updated the indicative rates since April 24 (last Thursday)

– Interesting that there have been NO auctions since April 26 (last Saturday)

– Interesting that April 30 will be elections in Iraq

– Interesting that Iraq announced that the budget will be passed right after the elections

Interesting indeed!!

Aouchtam Update: WE HAVE QEG RESONANCE!!!!!!!!

Aouchtam Update: WE HAVE QEG RESONANCE!!!!!!!!

Posted: 28 Apr 2014 01:26 AM PDT

Good morning from Aouchtam Morocco!!!!

As you may of noticed, I have been notably absent from the realms of the grand computer world for the past month,lol.  Once we got through the lack of Internet and Communications issues (although they are still ongoing – a work in progress so to speak), it was then QEG build time and it was all hands on deck!   I’ve spent the past 10 days working with Red in the kitchen of the club house to keep over 70 people fed.  It’s been a daunting, yet amazingly fun time!

Justin posted an excellent update about Day One of the QEG build HERE

Status of QEG Build Morocco: Build Day 1 – The Parts Arrive


With the arrival of the remaining QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) components we are now able to begin assembly. There were several delays and set backs to the original schedule and our perspective of allowance empowered us with the ability to adapt. The shaft we ordered did not arrive as ordered and a second needed to be flown in. The Core arrived in Casablanca earlier this week but was delayed due to Customs Regulations. Now that all the part have been brought together we can begin to build the QEG. Hope Girl, the main spokes person for the Fix the World Organization (FTW), often makes the comparison that the QEG is being ‘birthed’ into existence; she will present herself completely only when the conditions are right. Despite timetables, scheduling and carefully laid plans we must always be open to receiving what IS so that we may plot a course for success.

Clearing up Confusion with the QEG

Now that I have had a chance to review the QEG in more detail I feel I am ready to clear up some of the confusion which naturally is created within these emerging New Paradigm realities. There are many who have seen the issues in Taiwan and question the entire concept with a limited awareness of the Data available. Arm chair assessments without awareness of the limited data set they are produced from will usually lead to dismissing concepts out of hand; the wisest of kings know what they do not know.

Firstly, the QEG is not at a product distribution level of development. What actually occurred in March of this year was that a ‘proof of concept’ for Over Unity with the QEG design was achieved; there was a measurable and repeatable observation of greater energy output as a result of ‘turning the thing on.’ In addition, the designers developed a system for drawing power and self running the motor so that it produces the Over Unity. 

Continue Reading HERE

Day Two of the build, with an excellent update on the community in Aouchtam can be read HERE

Late last night- at approximately 12:22- the QEG was turned on in front of the entire community and I’m pretty sure the cheering was heard on Mars when the QEG achieved resonance!!!!   Brian has posted a brief video of the second resonance test on his facebook page which you can watch at this link:

I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the Champagne from the fridge and Jamie, Hope and Lisa popped the corks (with no one loosing an eye, although Hope did almost “pop” one of the amazing “cameramen” with her out of control cork, lol!) and the bottles were handed around and we all shared a swig to celebrate the excitement of the day.

Today will be a day of fine tuning and replacing a few parts (most notably a fan belt needs to be replaced with a better quality one), and many more testings will go on.   

During this entire build time every step, every process, every piece of the QEG has been filmed and documented and Jamie has spent a lot of time recording video footage of instructions and explanations.   Hope and Val have also led several discussions on the history of the QEG- from the very first inception to this point in time- the open sourcing of the plans, and their adventures in getting the QEG out to the public.  All of this has been filmed and there are several amazing people working on editing it all together into a full movie. 

Along with waiting for Sherrie to arrive from the US to deliver the “Shaft”  that we couldn’t get here, and the waiting to get the core out of customs (which was a grand adventure all on it’s own!), we’ve had some incredible people show up here in Aouchtam to help with the build and testing process of the QEG.   We have engineers from at least 5 different countries, builders, specialists etc… plus two lovely gentlemen arrived from the UK a few days ago with a professional video camera AND very high tech equipment for measuring all aspects of the QEG output and “over unity”!!!    Basically, Every single thing that has been needed, every single person that had a part to play…. have all shown up here at exactly the right moment!!!  Manifestation at it’s best.

When all the data has been gathered and tested and measured, and all the information is compiled, and all the instructional videos and recordings etc edited and put together, then everything will be released publicly all at once.  Until then, we will be posting updates on all that is happening here, and we will keep you all informed ….. as best we can with limited internet, lol!!!!

I will leave you with some pictures with a few notes:

A few final adjustments by Jamie

The Moment of Anticipation just before turning on the QEG for the first time!

More excellent and awesome photos can be found HERE and HERE

My final note for the day:  You cannot imagine the vibration of excitement that has been thrumming through the community- building and building higher and higher.  Home is where the Heart is they say, and this is my favorite home ever!

