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America’s Enemies: It’s not a Foreign Government that’s restricting our Rights

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Written by: Bradlee Dean

Published on: October 29, 2014

 When I read the Declaration of Independence and see the usurpations committed by the tyrant King George against our forefathers (who at the time were labeled terrorists), I have come to the conclusion that our forefathers knew better than any the acts of a tyrant. For example, James Madison, known as the father of our Constitution, said, “If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” He also quoted, “The means of defense against foreign danger historically, have become the instruments of tyranny at home.”

When I look within America, I can see that since 9/11, the media elites have (of course, with the use of fear) inundated the American people with the fact that we have a foreign enemy of Islamic radicals trying to destroy America by any means necessary. I then noticed that it wasn’t a foreign enemy who they made the target; it was now the American Constitution and the people. I also noticed that it was not a foreign government asking us to give up our rights; it was our own government (and always under the guise of our “safety” and “security”).

Are foreign governments violating the Second Amendment while trying to disarm you? Are foreign governments usurping the Fourth Amendment when violating you at the airport while you travel domestically? Are foreign governments attacking your First Amendment right and America’s Christian heritage? Are foreign governments overriding the Tenth Amendment to indoctrinate your children in public schools? Are foreign governments ignoring the Fifth Amendment while facilitating the murder of 3,700 babies a day? Are foreign governments attempting to demoralize you by setting you at war with God so you can become their slaves? Are foreign governments inducing trillions of dollars of debt? In fact, it is not a foreign government; it’s those in America’s government who are foreign to our God and to our Constitution.

According to Obama, terrorism is no longer applicable to Islam. Could it be because Muslims call him their own? That being the case, who are the terrorists? There are some in government today who want you to look past themselves in hopes that they can now make terrorists out of whomever disagrees with them and their administration. It’s not a foreign government that is trying to tear down the Constitution and recreate it in their own image; it’s Obama and his administration.

Let’s parallel foreign attacks on America vs. Obama’s attack on America, and see which one’s more destructive. You decide:

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IRS Seizing Bank Accounts of Innocent Americans

Sunday, 26 Oct 2014 09:52 AM

By John Blosser
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The Internal Revenue Service has been seizing money from the bank accounts of individuals and businesses with no proof of any crimes nor any charges filed.

Now, the IRS claims that it will stop — but will it?

Using a law, the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000, that allows the feds to seize money from suspected gangsters, drug dealers and terrorists, the IRS has put innocent people into bankruptcy and massive debt and taken the money a military father saved from his paychecks to put his kids through college, solely by tracking the amounts that people put into their bank accounts.

When no criminal activity is charged, The New York Times reports, the IRS often negotiates to return only part of the seized money, leaving impoverished citizens with little option but to either accept the IRS’ offer or continue a lengthy and very expensive legal battle to try to get their legitimately earned money back.

The problem has been growing. The Institute for Justice estimates that from just 114 seizures in 2005, the IRS made 639 seizures in 2012, and in only 20 percent of the cases were any criminal charges ever pursued.

Under the Bank Secrecy Act, banks report transactions larger than $10,000 to federal authorities, but also report a pattern of regular, smaller deposits which appear designed to get around the act. This alone can be enough to trigger a seizure, the Times reports, and banks filed over 700,000 “suspicious” reports last year.

One involved a 27-year-old Long Island candy and cigarette distribution company, Bi-County Distributors, which made daily cash deposits, usually under $10,000. When the IRS seized $447,000 from the company, it refused to return it, despite the fact that there was no crime to prosecute, and instead offered a partial settlement.

The company is now $300,000 in debt and attorney Joseph Potashnik told the Times, “I don’t think they’re (the IRS) really interested in anything. They just want the money.”

Army Sgt. Jeff Cortazzo was saving up for his daughters’ college education when the IRS seized $66,000 of his money – it cost him $21,000 to get the remainder back.

