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  1. Hey,

    Where are all the other Republics?



  2. As we all know a glitch came about and we don’t have them yet


  3. richardfuselier7gmailcom

    The states of the United States are republics due to the fact that you have an unlimited right to sue government to redress a problem with a law. The United States government is also a republic. A republic is a nation of laws. (instead of democracy which is a notion of laws by popular vote).

    The states of the United States of America are no longer intact. They were never reinstated after the civil war. We are in the process of reforming one of these by creating a jurisdiction based on common law. These would be considered republics also since your right to suit is inalienable

    Most of the “republics” you see on the internet have no jurisdiction and therefore you have no remedy to enforce laws or rights. You have to have a court system in order to be a nation of laws.(by definition). People will argue this point but they have to remedy to prove it. (you need a court system to have the remedy).


  4. “The United States” government is a private, for profit corporation that we need to get rid of and get back to the original Constitutional setup.


    • richardfuselier7gmailcom

      The United States is the federal government. You need it to fight wars and perform the functions of national government. Plus some management of civil rights and laws for those nationals of the United States. (there will always be a large number of people who will not learn self government).

      You also need to restart the states of the several states to restore previous form of self government. You simply create a jurisdiction and start recruiting citizens. See section 1481 of title 8.(this is the act that reinstated the Writ of Habeas Corpus after the civil war).

      The only thing that prevents you from reclaiming your previous form of government is knowledge of how to do it.

      The belief that you can get rid of the central government was defeated by the civil war. Probably should not do that again. However, if you recreated the former form of government the United States would be modified by the simple fact that would not have the power to take your money anymore. This would take a couple of generations to educate enough people to do that.


  5. richardfuselier7gmailcom

    The original set up:
    There existed a central government called the United States.
    There existed the several states of the United States of America.

    What is left after the civil war is the central government and
    States of the United States (14th amendment citizens)

    You will probably never get rid of states of the United States.
    But you can restart the states of the United States of America Several groups are trying to figure out how to do this. However, I only know of one with the jurisdiction to make this happen. They may be another that I don”t know about.


    • Great, I agree, which group do you know of with the jurisdiction, please?


      • richardfuselier7gmailcom

        The state we have formed is called the “Republic of the United States of America.” We are about ready to go into the Supreme Court with a change of law action. We are litigating a change of Supreme Court Rule 47 and a federal statute that says the same thing.


  6. richardfuselier7gmailcom

    Note how many post to this heading. Note how few want to discuss the American Republics. Ignorance is what put us in this mess;.


  7. richardfuselier7gmailcom

    The reason for this is that the basic solution is beyond the grasp if the patriot movement. You have to have a jurisdiction first. Without a court you have no remedy.


  8. richardfuselier7gmailcom

    Clarify: You cannot reorganize the former republics until you form a common law jurisdiction. You will need a jurisdiction for each republic. That is the underlying issue in the patriot movement that is not be addressed..


  9. richardfuselier7gmailcom

    Within the patriot movement there are not 3 litigators who could form a court.
    No training, no skills sets, no desire. All of these guys are taking money for solutions that cannot be sustained under a direct legal attack. Even the common law court is England is doing that.


  10. richardfuselier7gmailcom

    The “glitch” being stated is….no court to file in.


  11. richardfuselier7gmailcom

    I just called a lot of these patriots “leaders” liars and cheats. No defense by anyone. I say again ….anyone who gives you a “solution” to government problems without a legal (court) remedy is a person taking your money under false pretenses.


  12. richardfuselier7gmailcom

    The legal remedy to restart the republics is this:
    1. Form a common law jurisdiction under Amendment Ten to the Constitution.
    2. Abrogate United States nationality as stated by section 1481(a) of title 8 and Amendment Nine..
    3, Aoply for a certificate of loss of nationality as stated by section 1501 of title 8.
    4. Sue the government in your common law court for not issuing the certificate.

    If you win….you have established a republic.