Fwd: FYI UPDATE ON DINAR…READ !! : Fw: Blog…Take Note!


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Major chaos unfolding with Dinars. Hold back on speculating your money until it clarifies.
Iraq is poised to announce its own conversion Rate which we have, and boot the US Treasury out. That releases the needed Public market BUT!!!! We are advised this morning that the Central Bank of Iraq may issue just c5T of new notes which more than covers Iraqs needs and would blow out all Americans who devastated their country and caused the killing of a million from cashing in as then all old notes will be worthless. We never could understand who would fund such vast overprinting as had happened to service Dinarian aspirations. No such funds ever existed.

If Iraq, like Iran , then sells its oil to China and India, it is no longer dominated by the US invaders.
Iraq used to be a Russian supporter and can be again.

Chaos is rife today. If Iraq prints the new notes as now being speculated, it’s the end of the road for US control of the Petro dollar markets. It gets Iraq running with its own currency again, and if they join BRICS, Iran etc, under Chinese and Russian protection, the world will change rapidly.

So now it’s 2 options. Will they announce the new rates with the old paper, or the new paper?
It means everything to Dinarians right now. But nations also hold the old paper so its messy. We need to wait and see. Step with great caution now until it becomes clear. Do not buy trouble if Lay Aways become worthless. Gamble only knowing you may lose it all. Be careful out there until reality can be clarified. Its all fast tracking in Baghdad. Chaos elsewhere. Some are cashing out to part bail fast in case it sinks. It makes a lot more sense for Iraq to issue its own 5T. They did not cause this war and Saddam tried every diplomatic way possible to stop it. We were There! WE KNOW the Truth!
No WMDs existed and a Texan War Criminal caused this genocide and chaos. Look at Iraq today? Devastated. Genocide by Criminal, mass murdering Texan Bullies from afar. Profit from war crimes.
It will be an interesting month end. We will clarify the facts when we have them but right now chaos rules. Its a mess again. Knife edge games now. It can go either way but it’s coming to a conclusion. Watch daily now because because it can move any moment. Whichever way. A lot of nerves are on edge. If they go with the old paper its a full public launch, but if they go with the new notes its game over. All is in play now and vast pressures are on. But why should Iraq reward War Criminals for more Hegemony? Its very messy today.

Dongs are OK and Iraq can go either way. We have the new rate but need to see do they launch with new Dinars or take old paper? That is in full play right now. If its new notes for 5T, the Dinar game goes bust. Either way, the US Treasury has made a balls of it, and its now down to China with Vietnam and the Dongs. If its the old notes they will launch without the greedy 10% US Bank/Military override,and a slightly lower rate also. It all rides now on new paper or old. Iraq can never cover up to 200T plus of that overprinted crap to fund Wanabees dreams and greed but who knows? You will know soon enough. The new rate is ready. Nail biting cliffhanger time for the test.
We prefer it to be the old notes to help many, but who will fund that? Iraq will move soon it seems now. Another US kick in the Gonads. Will China move now with the Dongs next? Iraq is saying No to the controlled RV so far and seems on track to go. But which paper now?
PPs are in full flow so far.


Its all in the melting pot right now. Maliki should be re elected first. Step one.
Their in country Dinars are small, most work with cash dollars still. The next exchange rate is indicating 3 plus but Im keeping quiet on the actual new rate now forecast until its ratified. Forget the 1 pc now. So now it full public rate for old or new paper only, whichever is to be decided. Reno deserves to be paid but lifes a bitch. Without Reno paid it won’t help America. Or London, we all want the MTN profits for Global needs.

Zims still in play so far. Next 2 weeks are crucial now. Each day is a roller coaster ride now. Iraq may still flush the lot so watch for it.


The Democratic Deficits


And the Rise of the Macro Central Bank

By JC Collins

central bank power

Charles Dickens masterfully crafted tales which captured the smells and sights of economic destitution.  From Oliver Twist to A Christmas Carol, the characters that littered the great storytellers novels found themselves alive during times of hardship, and yet maintained a stubborn sense of kinship.

The people of today are divided and disjointed into sad simulations of the literary creations of Dickens.  The sad joy once expressed is now overtaken by silent and subtle anger which simmers just beneath the surface of everyday life.


Truth is never openly revealed or discussed in anything outside of disorganized debates structured around faults and fallacies.   The mass movement of ignorance  is an endless swell of forced sameness and complacent grumbling.

Winston Churchill has been quoted as saying “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”  Nothing much more need be said about the state of willful human ignorance and avoidance.

What passes for truth nowadays is anything but, and looking back into the past we can also see that truth was scarce in previous periods of turmoil and politically staged drama.

When revolutions started sweeping through Europe in the 18th century, did no one question why the monarchies all acted with economic irresponsibility?  Did no one see the same pattern repeating from region to region as each monarchy was overthrown through violent means?

