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The Transgender Agenda is an abomination against God.

The Transgender Agenda is an abomination against God. Period. Point blank. There is no argument of this fact.

[They] want to remove God.
[They] want to remove His creations.
[They] trample on His gift of Free Will.
[They] spit in his Son’s face.
[They] murder babies.
[They] inject His children with poison.

It’s all part of [their] plan for a world ruled by Satanism.

We won’t let that happen.

Spoiler alert; God wins.

“If God be for us, who can be against us?” Romans – 8:31

It Keeps Getting Better… — The Marshall Report

Just because you get to lie, doesn’t mean people believe you. Remember that. These are priceless…. enjoy! Replies to the New York Post… When did they let Jussie Smollet out of jail? Show us again, exactly how you heard Trump did that? Is she smirking? Yes, she’s smirking. She knows how stupid she sounds…even for…Continue…

It Keeps Getting Better… — The Marshall Report

🔥🔥 Jun 23 2022 – Juan ’00’ Savin w/ Navy SEAL Michael Jaco > Juan’s Clandestine Past–jun-23-2022-juan-00-savin-w-navy-seal-michael-jaco-juans-clandestine-past.html

* Don’t Miss This One * Juan Shares Stories From His Clandestine Past * Been There > Seen The Organized Crime *

– All Eyes On Sep 3rd [22 Months]
– Time For Emergency Injunctions To Hold The Records
– 2000 Mules Was Just The Beginning [Foreign Interference]
– Keep Your Eyes On Georgia
– China + Other Countries Tied To It All
– The Red Flag Will Be Thrown Before Sep 3rd
– We Will Challenge The 2020 Election, It Will Be Looked At
– We’re In A Spy vs Spy Moment [Contractors]
– The DNC’s Law Firm Perkins Coie Had A Direct Computer Interface To The FBI & NSA
– IRS File Hacks Were Being Used To Indentify Top Secret Personnel
– Patriot Show Hosts Exposing The Benghazi Whistleblower Were On Target Lists
– Organized Crime Mobs Run The Country & Government
– South American Drug Money Was Laundered Through Banks In Little Rock AR > Then Distributed Back Out Through Multiple Development Finance Authority Agencies
– Hot Springs AR Was The ‘Neutral Ground’ For All U.S. Mobs
– Bill Clinton’s Real Father Is Winthrop Rockefeller
– All Of [Them] Have Changed [Their] Real Names
– ‘Zuckerberg’ Is Not ‘Zuckerberg’
– Is Q Real? > Is Q McAfee Real? > Spy vs Spy > There’s Info & Disinfo > Both Are Necessary
– The ‘Summer Of Love’ Will Be Inflation + Food Shortages + Disruptions +++ > [They] Will To Try Instigate Civil War
– Some Major Cities May Fall Back Into Flash Mob Areas
– ALL By Design
– Patriot Americans Will Not Fall For [Their] ‘Trap’
– EVERYONE Will Feel The Hit This Summer [Necessary Awakening]
– It’s Only Going To Be A Relatively Short Time [To See The Monsters]
– We Are Going To Take Back America By Exposing The Election Fraud
– The Good Military Is At War With The SES + Foreign Powers > To Control America
– The Law Of War Manual Will Dictate How [They] Are Dealt With [GITMO]
– The Spiritual Realm Is Above All This > On Both Sides > PRAY
– We MUST Fight For Our Spiritual Freedom > With Divine Assistance

Q McAfee

Q Drops

Department Of Defense Law Of War Manual > Updated December 2016

Jan 17 2021 – Juan O Savin w/ Spaceshot76 > Law Of War Markers

Key Chapters
– Chapter 11 > Military Occupation
– Chapter 4.3 > Unprivileged Belligerents
– Chapter 18 > Implementation And Enforcement Of The Law Of War

Rules Of Land Warfare FM27-10 Field Manual


Juan O Savin

Michael Jaco

Big Pharma is about to be sued out of existence because “fraud vitiates everything” — The Most Revolutionary Act

Rose Rambles There is now an overwhelming body of hard evidence that categorically proves that the American Big Pharmaproducers of Covid ‘vaccines’ committed intentional and egregious fraud in the roll-out of their extremely dangerous and deadly injections. The true scope and magnitude of their fraudulent corporate conduct is only now coming to light; nevertheless, the […]

Big Pharma is about to be sued out of existence because “fraud vitiates everything” — The Most Revolutionary Act

Has Joe fallen and he can’t get up…or does that come later? — The Marshall Report

Look, he’s here, he’s there, he’s every where… and now he’s at the G-7? Here come the lies….and lots of them. Fake news – if you are INTO LISTENING TO the ones who bring you fake news and fan the flames of distraction all while acting like they are truth tellers, then these guys are…Continue…

Has Joe fallen and he can’t get up…or does that come later? — The Marshall Report

Will Someone Take Joe To His Basement? — The Marshall Report

We all get it…Biden is a RESET PUPPET destroying the Republic. Now do the good thing and remove it! Meanwhile, since Joe is giving more weapons and money we don’t have to Zelensky and his suicide mission in Ukraine… I thought it appropriate to look at the real boots on the ground and losing streak…Continue…

Will Someone Take Joe To His Basement? — The Marshall Report

WHO Behind FDA Scheme to Skip All Future Clinical Trials for COVID Vaccines — The Most Revolutionary Act

By Toby Rogers, Ph.D. The “Future Framework” is coming from the World Health Organization, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the biggest voluntary contributor to the WHO, so Gates is likely directing the play.  Editor’s note: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tomorrow, June 28, will vote on the “Future Framework,” a […]

WHO Behind FDA Scheme to Skip All Future Clinical Trials for COVID Vaccines — The Most Revolutionary Act



Never doubt it! Biden is a Rubber Mask! — The Marshall Report

So far it’s just cloudy with a chance of meat balls. The Janes Revenge or Rage of the summer hires or whatever it is… turns out rather dull and fake. We’ve seen some lame videos of angry people…we know they are angry because they have angry faces and signs that say they are angry. This…Continue…

Never doubt it! Biden is a Rubber Mask! — The Marshall Report