    • Are these Maritime law “Sections”?


      • richardfuselier7gmailcom

        Title 8 is United States code for nationality and aliens. A United States person is a United States national, a citizen of one of the several states is an American National. All others are aliens. There are various types of aliens. Title 8 defines these individuals and other entities also. In title 8 you are defined as a United States national, I am defined as an American National. If you are involved in a legal action and nationality is put into question – title 8 controls the rule of decision.

        An example is Amendment Two. These militia groups claim 2nd amendment rights – however 2 Amendment is applicable to the citizens of the several states (free states). These are the organized militias that fought the revolutionary war.(American nationals). If you are in a legal problem with these claims you would have to claim equal rights under the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution of the United States.

        If you are in a real militia you would claim inalienable rights under the Declaration of Independence. Or contract rights under the Constitution (not the Constitution of the United States)

        The Constitutions are an agreement between the United States and the United States of America. (see Preamble). These are not maritime law – these are cases in law or equity (Amendment Eleven) and law and equity (Article III).


  13. richardfuselier7gmailcom

    The reason that you do not see discussion or comments is that most people complain but take no positive steps to change things. Notice most post just discuss the problem but do not address any solutions. This solution is actually the 2nd amendment solution also. The “free states” in Amendment 2 are these republics. Amendment Seven, Nine, Ten and Eleven also.
    This is the tax protestor solution also. The free states have the power to tax themselves.


  14. richardfuselier7gmailcom

    Reference: Maritime Law Sections

    Maritime law is the applicable law on waterways. Many patriots believe we are under maritime law. What is actually controlling most patriots is called “civil law” based on the presumption the individual is a United States national. These United States nationals were mostly created by the 14th Amendment.

    What I am discussing are cases in “law and/or equity” which is common law actions. Using common law in United States courts. In order to do this you have to organize a common law court system where you can claim inalienable rights found in the Declaration of Independence. For each inalienable right you will find a corresponding civil right also. These are American nationals and the people of the several states of the United States of America.

    The “Republic” groups are trying to claim these rights but without the court system or the knowledge of the corresponding civil rights. They lack the litigators to make it happen. However they will take you money to support their effort – without giving you a court to fight in. No legal remedy for their belief systems.


  15. richardfuselier7gmailcom

    About “dejure citizens”. This is patriot bunk.
    The Constitution refers to two groups.

    In the preamble is found “We the people of the United States”. Today in United States code (title 8) these people are called “United States nationals”.

    The next group is found in Amendment Eleven:
    “Citizens and Subjects of a Foreign State”. This was an amendment that express the relationship of the People of the United States of America as different (or foreign state) from the people of the United States. See 1601-1611 of Title 28.

    The United States is a civil law jurisdiction. (one nation under man’s law)
    The United States of America is a common law jurisdiction.
    (One nation under God’s law)

    In todays code (title 8) the people of the United States of America are called “American Nationals”. Not dejure citizens. There is no legal argument to be found anywhere to support a “dejure” citizenship.

    Read Title 8 U.S.C. 1481 and sequence to find out how to move back and forth to these jurisdictions. (and for these terms).

    …and Title 8 is not “maritime law”….it is called civil code.


  16. richardfuselier7gmailcom

    What you see in this post is the underlying problem in our society. This discussion is about reforming republics for the purpose of self-governance. (living under different laws than the civil law). Notice that no one can contribute because no one is trying to do this. One email said they want Congress to give us back the power of self governance.

    Congress has done this with section 1481 of title 8. Yet no one understands it for some reason. (this section of the civil code is actually the partial codification of Amendment One, Two, Seven, Nine, Ten, and Eleven.)

    What knowledge that is missing (to put this together) is found in the Study Guide for Law found in the Great Books of Western Civilization by Britannica. Without this knowledge you can’t know what questions to ask.


  17. richardfuselier7gmailcom

    Then again…maybe there is no desire for self government. I see very little of it in these post.


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