Those who study history outside of the accepted and conditioned versions taught and expounded upon in specifically engineered curriculums are quick to recognize the flow of capital from empire to empire.  This capital pattern tells a very interesting tale of power transitions from monarchies to democracies.

The banking interests of the time used economic and monetary policy to slowly transfer wealth from the masses.  With each passing year the economic destitution became more and more prevalent with the reactions of the people coached to focus specifically upon the faults of the ruling king or queen.

The blue bloods were completely ill-equipped to deal with the psychological operation which was being orchestrated against them.  From the French Revolution all the way through the Bolshevik Revolution, one by one, the monarchies fell to the machinations of the banker mischief.

The idea of the state, a simulation of the democratic ideals as envisioned by the ancient Greeks and Romans, was carefully introduced to the masses as the solution to the corrupt and financially inept monarchies.


We say simulation of democracy because each state was designed with the fatal flaw of having its money creation process controlled by the very same bankers which funded and orchestrated the overthrow of the monarchies.  From their inception, the democratic states were fragmented and controlled by external interests which were specifically focused on the transfer of wealth from the disorganized masses.  Wealth of course being the time and labor of the people.

Today we are witnessing the same democratic deficit play out as the countries of the world have been forced into monetary policies which ensure a cycle of sovereign debt creation that exponentially expands the money supply of each country.

This time it will not be monarchies which take the fall but the very state governments which replaced them.  No where today do we see truthful debate about central banks and money creation.  All fiscal and monetary failures are directed towards the budget and spending policies of the governments themselves.  It is never reasoned that perhaps governments do not require an external money creation system by way of privately owned and unelected central banks.

These banks are now fully consolidated under the regulations of the Bank for International Settlements.

It’s amazing that very little attention is paid to the BIS and its Basel regulations.  This institution and its orders are followed by all the central banks in the world, from the Bank of Canada and Bank of England, to the Federal Reserve and People’s Bank of China.  Even the Russian central bank is a gear in the wheel house of this organization.

As the sovereign debt crisis of each country begins to take center stage, there is background process of centralization taking place in order to have the planned solution to the problem ready for the ultimate revelation.  The monetary policies of all the worlds central banks are beginning to streamline into one official directive.

Klaas Knot, President of the Netherlands Bank, speaking on April 24, 2014, said:

“We’re now on the verge of adopting a broader view of what constitutes central banking. The financial crisis has clearly brought the core functions of central banks closer: Monetary and liquidity policy, micro- and macro-prudential regulation and supervision, stability and reliability of payment and settlement systems. They all complement each other!”

No where is it mentioned that it was central bank policy on debt creation which pushed the world into a financial crisis.  The Basel 2 regulations allowed banks to loosed credit requirements to a level which all but assured a massive expansion of liquidity.  Now Basel 3 means to contract the credit creation as a parallel component to the debt restructuring through the International Monetary Fund.  Both policies are pushing the world to a multilateral financial system structured around the SDR – Special Drawing Right, as the supra-sovereign currency which will replace the US dollar as the primary reserve currency of the globe.

Within the structure of the Bank for International Settlements is the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.  From the BIS publication titled “A Sound Capital Planning Process: Fundamental Elements, dated January, 2014, we are informed of the following:

“The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision provides a forum for regular cooperation on banking supervisory matters.  It seeks to promote and to strengthen supervisory and risk management practices globally. The Committee comprises representatives from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.  Observers on the Basel Committee are:  the European Banking Authority, the European Central Bank, the European Commission, the Financial Stability Institute and the International Monetary Fund.”

From this it can be clearly reasoned that all central banks of the most important countries are reading from the same script.  Some of the bullets from this script are:

1. Central banks will play a larger role in financial stability.

2. Ensure greater stability in the global payment system.

3. Encourage competition.

4. Strengthen regulations.

5. And increase awareness of the democratic deficit.

These points of course have to be read through the filter of the word masters and independent realizations of definition and intent arrived at by each.

The central banks have been the main contributors to the financial problems in the world today.  The method of money creation and debt expansion has been structured around manufactured wars.  In many cases, independent central banks and governments which hadn’t yet fallen victim to the international banking interests had war forced upon them with the intent of increasing money printing to fund the war.

So when we think of how the script directing our reactions to the governments, whether democratic or communist, both being products of the international banking interests, and to the level of reckless debt expansion, it is easy to see how the majority of the disorganized masses, and a good segment of the small elite, are unable to see the process of blame shifting and engineering of the new financial system.

The threefold approach is the threat of war, the threat of debt default, and the threat of the collapse of currencies and the banking industry itself.

As some eventual point, the central banks will separate themselves from their respective countries and allow each government to suffer the full effects of the financial mismanagement, just like they did with the monarchies in centuries past.