Richard Weber, the chief of Criminal Investigation at the IRS, said in a written statement in response to the Times story, “After a thorough review of our structuring cases over the last year… IRS-CI will no longer pursue the seizure and forfeiture of funds associated solely with ‘legal source’ structuring cases unless there are exceptional circumstances justifying the seizure and forfeiture and the case has been approved at the director of field operations (D.F.O.) level.”

Federal Seizure Program Is Windfall for Local Police

So here’s what we have to look forward to next week…

Bix Weir

Today at 8:25 AM

To   Andy Valisalo

I have been warning everyone that the gold and silver derivative markets were being “set blaze” for the last few months and that the backrooms of these major participants (Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Citibank, HSBC, et al) are being gutted. These banks are not long for this world.

News coming out this weekend that a MAJOR, MAJOR player in this “Mafia-Like” banking cabal has been found dead in the midst of the chaos.

Check this out:

Deutsche Bank Lawyer Found Dead by Suicide in New York

(Reuters) – A senior Deutsche Bank regulatory lawyer has been found dead in New York after committing suicide, New York City officials said on Saturday.

Calogero Gambino, 41, was found on the morning of Oct. 20 at his home in the New York borough of Brooklyn and pronounced dead on the scene, according to New York City police.

Gambino was an associate general counsel and a managing director who worked for the German bank for 11 years, according to the Wall Street Journal, which first reported his death.

He had been closely involved in negotiating legal issues for Deutsche Bank such as a probe by regulators of banks over allegations they manipulated the Libor benchmark interest rate as well as currency markets.

Gambino was also an associate at a private law firm and a regulatory enforcement lawyer between 1997 and 1999, the Journal said, citing Gambino’s LinkedIn profile and conference biographies.


Yes – this likely part of the Gambino crime family is knee deep in gold and silver derivatives…surprise! The Gambino family found out long ago that a life of crime in the Stock Market is much cleaner and much easier than the ways of their ancestors!

The “Good Guy run” Zerohedge (of course) put two and two together with the previous suicide of Deutsche Bank’s William Broeksmit back in January…

Another Deutsche Banker And Former SEC Enforcement Attorney Commits Suicide

“Another exhibit released by Levin was an August 25, 2009 email from William Broeksmit to Anshu Jain, with a cc to Ramakrishna, where Broeksmit went into copious detail on exactly what the scheme, internally called MAPS, made possible for the bank and for its client, the Renaissance Technologies hedge fund.”

“Broeksmit goes on to say that most of Deutsche’s money from the scheme “is actually made by lending them specials that we have on inventory and they pay far above the regular rates for that.”

“Recall from around the time when the first DB banker hung himself: it was then that Elke Koenig, the president of Germany’s top financial regulator, Bafin, said that in addition to currency rates, manipulation of precious metals “is worse than the Libor-rigging scandal.”

 “It remains to be seen if Calogero’s death was also related to precious metals rigging although it certainly would not be surprising. What is surprising, is that slowly things are starting to fall apart at the one bank which as we won’t tire of highlighting, has a bigger pyramid of notional derivatives on its balance sheet than even JPMorgan, amounting to 20 times more than the GDP of Germany itself, and where if any internal investigation ever goes to the very top, then Europe itself, and thus the world, would be in jeopardy.”


 So here’s what we have to look forward to next week…

– Breaking stories of the largest derivative holder in the world, Deutsche Bank, having derivative problems in their quarterly report to be released on the 29th.

– News over the weekend of at least two newly suicided banksters that dealt in complicated derivative transactions…potentially more on the way.

– Ebola outbreaks in New York City as fear spreads throughout the subway every time someone sneezes.

– The long term manipulation of the stock market bubbling up to it’s all time highs.


– With physical Gold and Silver demand at ALL TIME HIGHS the manipulated prices are at 5 year lows…

What could go wrong?!

