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Ranchers attacked by federal criminals. Where was the Sheriff? Official Bundy Press Conference at LVMPD

Posted: 30 Jan 2018 12:05 PM PST
The ordeal of the Bundy family of Clark County, Nevada, against the excessive force and bureaucratic overreach by Federal Government agencies, has had a positive turn in recent weeks. Cliven Bundy, patriarch of the family, his sons Ryan and Ammon, along with other family members, were acquitted by a jury in 2015 of conspiracy and other charges in connection with the occupation of an empty federal wildlife refuge building in Oregon. Until recently, they have been held in federal prison for nearly two years, awaiting trial in Nevada on similar charges stemming from a federal assault on their ranch and surrounding grazing lands by armed and militarized agents of various state and federal agencies. Their alleged crimes? Their cattle were allegedly trespassing on “public lands”.
After their trial began in Las Vegas late last year, proof of government crimes and corruption emerged during the proceedings to such an extent that the judge declared a mistrial, and a few weeks later dismissed the charges “with prejudice”, meaning they cannot be tried again.

Shortly after their release, Cliven Bundy made a statement outside the office of the Sheriff.

Official Bundy Press Conference at LVMPD

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