Perhaps the day will soon come when the Federal Reserve will refuse to purchase the Treasury Bonds.  The reason for the Fed doing this would be televised as a method of protecting and preserving the reliability and efficiency of the payment and settlement systems.

Remember, one of the talking points from the BIS script is to ensure greater stability in the global payment system.

We have covered the problem, reaction, solution dynamic on this site in many posts, but its worth repeating again here as it is the most vital component of the transition from a dollar based system to an SDR based system.

Though it sounds drab and lifeless, the SDR is in fact the emerging reserve currency which all other currencies and commodities will be pegged too.  If the US dollar has been the sun at the center of the galaxy, the largest and most dominate object which pulls all other objects, planets and moons, into orbit around it, than the SDR will become the sun in the new system and the dollar will be demoted to a simple planet.

Based on the structure of the Bank for International Settlements and the mandates as set forth for its member banks, we can draw some conclusions that stand in contradiction to current world events.  These contradictions are no more apparent than the crisis in Ukraine and Russia.

Protests and manufactured revolutions are the play book of the central banker, as first realized in the French Revolution.  The emotions of the people are real enough, but the playbook itself is well hidden in the lies and propaganda of the mainstream media.


Every reaction to the problems stemming from the crisis between Russia and the United States over Ukrainian domination leads to the desired solution of dollar isolation and threats of financial collapse.

America can not be seen as allowing its currency to collapse, so it will be brought to heel threw a series of strategic chess moves planned well in advance.  For those who still doubt that the dollar will be purposefully devalued to force an international response and shift towards a multilateral system, the following video is included here.  It features a senior Obama official stating that the plan is to kill the dollar.

With what is happening in Russia and Ukraine, it is the threat of war which is directing the actions.  These actions are encouraging a move away from the US dollar as detailed in trade and currency agreements between Russia and China, as well as Iran and others.  There is talk of a gold backed regional currency to replace the dollar as a payment and settlement system.  There will likely be many type of regional temporary payment systems as the transition to SDR’s is completed over the coming months and years.

And yet with all of that, the Russian oil company Rosneft is signing half a trillion dollar oil and gas deals with US oil giant ExxonMobile, as well as Eni, Saipem, and Statoil.  These agreements cover the development and marketing of oil and gas from the artic circle, as well as Canada’s oil sands, and other strategic developments and deposits.


While the masses are being presented with a scripted playbook of geopolitical tension and the growing threat of war and a new cold war, the business, banking, and industry interests which weave threw the global institutions are planning and building the economic machinations of the new multilateral system.

From the micro central banks of each country will rise the macro central bank to facilitate the payment and settlement system of the SDR.  The consolidation of democracy and communism, alongside the ideological driftwood of fascism and socialism, will ensure the fall of the fiscal state and the rise of the fiscally responsible central bank.

Like the economically destitute citizens of some long ago London, with orphan children roaming the dirty streets looking for food, the characters of Charles Dickens could hardly fathom the orchestrator of their suffering.  Neither will the people of the world realize the grand strategy which has been played against them.  Like in the early 1970′s, many will understand that something changed in the global economy, but the full comprehension required to gain a deeper appreciation of just what that change was, will elude the masses.  And the masses most likely prefer it that way.   – JC

Did your friendly neighborhood TV station inform you of any of this?

Begin forwarded message:  

I am sure you all already know this.

Happy New Year America


Here is what happened on January 1st 2014:

Top Income tax bracket went from 35% to 39.6%

Top Income payroll tax went from 37.4% to 52.2%

Capital Gains tax went from 15% to 28%

Dividends tax went from 15% to 39.6%

Estate tax went from 0% to 55%

Remember this fact: if you have money, the democrats want it. These taxes were all passed only with democrat votes, no republicans voted for these taxes.

These taxes were all passed under the affordable care act, aka Obamacare.

If you think that it is important that everyone in the U.S. should know this, pass it on to everyone you know.

Fact Check #119

Posted on April 23, 2014 4 Comments




Thank you all very much for participating in FC # 188. It was very heartwarming to see so many new readers sharing what they plan on doing  to help their fellow man when the opportunity presents itself. I know a lot of people are working very hard to give you the chance to make good on your public statements of good will. 

To reward you all, I have brought over this article from Project Camelot and OWoN. Paladin is a White Hat. He has written the following article which explains a little more about the still unreleased WH Report #48. Remember, you are reading the words of someone who, along with this colleagues, has worked very hard to expose deep corruptions and horrible crimes committed against humanity by the most vile of our species. As stated in the article, these are not opinions or speculations, but well researched and documented facts.

Please stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. 