Strap in my friends.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

PS – Hundreds of trillions in derivative transactions going sideways might sound bad for the Banks but it’s 100x worse for the Average Joe who saved his whole life and put his money into their system for retirement. Sean and I have tried to spread the truth and we are closing in on 200,000 views of this explosive interview…

The Shocking Truth the History Channel Can’t Tell You!

Directory:GDS Technologies’ Portable Water Generators

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
October 26, 2014

Wow, it looks like the day has finally come that we get to make the big announcement that one of the exotic free energy generators has made it to market. Patrick Flanagan, who just purchased a 5kW system, brought this one to our attention.

GDS Technologies LTD, out of Ontario, Canada, has a water-powered, portable genset available for sale on their website, in output sizes of 5 kW, 10 kW and 15 kW, at a price of around $1000/kW. They say they can also custom build these in sizes up to 50 kW. It is controlled by a simple on/off switch.

It is much less than half as loud as a gasoline or diesel genset of the same power output. One tank of water (e.g. 4 gallons for the 5 kW) will run the device for three days; or you can hook a hose up to it (there is a check valve), and not worry about refilling the tank. It emits no pollution, no fumes, so it can be run indoors.

They will ship globally. The 15-day money-back guarantee doesn’t include duties and shipping fees. “Please allow up to 14 business days,” for shipping probably refers to Canadian orders. International probably takes more.

Let them know PES referred you, for a likely discount and commission for PES. (We’ve requested this relationship and are waiting to hear back. Wouldn’t hurt to mention it.)

Their Alibaba listing for their GDS 3000 system says they have 400 in stock.

Actually, I’m surprised we’ve not heard of them before now. Their YouTube video has been up since September 7, with over 2000 visits, and their Facebook page was first populated with news about this on August 24.

They list their devices as suitable for applications such as emergency back-up power, camping, motor homes, construction sites; so I presume they haven’t gone through UL or CE hoops yet to allow home power generation without jeopardizing home warranties, etc. In one of our Facebook comments, Kenneth Segovia says: “Can you imagine putting something like this in the Tesla car?”

It seems they’ve been very conscientious in their design, putting in safety features (circuit breakers and emergency stop button), redundancy (e.g. 2 batteries instead of one, to start it up).

Maintenance involves draining the water tank and spraying it with a garden hose every 3 months. The water needs to be clean that it runs on, and not salt water.

As for running it, they say: “When you receive your new portable water generator just add 4 gallons of normal water in the tank and turn the red toggle switch to on position (emergency safety) that will start the battery and pump and turbine all at once. That easy. All units have been tested before leaving our facility. Instruction and warranty manuals will be supplied with every unit sold.”

If you are thinking of powering your house with one of these, you need to realize that it is not yet UL / CE certified, so you could be voiding your home warranty. For emergency back-up, you’ll want to make sure that you have a toggle switch to shut off from the grid completely when running the power from the genset into your service panel. If you’re doing only small loads, you could plug your genset into a wall plug, through a male-male connector, which will power up one of the two legs of the service panel; then run an extension cord to another wall power plug from the other leg of the service panel, and the entire panel will be powered. Again, make sure you’re disconnected from the grid if you do this so you don’t jeopardize any linemen. Bear in mind that the wires going to that wall plug are 12 or 14 gauge, and limited to maybe 15 amps, so you’ll not want to surpass that in the load you draw elsewhere in the house, or you’ll trip the circuit breaker. You could double this limit by plugging into two separate circuits through the wall plugs, such as from two different rooms — ditto for the other leg of the service panel.

After we get some kind of validation that this is for real, we’ll be bumping it to #1 in our Top 5 listing.’_Portable_Water_Generators

Snowden Film Tests Hollywood Obama Backers

The Documentary ‘Citizenfour’ Raises Political Questions

OCT. 17, 2014

Edward J. Snowden with the journalist Glenn Greenwald in the documentary “Citizenfour.” Credit Radius-TWC        

LOS ANGELES — Early in Laura Poitras’s documentary “Citizenfour,” Edward J. Snowden, who exposed vast electronic surveillance by the United States government, tells what pushed him to go public.

