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Is This Video Evidence that the Golden Conspiracies Are True?

 Bix Weir
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Video Opening Secret Gold Stashes – Global Accounts

The following videos seems to support all the rumors of Secret Gold Stashes that were being saved for “The Transition”. Million of tons of gold may soon be available for use as money by the people of the world.

Neil Keenan Update – Making History – New Beginnings

Is it true? I don’t know…but it sure would fit with the Road to Roota Theory!

I have long talked about the massive amount of gold that is above ground. After reading “Gold Warriors” by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave and going through the thousands of support documents I have come to the conclusion that the 180,000 tons of available gold promoted by the likes of Jeffrey Christian of CPM Group and the World Gold Council are total and complete nonsense.

There are MILLIONS of tons of gold above ground!!

Golden Secrets

For years I have heard about the battles to liberate much of the gold that is hidden away in Asia and earmarked for humanity when our controllers are removed. It is even talked about in the Road to Roota comics from the Fed Boston referred to as “The Golden Light” and “Colored Flowers”. You can find all the references to the Golden Light and Colored Flowers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston website here:

Fed Boston’s Road to Roota Page

I’ll walk you through it…

Here’s Roota’s Grandmother (Fed Chair Arthur Burns) telling Roota (Alan Greenspan) about the rumored gold…


Here’s Roota’s Grandma telling Roota that the people within the US Federal Reserve are VERY AFRAID of the “Big People” who control the monetary system and Roota (Greenspan) telling his mentor (Arthur Burns) that he’s not afraid of the Bad Guys and will find a way back to colorland (a gold backed system)…


Here’s Roota finding the hidden gold…


Here’s Roota (Greenspan) inventing the “Petro Dollar” by using the black tears (oil)to create more colored flowers…



Right now it looks like 2015 will FINALLY be the year that the TRUTH is revealed and humanity will be freed.

These videos of hidden gold are only the beginning.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

For Private Road Members…

Friday Road Trip 12/19/14

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Fw: Interview and Listen Closely to Putin Tomorrow

Word out that the Russians are running out of food on the store shelves has everyone’s attention turned to Vladimir Putin’s speech tomorrow. The FX and oil riggers like people thinking that the markets will move one way or another based on what he says but we all know that’s not how the game is run. The riggers have 100% control of all markets via computer programs so they will FORCE the prices of everything wherever they want them to be.
But be prepared for CHAOS if Putin starts spilling the beans about the importance of gold, silver and oil in our very shaky monetary system.
I recently sat down with John B. Wells of Caravan to Midnight for a chat about the Road to Roota Theory and other interesting topics. You can find that interview at John’s site here($0.99 download):

Episode 191 – Michael Reagan & Bix Weir

I talk a lot about the History Channel Conspiracy which you can find out more info here:

The Shocking Truth the History Channel Can’t Broadcast

The walls are crumbling behind the scenes and the carnage is slowly leaking out into the mainstream.

Stay alert and aware as we transition into the New Year.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road

Bix Weir

The SDR Purpose of BRICS


By JC Collins

Global markets are showing increasing signs of instability and there are serious concerns about risks to international liquidity building across the spectrum.  Exchange rate volatility is deepening with the Russian ruble leading the way and the systemic contagion is spreading around the world, from European and Western banks to stock market crashes in the Middle East.

Oil continues its descent into the $30 to $40 dollar range with a strategically timed announcement by OPEC today, at the peak of the turmoil, stating it will not meet again until June, 2015, ensuring continued instability and lack of confidence in the energy markets.

Trading between the ruble and USD has been halted almost at the same time as Russia’s alternative to the SWIFT system came on line.

Since the beginning of the year we have rehearsed these moments in our minds, not sure if they would happen as we had been discussing, and hoping that they wouldn’t, but knowing full well that the amount of preparation and strategy which has gone into the transition of the international monetary system, from a unipolar structure to a multilateral structure, would eventually materialize in the real world as the Hegelian Dialectic machinations which we are witnessing now.

A look through the headlines on such sites as Zero Hedge will quickly give the reader a birds eye view of the destruction that is now taking place in the international financial system.  Much of it is exactly what we have been expecting as a part of the problem, reaction, solution dynamic which will engineer and implement the multilateral financial system.

It was always expected that the transition would require some level of crash or instability.  Like massive deflationary periods before, wealth is being transferred to the top as if it was being sucked through a straw.  The script which states the USD system is too blame for the instability has been widely distributed beforehand along with the inability of the central banks to increase liquidity in the event of another financial crisis.

Whether any analysts or colorful commenters disagree, the system is shifting towards the multilateral framework that has been developed over the last 5 years, and the implementation is now unfolding as expected. The USD framework is being abandoned as the necessary component of the “reaction stage”, in order for the “solution stage” to manifest as the logical evolution of the financial framework.

The BRICS economies, being Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, have expanded the structure of the international financial system by implementing the New Development Bank and Contingency Reserve Arrangement.  Most analysts and commenters promote the story that the BRICS countries are going to overthrow the Western banks and implement their own gold backed system.

This simply is not true or factual as the BRICS countries themselves are demanding reform to the International Monetary Fund, as agreed in 2010 by all 188 members, including the American administration.  And China has been quickly internationalizing the RMB for inclusion into the SDR basket composition by next July, a date which quickly follows the next OPEC meeting in June, 2015.

The blueprint and engineering surrounding the SDR based multilateral financial system can be found in a document titled Enhancing International Monetary Stability, published by the IMF in January, 2011.  Interested readers should be highly encouraged and motivated to read and fully understand the document.

In short, the USD system is creating systemic instability and a new multilateral reserve asset is required to balance the international system of finance and create stable liquidity.  Some of the methods and components of this transition and new system can be found in the idea of substitution accounts.