First of all, I’m going to try to do better with getting articles up here at Project Camelot. When Kerry offered the opportunity to write a column and express my views and information I was both flattered and inspired. Personal issues and a very nasty winter have conspired to dampen my enthusiasm in addition to my inherent nature of being very mindful of providing information before vetting it thoroughly. Yeah, I’m a nuts and bolts kind of guy. Blame it on my background and life experience of performing all kinds of investigations for over 30 years. In my field of endeavor, opinions are completely worthless and lack standing. It’s all about proof and documentation and the ability to not only present the information so that the readers can fully understand it but also arrive at their own conclusions based on solid evidence.

Before I get into the gist of this article, I want to clarify a couple of things regarding my interview with Kerry on bitcoins. For one, I failed to emphasize that bitcoin was just an example and not the focus of an alternative currency that creates a direct threat to the cabal’s central bankers and their control of our lives. My objective was to offer an understanding of how bitcoin or ANY virtual currency that competes with what the bloodlines use to keep us in perpetual slavery, is different from the debt based system we have now. The second issue I failed to clarify was that trying to compare bitcoin to the US dollar or any of the other so called currencies is like comparing a seedling to a full grown tree, a colt to a 3 year old thoroughbred or a baby to an adult. In the evolution of things, bitcoin or any of the other virtual currencies do not, at this point in time, represent a decent comparison with “currencies” that have been in circulation for tens if not hundreds of years. My bad and I hope it did not create more confusion than it was supposed to negate.

Any form of money that is a true medium of exchange and not issued based on debt for the simple use of it, will severely threaten the cabal. If you don’t understand that the currency we use now is not currency/medium of exchange but rather paper that we have to pay interest on for the mere use of it, then I failed in my attempt to make that clear


For those of you familiar with the White Hats Reports, you’re aware that we have suspended publishing reports, and more importantly, failed to release report #48 as promised. I have been asked about that on numerous occasions in the recent weeks and months and feel perhaps I should address it here.

Our objective with these reports was primarily to continue the exposure of the withholding of the World Global Settlements (WGS) funds, the Wanta Funds, the CMKX debacle and the various other financial frauds perpetrated by the cabal on well meaning individuals. The primary focus was to let the cabal know that we KNEW and also to connect some dots for others (law enforcement, world leaders, etc) in the optimistic sense that they would respond in some positive way. Informing the general public at large was secondary to the main objective.

History will dictate whether the reports have had or will have any effect on the cabal’s stranglehold on humanity. I sincerely hope they do but I may not live to see that day. Our intent was always to expose the fraudulent financial system as it is the foundation for the cabal’s control of our lives. We are/were not partisan in any way as we exposed both parties in the US political arena in addition to cabalists in other countries. Our agenda was simple… to put pressure on the cabal and others in the desire to see change occur for the good of the people and all humanity.

As our readership grew, we began to see a change in the way we were perceived. It appeared that some were under the impression that we were constantly stating opinions and not reporting facts. This was and still is, amusing to us, as the complete lack of knowledge and understanding of the “game” did not prevent many from voicing opinions based on… their opinion. As I stated previously, the objective of the reports was not to convince the public of their authenticity but to put pressure on the cabal.

From the beginning, we were getting feedback through various sources that our reports were hitting the mark in terms of getting the attention of both the cabal and world leaders all around the globe. The exposure was constant and steady and in most cases, in real time as some reports detailed events that had occurred a day or two prior. All the while we were walking a fine line between exposing the truth and exposing operatives who risked everything to get us the information. In so doing, we had to keep in mind the method of exposure had to protect the ongoing flow of future information by not revealing the sources and/or methods.

I suppose the birth of report 48 occurred on February 16, 2012 when Lord David James of Blackheath courageously stood up in the House of Lords and delivered his speech exposing the $15 trillion dollar fraud perpetrated by the Federal Reserve, the US secret government, the criminal banking system and the corrupt politicians who are paid to look the other way when we the people of the US are put further in debt to support the slave status we’re all part of.

We then issued two reports in the next week which detailed not only the origination of our group but also included a copy of one of the SWIFTS for authentication. (See White Hats report #36 and #37 at The historic significance of this event, Lord James’ speech, cannot be underestimated. For the first time, the very essence of the cabal’s misdeeds, the financial system, was exposed for all to see. And what was the response?

Total silence.

Not one mainstream media outlet reported on the story. Not one investigation was started to look into the matter as Lord James implored his colleagues to do. And not one peep from the public for demanding an investigation and response to why $15 trillion of their money that happened to get transferred overseas to some obscure entity named Pureheart Investments, LTD.

Not one.