“As I saw the promise of the Obama administration betrayed, and walked away from,” says Mr. Snowden, referring to drone strikes and invasive monitoring by the National Security Agency, “it really hardened me to action.”

But do some of President Obama’s staunch Hollywood supporters share his sentiment?

Her provocative, and deeply admiring, look at Mr. Snowden — which had its premiere at the New York Film Festival on Oct. 10 — arrived here this week amid high hopes, intense curiosity and more than a few raised eyebrows over its sharp critique of Mr. Obama, a president who has enjoyed strong support in the movie world.

The intrigue is especially pitched because several of the companies behind “Citizenfour” — which takes issue with Mr. Obama’s expansion of Bush-era surveillance, and his administration’s attempt to prosecute Mr. Snowden for espionage — are led by some of the president’s close political allies.

They include Harvey Weinstein, the Weinstein Company’s co-chairman, as well as Jeff Skoll, the founder of Participant Media, and Richard Plepler, the chief executive of HBO, who all have been major contributors to Mr. Obama’s political campaigns.

“Citizenfour” has already landed high on the handicappers’ lists of prospects for a documentary features Oscar. The film also promises to jolt the award season with a dose of real-world politics, as happened in 2012, when Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” Kathryn Bigelow’s “Zero Dark Thirty” and Ben Affleck’s “Argo,” the year’s best picture, converged on Washington, with screenings, receptions and a Congressional uproar over the portrayal of torture by Americans in Ms. Bigelow’s film, which was about the hunting down of Osama bin Laden.

The role that Mr. Weinstein, whose Radius-TWC unit is backing the film (and distributed last year’s Oscar-winning documentary “Twenty Feet From Stardom”), will play in promoting “Citizenfour” remains unclear. In the past, he has not shied from using his association with Mr. Obama to promote issues-oriented movies. These include the biopic “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom,” which had a much-publicized White House screening last year, and the documentary “Bully,” which was screened for Mr. Obama in 2012, just minutes after he announced his support for a pair of anti-bullying bills.

Also in 2012, Mr. Weinstein arranged a high-profile Washington showing of his “SEAL Team Six: The Raid on Osama bin Laden,” raising complaints that its flattering portrayal of Mr. Obama — who was edited into the film before its election-week premiere — amounted to a campaign stunt.

On Tuesday, it was the Radius-TWC co-presidents, Jason Janego and Tom Quinn, and not Mr. Weinstein, who played host as Ms. Poitras introduced “Citizenfour” to film buffs and some potential Oscar voters at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

“The film is certainly about the danger of N.S.A. surveillance, but it’s also really about courage,” Ms. Poitras said. (The movie’s title comes from Mr. Snowden’s self-designated code name when he began communicating with Ms. Poitras.)

In a later phone interview, Mr. Quinn and Mr. Janego said they had exercised considerable autonomy in acquiring rights to “Citizenfour” after Mr. Quinn visited Ms. Poitras to discuss the unfinished film at her home in Berlin. Both stressed that Mr. Weinstein and his brother, Bob, co-chairmen of the parent company, were not a driving force in the decision to distribute the film, which is to open on Friday in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington.

“We did not see the actual film until very late in the process,” Mr. Quinn added.

Promotional screenings and talks are likely among the tech crowd in San Francisco and among political types in Washington, but scheduling has been hampered by that late delivery, he said.

The potential power in “Citizenfour” lies less in its revelations — though its ending points to the existence of another, as yet unidentified, government-surveillance whistle-blower — than in its intimacy and attempt to make narrative sense of the disclosures by Mr. Snowden, a former N.S.A. contractor.

At the film’s core are startlingly close encounters with Mr. Snowden, shot during eight days in a Hong Kong hotel room in 2013, as he began revealing secrets of the N.S.A. to the journalists Glenn Greenwald and Ewen MacAskill, and wrestled with the implications of his leaks. At one point, in nearly silent pantomime, he reshapes his beard and restyles his hair, preparing to slip from the hotel and eventually seek refuge in Russia.