The purpose of the substitution accounts is mainly for the exchange of IMF members foreign reserve assets, such as USD, for SDR denominated claims and assets.  SDR assets will, at least for a few years, enhance global liquidity and facilitate hedging.

One of the expected risks associated with using SDR denominated assets is the exchange rate disparity, and who will carry this risk. This can be countered by using the SDR as the unit of account within a fixed exchange rate system.

Other methods of reducing the risks associated with SDR denominated liquidity can be found in reporting international transaction data in SDR, and presumably denominating all foreign trade in SDR, which would publish balance of payment statistics in SDR as well.

In line with transitioning away from the USD based system, SDR pegging would encourage a true multilateral global monetary policy and framework which would stand in contrast to the imbalances found in the current system, which is based on the policies of a single country, or economy, being the USD.

In the document titled Enhancing International Monetary Stability, in regards to implementing an SDR based system, the following Costs and Mitigating Costs are quoted:

Costs: SDR-denominated assets would operate in a shallow market at first and therefore would likely carry a liquidity premium. This is estimated initially at around 80–100 basis points, which could render it too costly for any individual country or IFI to take the first step and provide the impetus for an SDR-bond market, particularly in a context of fiscal consolidation pressures.
Mitigating Costs: To enhance initial market liquidity and reduce the premium faced by first movers, it may be useful to have a ‘group’ issuance where a number of countries issue jointly, thus expanding the volume issued, reducing fixed cost to individual issuers and the liquidity premium. Coordination should be aimed at establishing relatively quickly liquid benchmark instruments throughout the maturity spectrum.

These statements are clear indicators of the move away from the USD based system, as the countries that leave the dollar system would need to coordinate and create joint issuance of SDR bonds and liquidity.  The BRICS group of countries provide this coordination and the New Development Bank and Contingency Reserve Arrangement provide the means to jointly issue SDR liquidity as a coordinated transition away from the USD system.

The theory that the BRICS economies are moving away from the USD is factual, but only towards the multilateral framework of the SDR, as developed by the central banks themselves and the global institutions. Though countries such as Russia and China may use gold to support their currencies in the interim, it is more likely that gold will become part of the SDR basket composition next July, along with the Chinese renminbi, and possibly the Canadian and Australian dollars.

It is heartrending that so many are losing and will continue to lose as the transition continues.  Everything from pension funds, real estate, and possibly even continued devaluations in gold and silver, at least in the short terms, will be bombarded by the liquidity squeeze taking place.

Only last month I was talking with a real estate agent here in Canada and told him that home values are going to come down by approx 20% to 30% because of the deflationary period we have been entering and a decrease in global liquidity, with a bigger drop in oil.  The agent almost laughed and stated that BMO and other Canadian banks have been publishing material that stated prices will continue to increase.

Since that weekend oil has decreased another $25 and the Bank of Canada stated last weekend that homes prices in Canada are over valued by 10% to 30%.  Considering the turmoil that is taking place around the world, I wonder what that agent is thinking now, especially since the Alberta oil market is taking a big hit and companies are cutting their CapEx budgets for 2015, as well as putting in place hiring freezes, with potential lay offs coming in the New Year.

We are only at the beginning of this transition and expect to see even deeper instability wash upon North American shores in the coming days and weeks.  The obvious “event” will be China stepping away from the USD.  But how that will coordinate with the substitution accounts and issuance of SDR bonds through the BRICS group is not discernible at this time.  It can be expected that SDR bonds will not be issued until the basket composition is changed and the 2010 IMF Reforms, being Plan B, are fully implemented.  Plan A, which would have lead to a more constructive transition required the US Congress to pass legislation supporting the 2010 Reforms, which it hasn’t.  Let’s hope that the Plan B process doesn’t take until next July.  Perhaps an emergency session is in order for the New Year.  – JC


IMF and G20 Moving Forward on Plan B

December 12, 2014 JC Collins 32 Comments

The year is coming to an end and as expected the 2010 IMF Quota and Governance Reforms have not been passed through the US Congress. True to her word, Christine Lagarde has been quick to respond to the lack of movement on the reforms and has issued a press release.

Things will now begin to escalate across a broad spectrum, with instability in the USD expanding and global stock markets adjusting dramatically. We can also likely expect increases in the valuations of gold as the liquidity crisis deepens and global money seeks liquidity outside of the dollar. The propaganda promoting US instability will increase internationally and the script stating alternative sources of liquidity must be utilized will begin to be distributed to global media outlets.

The press release can be read here. The text can also be read below.

Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), made the following statement today:

“The IMF’s membership has been calling on and was expecting the United States to approve the IMF’s 2010 Quota and Governance Reforms by year end. Adoption of the reforms remains critical to strengthen the Fund’s credibility, legitimacy, and effectiveness, and to ensure it has sufficient permanent resources to meet its members’ needs.

“I have now been informed by the U.S. Administration that the reforms are not included in the budget legislation currently before the U.S. Congress. I have expressed my disappointment to the U.S authorities and hope that they continue to work toward speedy ratification.

“As requested by our membership, we will now proceed to discuss alternative options for advancing quota and governance reforms and ensuring that the Fund has adequate resources, starting with an Executive Board meeting in January 2015.”

Those “alternative options” can be reviewed here.

The blatant disregard by the US Congress towards the Executive Branch and Treasury, as well as the IMF and G20 countries is staggering. Whether you agree with the reforms or not, the fallout from this will be huge. It could potentially create the pretext for the exchange of USD in foreign reserve accounts with SDR securities, through the substitution accounts which we have discussed many times. Which may have been the plan all a long. Expect to see almost immediate escalations stemming from this moment. – JC