We had begun investigating Pureheart before Lord James’ historic speech in the House of Lords but once reports 36 and 37 were released, we were deluged with various individuals and entities reaching out to us in an effort to assist in the exposure of the real story behind Pureheart. Out of this, report #48 was born. The deeper we went down the trail, the more bizarre and mind blowing it became. For us, who’ve seen our share of bizarre and mind blowing, it was something deeper… more sinister, than we’ve ever experienced. Through this process, we were able to gather documents and information which related to Pureheart’s formation, history, alliances, key players and most important of all, their objectives. This set us on a path that took us out of the realm of the financial system and into the world of black projects, secret deals with foreign countries touted by the whore media to be our enemies, advanced technology and alien contacts.

Bits and pieces of this story had been exposed over the years. The Black Eagle Trust, the Five Star Trust, the Russell Trust, Operation “Hammer”, Yamashita’s Gold, and Confessions of an Economic Hitman are just a few of the dots that could now be connected to the secret/shadow government. As we investigated the origins, we were able to follow it through to the present day and Pureheart.

Pureheart is the conduit for pilfering money out of the financial system and taking it down that dark hole into the abyss, only to resurface in several different places, all for the advancement of the cabal’s control over humanity. Black projects, false flags, payoffs and bribes to politicians and public officials, blackmail, murder, assassination, satanic rituals, agreements with off-worlders and numerous and ongoing crimes against humanity. The denial of access to the secret technology that the masses pay for but the cabal utilizes in order to better control us and systematically take away our sovereign rights.

The origins of Pureheart trace back to GOT, SA (Global Oil Traders), two Saudi kings, Lucky Luciano and the five originators of the secret government (hence, the Five Star Trust) Bush, Sr., Edward Lansdale, William Colby, Roberto Ferrara aka Lorin Rosier and Richard Armitage. Ferrera faking his own death and recreated as Lorin Rossier, living in a safe house in Europe with an underground tunnel system that allows him to come and go without being surveilled. A corporate attorney (former) of Pureheart who reached out to us giving us information and claiming the cabal possessed technology advanced 10,000 years of what is in the public domain.

A compelling story, to say the least.

Pureheart is a GSE which stands for Government-Sponsored Enterprise. Other examples of a GSE are Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FICO. I guarantee if you look up the purpose and function of GSEs, it won’t tell you that they were created by Congress to steal trillions of dollars of US taxpayer’s money for crimes against humanity. And that’s EXACTLY what Pureheart does and has been doing for many years.

But I digress.

When we assembled all the data… the notes of meetings, the joint venture contracts with other countries, the various documents relating to solicitations, the notes of conversations and the vetting of most of it, we came to the conclusion that it would be a major expose’ of the cabal. And I don’t use the term major lightly. Its one thing to talk or write about it, it’s entirely another to provide proof in the form of documents numbering in the hundreds of pages.

The discussion of releasing 48 spanned several days and weeks with consideration given to every conceivable response and repercussion. Pros and cons weighed and debated… sometimes heatedly… before reaching the conclusion in favor of delaying the release. We were fully cognizant of putting many people in harm’s way, including ourselves. The vast number of documents we received and contacts from information sources after Lord James’ historic speech was truly overwhelming. The cons were first and foremost our own safety and the safety of others involved directly and indirectly. We could decide to jeopardize ourselves and our families but we couldn’t make that decision for other people. Due to the nature and extreme sensitivity of the documents, the list of leakers/whistleblowers who assisted with this effort would be a very short list, easily narrowed. Another factor on the con side of things was the issue of possibly jeopardizing other phases of actions being taken at the time and are ongoing. Another factor—I’m not sure whether it’s pro or con—has to do with the fact that world leaders, politicians, etc., already knew about most of the info contained in 48. So in that regard, no new information would be provided other than perhaps some details or deals that not all were aware of.

In my mind, the apathy of the general public was the critical con factor that made the decision not to publish 48 a no-brainer. It seems no one thought… or understood… that the $15 Trillion fraud exposed by Lord James in February of 2012 impacted every taxpaying Amerikan. Most don’t know the Federal Reserve is a private corporation of cabal bankers that make the rules for themselves in the banking world without limitations. Most don’t understand that Federal income taxes are, in fact, interest payments on the debt of the out of control government. Most don’t know the dollar bills in their pockets are not cash but debt with the cabal given the freewheeling authority to print dollars ad infinitum because the Amerikan citizens are the collateral on the debt. Most don’t realize the reason an illegal alien is allowed to hold the office of President is because the US is a corporation and they have no such restrictions (being a US citizen) on corporate officers. And most don’t realize that the political parties are two sides of the same coin and have long ago sold us out to their financial contributors and corporate benefactors.

And even the ones who know all of the above are not doing enough. Just knowing isn’t enough… action needs to be taken or nothing will change. Perhaps it hasn’t dawned on everyone that the cavalry isn’t coming, the ET’s aren’t going to intervene and save us and no religious idols/icons are going to wave their hands and all will be good again.

The deafening silence after Lord James’ speech was evidence that our reports, at least from the reading public’s standpoint, had become nothing more than episodes in an ongoing drama serial that were mere entertainment. Like a Robert Ludlum spy novel or a Jerry Bruckheimer action movie.