The footage of Mr. Snowden is framed against shots of Mr. Obama and members of his administration, first denying the existence of domestic surveillance, then promising a review of programs, and finally insisting on Mr. Snowden’s prosecution.

In the Oscar race for best documentary, “Citizenfour” is likely to find itself up against some less volatile documentaries. Among those are “Red Army,” about Soviet hockey stars; “Life Itself,” about the film critic Roger Ebert; and “Tales of the Grim Sleeper,” about the predations of a serial killer in South Los Angeles.

But “Citizenfour” recalls a different political dynamic, in 2004, when Mr. Weinstein introduced Michael Moore’s anti-Bush “Fahrenheit 9/11” at the Beverly Hills headquarters of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with a personal tribute to Mr. Moore. The two received a roaring ovation from like-minded Academy members.

But “Fahrenheit 9/11” won no Oscars. It was ruled out of the race when Mr. Moore chose to air it on pay-per-view television shortly before the presidential election.

This time around, though, some key voices are quieter.

Mr. Plepler, whose top documentary executive, Sheila Nevins, is an executive producer of “Citizenfour,” has not yet seen the movie, an HBO spokesman said. Mr. Skoll, through a Participant Media spokeswoman, declined to comment when asked whether he had concerns about the film’s view of Mr. Obama. In an email, referring to Mr. Quinn and Mr. Janego, of Radius-TWC, Mr. Weinstein said: “This is Tom and Jason’s show. They have autonomy, and it’s all their call.”

Mr. Janego, on Wednesday, asserted that Ms. Poitras’s cinéma vérité approach leaves a comfort zone for both those who support Mr. Snowden and those who find his actions offensive. “You’re left to make up your own mind,” he said.



Update from Neil:


[2:28:08 PM] Neil Keenan: Listen I am not sure if this is true or not but I believe not and I bring it to you so you know what it is like to wait for the rightful answer.
in its entirety…..I will know for sure later but for now this is what I have received and I doubt if true but you never know.  I know some of the names and some are and some are not real players and have been involved in things off color over the years.  Here you are.  We are on top of it.
[2:28:17 PM] Neil Keenan: BREAKING NEWS:
1. At 2 pm Obama signed with the Chinese, bankrupting the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve is being swallowed up by the UST under new leadership.
2. At 6 PM PST, Robert Won is going to go in and sign over the gold.
3. At Midnight EST the Organic Act of 1871 is repealed and the US Corporation is NO MORE. Long live the REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES, ONE NATION UNDER GOD WE TRUST!
4. At Midnight PST, “the Admiral” goes in.
5. At midnight PST, IRAQ goes in to include the REINSTATEMENT rate of 3.58 internationally and with a $6 – 8.00 US rate, to gather in IQD for oil credits.
6. General Ham is taking over the US Government and Commander Fairfield is taking over the Treasury.
[2:28:31 PM] Neil Keenan: I will let you know asap…..


As ‘secret Saudi deal’ increases harm to Russian currency, China intervenes

Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi

Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi

October 13, 2014

Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Last Friday it was revealed that the purpose behind Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to Saudi Arabia a few weeks back was to sign a secret deal by which the leading OPEC state would saturate the markets with excess oil and cause prices to fall for the global commodity. This move would have the consequence of causing vast harm to the Russian Rouble, and increase inflation and price instability for the Eurasian state.

However, on Oct. 13 Russia‘s strongest ally and member nation in the BRICS coalition signed its own deal with the Eurasian power to not only help stabilize prices for the beleaguered economy, but increase direct non-dollar trade with a 150 billion currency swap deal through which Russian Roubles are traded directly for Chinese Yuan. This new deal will have the effect of bypassing the dollar and the the reserve currencies overt effects on the Rouble that is part of the ongoing proxy war between America and the East, and also mitigate some of the consequences of the secret Saudi oil program.

