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FBI Source: We Failed America, Revealing Clinton Emails en mass Would Bring Down US government!


“There is enough for her and the entire government to be brought down”, stated an FBI source, “My opinion is that the entire government is guilty of treason.  If leaking data en mass destroys my country, we betray the country. If we do nothing, we betray the country”  An FBI source, as part of the Clinton Email scandal investigation, purportedly took to a deep anonymous website to reveal shocking information about the findings of their investigation. The FBI source details the turmoil they faced in the magnitude of what was discovered.

The key breakthrough on the severity of how big this scandal is started from the recovery of files from the Benghazi computer hard drives. It all led back to the Clinton Foundation. The FBI source posted this information over a period of time, on a deep anonymous website, before the FBI’s decision to nix recommending an indictment to the DOJ. To date, all of the events that have transpired have been validating what this FBI source revealed in the blog postings………snip……

FBI post 3- “The real point of interest is the Clinton Foundation, not the e-mail server.

George Soros was implicated by the FBI source as being a linchpin to the purported widespread corruption……snip…..

FBI post 2- “She had SAP level programs on her server, which if made public, would literally cause an uprising and possibly foreign declarations of war.”

[NOTE: A Special Access Program is a highly classified intelligence program, usually Above Top Secret, including black programs. Many layers of protective access, such as isolated physical locations, and several layers of security are used to protect such highly classified information. Commonly, only need-to-know access is granted to a select few.]

FBI post 4- “My opinion is the entire government is guilty of treason, which is why HRC’s [blank] would not cease the investigation or prevent further scandals. Many, many people are involved.”

To date, since the original FBI source’s postings, all of the recent and ongoing series of email leaks have been prophetic to what the FBI source had posted.  With that, it should be important for Americans to be cognizant of this information so they may decide and see through any actions that are unfolding.

Click below for at least 18 interesting postings by FBI:

FBI Source: We Failed America, Revealing Clinton Emails en mass Would Bring Down US government!




Isn’t it funny……”as the world turns”

When I was a young boy and we moved from Russian border to “America”, about 50 years ago, my father told me: “We are moving to America because it will be the last one to fall”. It is truly ironic that today I get to hear this, of all people, from a Russian leader as I am living the fall. 

Putin Socialism