If your house is on fire and you’ve been informed it’s on fire and you do nothing about it, what’s the point of having a smoke detector?

Now… this is not to say that at some appropriate point in time in the future, 48 won’t be released. Every precaution has been taken to preserve both the integrity of the report and security of the documents. I have been informed that our reports have made an impact and changes are occurring for the better as a result. Personally, I see very little sign of that but I remain hopeful. I do know the cabal has been seriously challenged on their plans and agenda but I’m not convinced we’re going to be any better off trading one type of tyranny for another.

Apologies are extended to those of our readers who were not given an explanation after the ill advised and ill conceived publicity and build up surrounding the release of report 48. Hopefully this will put the issue to rest, at least for the time being. However, I’ll provide this link to a report one of our colleagues put out that gives an overview of what we discovered. There are hundreds of pages of documents that back up the information contained in this report.

 The follow up information articulated by Kerry should also be read to connect all the dots.



The Act Of 1871… Goodbye To The United States, And The Birth Of The UNITED STATES

When you know the past, it enables the power to change the future.

The ACT of 1871 formed the corporation called THE UNITED STATES ~ This is the reason congress is a potted plant and a DEN of traitors!

link to complete text:




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How Will You Pay It Forward?

Greetings, and Happy Easter!

It’s time for a little diversion from the usual.

I know that the waiting game it not easy. For some, like those in prosperity programs, which were offered in the 1990′s and through 2002, it has been over a decade of mystery, with little in the way of proper information that is rooted in official fanfare.

The currency issues, such as the dinar and dong, and whatever other 18 currencies are slated to revalue, takes center stage by virtue of the number of those involved. No further explanation is required from us as to the sheer width and breadth of the emotional ranges that all of you have experienced with this particular piece of the equation. From a penny to $32, and every number in between, we have been subjected to so many opinions and theories that even Buckminster Fuller would have been staggered to understand it.

Then, there are the CMKX shareholders. Within their ranks are some of the most scorned. You hear some of the most devilish, blood-curdling blasphemy from that quarter of the ranks. If a lynch mob is ever formed by the disgruntled, a CMKX shareholder is sure to be the one to fashion the noose. But, given what was done to them, when all they did was invest funds in what they thought was a properly regulated share offering, they certainly have cause to be angry. The affair was so broad and scandalous that CMKX is on the lists for WGS settlement.  Good for them, and I hope it happens soon.

We call this blog “White Hat Auxiliary” because we are convinced beyond all doubt that the White Hats are holding the point, and we are there to back them up on the “civilian” level. They are involved, and, they are properly positioned to carry the matter to conclusion. All categories above: Prosperity Programs, Currency Revaluations, CMKX, are riding on the release of the World Global Settlements. The White Hats and some 1800 people the world over are  working hard to bring this to a finality. But, it does not end there. Fact Check #115 was key to all of you being properly set up and able to make a difference and not fall into the trap of reverting back into whatever non optimum financial condition you sought to alleviate by participating in the aforementioned programs and speculations.  

A while back, one of our members suggested that we start a thread so that all of you could describe how you intend to pay it forward once this matter is set loose. Our White Hat contact agreed that such would be a good idea. So, now you have a thread to describe such! 

Now, please do not just write “I have projects”. Projects? That does not describe the matter in enough detail. Please be specific. 

An example would be: “I intend to fund a local college program to teach students how to increase the agricultural yield”. Then, describe why such is your passion, and why it is vital. 

Or, as another example: ” I am going to lobby to remove all laws that restrict doctors from using so-called “alternative treatments” on patients who elect to use such methods to treat their diseases. I want medical doctors to be free to apply such methods in the USA, as they do in other nations, but under supervision of peer review, and without resistance from big pharma because of concern for loss of profit.” 

And another example: “I am going to donate my newly acquired free time to volunteer as….”a teacher”….”a lawyer defending poor persons”…….”a pilot delivering food to disaster areas”……”a contractor  teaching less advantaged how to build homes, and fund their first effort.” Etc. 

The choices are endless, and I could not possibly cover them all. 

Let’s show the White Hats, and their many colleagues, working on our behalf, that we intend to make good use of this second chance to have the fruits of our nation returned to OUR control. Just how will we demonstrate the stewardship that will be bestowed on our shoulders? How will we nurture and protect our country and communities, and likewise set a good example? 

So, let’s hear it! How will YOU pay it forward?

Our continuing thanks goes out to the White Hats and their colleagues and staff the world over.

Thank you for your continued support. Please stay tuned for further updates.


The astounding power of “economic elites”–economic-elites-190548250.html

By 4 hours ago The Exchange                               


Company CEOs arrive at the White House in Washington

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Company CEOs arrive at the White House in Washington, October 2, 2013, for a meeting of the Financial Services Forum with U.S. 