China is ready to export agricultural products and oil and gas equipment to Russia, China’s Vice Premier Wang Yang stated Saturday.

“China is willing to export to Russia such competitive products as agricultural goods, oil and gas equipment, and is ready to import Russian engineering products,” Wang Yang said during the 18th session of the Russian-Chinese Commission for the Preparation of Regular Meetings of the Heads of Governments.

And the cherry on top came moments ago when, as if to assure all involved parties that there will be enough capital support on both sides, the PBOC released a surprising announcement that the central banks of China and Russia signed a 3-year, 150 billion yuan bilateral local-currency swap deal today, according to a statement posted on PBOC website. Deal can be expanded if both parties agree, statement says. Deal aims to make bilateral trade and direct investment more convenient and promote economic development in 2 nations. – Zerohedge

The significance of this deal is two-fold. First, by allowing for Russia to have direct trade between themselves and China in their own national currencies, Russia can mitigate some of their escalating price inflation within their country that is a direct result of Saudi Arabia’s overt actions to drive down the price of oil. Secondly, by facilitating the purchasing of Chinese products without the use of the dollar as a middle-man, Russia puts even more pressure on Europe who is hemorrhaging trade that had been a mainstay between the EU and Russia, and which is now accelerating Europe’s path into recession.

As long as oil is denominated in dollars in the global market, the U.S. can and will use its control over the petro-dollar and reserve currency to inflict economic war against any and all nations that do not cede to American national policies. And with the U.S.’s current desire to escalate chaos in both Ukraine and Syria, and to keep Russia out of the picture and unable to protect their new and long-standing allies by disrupting their economy and currency, today’s intervention by China may be the key in allowing Russia to stabilize prices within their economy, and to inflict greater harm to America’s allies who still are beholden to dollar denominated trade.


Fw: ALERT: Stage is Set For Banking False Flag Next Week!

  • Bix Weir
  • Today at 1:05 PM
  • To:    Andy V
 Many people have sent me the following article related to a huge meeting next week with the heads of the US and UK financial regulators. The meeting has to do with the ability to wind down large “Too Big to Fail” banks. Here’s one of the articles:

  U.S. and UK to test big bank collapse in joint model run

 “Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, on Monday will run a joint exercise simulating how they would prop up a large bank with operations in both countries that has landed in trouble.”

“Also taking part are Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, and the heads of a large number of other regulators, in a meeting hosted by the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.”


In the face of it it doesn’t seem like such a big deal but how many times have we heard of “exercises” and “simulations” being scheduled and run the very same day as an actual false flag event happens??

Many times!!

Pre-Planned 911 Exercises,_2001

Pre-Planned Boston Bombing Bomb Drill

Pre-Planned London Tube Drill

…and there are many more. Turns out that planning drills during life altering events is more the rule than the exception!

So be AWAKE and AWARE next week as I don’t think this meeting between the Wizards Pulling the Levers is just a simulation…


May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

More info at

Reporter Spills the Beans and Admits All the News is Fake! (Video

Disgusted Journalist Spills the Beans and Admits All the News is Fake!

A top German Journalist and Editor Dr. Udo Ulfkatte has just gone public with some shocking admissions.  He basically admitted what all of us who read the alternative media such as BeforeItsNews have known for a long time – the entire mainstream media is totally fake!  He went into a very detailed talk in this video and spilled the beans about everything!  He talked about how the CIA gets control over all of the major journalists.  He is sick of the lying and decided to go public with everything he knows.  He’s already had 3 heart attacks and decided he didn’t care anymore about what they would do to him!  He’s a real hero in my book!

This is an amazing video that must be shared with every human that hasn’t woken up yet and still believes anything they see on Fox News and the rest of the fraud media in the United States!  For the first time in history a well known journalist has come forward and told all the secrets!  Our news is completely FAKE and he tells you how it operates!   Get the word out about this video and be sure to read this amazing article from Dr. Preston James of VeteransToday where I found the video.

