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Was 2020 stolen? It’s deeper than that.  

You’ve heard it said “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”

What about those who code the vote?

What if our leaders aren’t actually being elected by us, but instead… selected? 

[S]ELECTION CODE follows world renown investigative journalist Lara Logan on her most important assignment to date. For over 35 years investigative journalist Lara Logan has been on the front lines of history’s deadliest conflicts. Yet no assignment to date has put her career and life in more danger than this one. Her investigation goes to the heart of the current Information War, revealing yet another facet in the ever-unfolding saga of election fraud, demonstrating the role of the machines in stealing our vote.  

The documentary follows the story of Tina Peters the County Clerk in Mesa Colorado, who made a backup of her counties Dominion Voting System server, only to stumble across evidence of manipulation in a recent local city council election…. and also the 2020 general election. Tina’s discovery ignites a chain reaction upending her life. And upending the world.  

You will not be able to unsee what you see. 

We stand at an apex in human history. Are we handing too much power to technology – and those that program it?

[S]ELECTION CODE is a political thriller uncovering a secret so critical to the survival of America it transcends political parties. It is not about correcting the past. It’s about correcting the future.   

Once you see [S]ELECTION CODE you’ll never again let a machine near your vote.

Nature v Humans — Armstrong Economics

Sorry, I took a break with the family and went to Yellowstone National Park. My father took me there 60 years ago and it was so spectacular. I always remembered being there as a kid. So I suppose it is a family tradition now knowing that probably my grandchildren will take their children there. So,…

Nature v Humans — Armstrong Economics

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident — Calculus of Decay

Originally posted on Station HYPO: In late 1961–early 1962 a series of U.S. Navy patrols off the east coast of Communist China was proposed. The purpose of these patrols was to be three-fold. In the first place they would establish and maintain the presence of the U.S. Seventh Fleet in the international waters off the…

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident — Calculus of Decay

STUDY: Closing Bars, Restaurants Did NOT Suppress COVID-19 — The Most Revolutionary Act

Natalie Winters The National Pulse A study on the efficacy of shutting down bars and restaurants to stop the spread of COVID-19 found that the restrictions were “not an efficient way” to decrease virus transmission, concluding that it “does not contribute to the suppression of SARS-CoV-2.” The study – SARS-CoV-2 Suppression and Early Closure of […]

STUDY: Closing Bars, Restaurants Did NOT Suppress COVID-19 — The Most Revolutionary Act

Information Briefing #177 — WHITE HAT AUXILIARIES

Causes Of Global Settlements Delays And Battleplans To Overcome Them “What we are looking at would be a Crypto Bitcoin motherload force of good for all.” London Temple Head These are multiple interlinking issues to help you really understand the full board in play today gaming your own lives, the reason for global settlement delays, […]

Information Briefing #177 — WHITE HAT AUXILIARIES

Show Climax – Will Pelosi Become President? — The Marshall Report

Or will the good guys stop her in the nick of time? TICK TOCK…TICK TOCK! Nancy would love to be that third one and placed in a seat of greater power than speaker but that ship has long sailed away. Rest assured the alliance has their eyes on her and she is only getting a…Continue…

Show Climax – Will Pelosi Become President? — The Marshall Report

What Does the Bible Say About Child Training? — Clever Journeys

🔹What is the value of early attention to child training? It’s in the Bible, Proverbs 22:6, NIV. “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” 🔹What does God expect from parents as they raise children? Parents must be godly examples in words and actions. It’s […]

What Does the Bible Say About Child Training? — Clever Journeys

Most of the “Fact Checking” organizations Facebook Uses In Ukraine Are Directly Funded by Washington, by Alan MacLeod — Calculus of Decay

Originally posted on STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC: Our rulers will do everything they can to co-opt the opposition, including the so-called fact checkers. From Alan Macleod at most of the fact-checking organizations Facebook has partnered with to monitor and regulate information about Ukraine are directly funded by the U.S. government, either through the U.S. Embassy…

Most of the “Fact Checking” organizations Facebook Uses In Ukraine Are Directly Funded by Washington, by Alan MacLeod — Calculus of Decay


CPAC 2022 in Dallas, Tx | Kari Lake Speech | Former Arizona News Anchor 8/6/22