“America’s claims to being a democratic society are seriously threatened.”
That’s the startling claim in a provocative new study by Martin Gilens of Princeton University and Benjamin I. Page of Northwestern University.
Many of us like to believe that popular opinion influences policymakers, at least indirectly. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. “The general public has little or no independent influence” on policymaking, the two political scientists found.
Instead, Gilens and Page found that “economic elites” have a “quite substantial, highly significant, independent impact on policy.” Groups representing business interests are the next most powerful influence on policymakers. Sometimes, those two groups are aligned on an issue—they both tend to prefer low taxes, for instance–which generates the highest likelihood of government action.

The complex study examined 1,779 public policy issues between 1981 and 2002, including the policy preferences of middle-income people, the wealthy, and interest groups such as lobbying organizations, unions, and membership associations like AARP. The researchers then isolated instances when a policy change actually took place, to figure out who, essentially, got their way.

Though the study period ended 12 years ago, similar dynamics seem to be in effect today. Consumer advocates such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) argue that the financial industry and its billionaire barons, for instance, still flex intimidating muscle on Capitol Hill, even after Wall Street nearly wrecked the whole economy. Billionaires such as Sheldon Adelson, Charles and David Koch and George Soros now donate vast sums to political causes through political action committees and third-party groups, and will now be able to give even more to individual politicians thanks to a recent Supreme Court decision.

Many of us like to believe that popular opinion influences policymakers, at least indirectly. So ordinary voters may be dismayed to hear that “the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.” On the other hand, that’s probably not surprising, given that crony capitalism has become the new sport of kings, the gap between rich and poor is widening and trust in government and other big institutions is crumbling

This sounds pretty bleak, but it’s worth keeping in mind that well-connected elites have always been influential, and they may have had even more sway over policymakers during go-go eras such as the robber-baron heyday of the 1890s or the look-the-other-way government of the 1920s. The Gilens-Page study doesn’t get into historical comparisons.

Another mitigating factor: Sometimes ordinary people and the wealthy have shared interests, which means that if the rich get their way, the little guy does too. Most working people favor low taxes, for instance, whether you’re a billionaire or a thousandaire. Pro-business policies can be good for workers too, as long as they help create jobs and boost the economy. And while policies that help inflate the stock market (this means you, Federal Reserve) may enrich people who don’t really need it, they also help the 401(k) plans of middle-class savers.

Recent political history may also offer a bit of a counterpoint to the Gilens-Page study. One consistent preference of 1 percenters is smaller government and less regulation. Yet President Obama, who clearly favors something other than limited government, is now in his second term. And government regulation is swelling, not receding. The Affordable Care Act, which passed in 2010 and just went into effect last year, hardly serves the interests of the affluent. The 1 percent may have succeeded in preventing a full government-run healthcare system from forming, but the subsidized care available under the ACA to people living near the poverty line seems like it’s here to stay.

Still, there is no denying that moneyed interests strongly influence (and sometimes even write) laws and regulations, while thwarting a lot of government action that might harm their cause. The standoff between the rich and the rest might even intensify as fresh tradeoffs need to be made involving taxes, government spending and other increasingly urgent priorities. The outlook for democracy has certainly been brighter.

Rick Newman’s latest book is Rebounders: How Winners Pivot From Setback To Success. Follow him on Twitter: @rickjnewman.

Nikola Tesla: Wardenclyffe Tower

Dear Andy,  

This clip is renowned throughout 
the web as being the 1st place winner 
of the 2010 History Channel Student 
Video Competition. However, the 
identity of this budding filmmaker 
appears to be untraceable.

The short film summarizes the story 
of the remarkable Nikola Tesla, Serbian-
American inventor, best known for his 
contributions to the design of the 
alternating current (AC) electricity 
supply system that we use today.

It includes some of Tesla’s most stunning 
quotes, which I have never heard before. 

After a career of staggering achievements 
and financial ups and downs, Tesla, 86, 
died alone and in debt, in Room 3327 of 
the Hotel New Yorker on January 7, 1943, 
The cause of death was determined to be 
coronary thrombosis, with no suspicious 
Two days later, after learning of Tesla’s 
death, the FBI seized Tesla’s entire estate, 
which was transported to the Manhattan 
Storage and Warehouse Company under 
OAP seal. In 1952, after constant pressure 
from Tesla’s nephew, Sava Kosanovic, Tesla’s 
belongings (original papers, thousands of 
letters, photographs and most of Tesla’s 
inventions including the remote-controlled 
boat, wireless fluorescent lamps, motors, 
turbines, etc.) was shipped to Belgrade, in 
80 trunks marked “N.T.” 
(Video: 5 mins): 
– Alexandra 

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