This is a MUST READ article that explains everything going on in America today by a man they’ve tried to kill many times!

“Preventing the Transformation of America into GAZA II”

You must also read Preston’s other two masterpieces in this series that give the most accurate picture of how the crime syndicate has taken over the planet.  These two articles cover everything and will answer all of your questions that nobody else talks about because they don’t know!  He even covers what he’s learned from his high level contacts about the aliens and how they fit into everything.  Preston is a good man and a Christian.  He has had access to much classified data and that’s why the crime syndicate has tried to kill him many times.  God has protected him, and led him to the truth about many things so others may learn and share with others.

“Kingpins and Cutouts, Aliens and Hybrids”

“Alien Agenda VI: The Worm Has Turned”

US Intelligence has given you everything they have figured out over the last 75 years on VeteransToday.  They’ve put out secret documents from Edward Snowden that tell you who did 9/11 using micro nukes and who got bribed to cover it up!   They have disclosed that many in Congress took $20 million bribes to cover up 9/11!   VeteransToday has already put out the recording where Senator Songstad and Governor Sundquist were caught on tape plotting the murder of Lee Wanta!

Their amazing articles are still being censored by the controlled opposition (tip of spear types) in the alternative media!  Don’t let those that censor the hardcore truth put out by patriots at VeteransToday run out the clock on us so we get put in the FEMA camps for organ harvesting as that is the plan of the people that run DHS!

Support the patriots and veterans at VeteransToday.   Once you read their stuff and listen to their interviews through “Veterans Today Radio broadcasts”, you’ll never trust anybody that censors their stories again!  You’ll know that the ones censoring their information are working for the ones that want to put you in the FEMA camps!  No real patriot would censor their stories.  My hat is off to BeforeItsNews who has never censored the articles from VeteransToday

It’s up to all of you that read this story.  Do whatever you can and increase your efforts at spreading the truth.  Don’t support anybody that censors US Intelligence (VeteransToday) because they are the only ones putting out all the truth and are the only ones that can do something about it!  Those in alternative media that are censoring VeteransToday are aiding and abetting the Illuminati crime syndicate that wants to put you in a FEMA camp!  I’ve seen this censorship time and time again when I ask those in alternative media with the famous names why won’t they report on the information on VeteransToday?  They run away and hide from me!  Go do the test yourself.  Contact all these big names – you’ll be lucky if you even get a response from most of them!

Censorship and lying should never be tolerated in the alternative media.  You stopped listening to the mainstream media because you found out they were lying and censoring important information from you!  Why would you trust anybody in the alternative media that pretends that VeteransToday doesn’t exist?  Why would you trust anybody that didn’t report the Snowden information that proves 9/11 was nuclear and went over exactly who did it?   Only VeteransToday had the guts to release to the public and BeforeitsNews never censored me from writing about it so they are putting out more truth than the biggest names in alternative media!  Think about that before you buy your next round of Iodine from a radio show host!  Did this person tell you some of the things I have told you in the last 6 months of my articles?  If not, then why are you giving them money?   Thanks again to all those in the alternative media that have helped spread the information I have put out this year.  You are the real heroes because you are waking people up to the hardcore truth that can put people in prison and get our country back.  We have their names now because Snowden gave them to us!   Snowden gave the secret bank accounts to the traitors in our Congress!  US Intel made sure that some of those accounts are now frozen so the bad guys can’t get their money!  Support VeteransToday so they can make sure they go to prison for their crimes!  The more people that learn about the information at VeteransToday, the sooner we get our country back!  I invite all of you to get my free ebook, “How to Spread 1,000 Times More Truth” and let’s smash the lies of the new world order harder in the next 6 months than we’ve done in the last 6 years!  We can do it together!


“Double Think Of The Day” — Richard Wilcox

Why are the sheeple so confused, maybe this explains it.