Ron DeSantis Signed COVID Law Allowing Forced Injections by ‘Any Means Necessary’

The COVID reality is far different from the COVID narrative when it comes to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis…

“If there is no practical method to isolate or quarantine the individual, the State Health Officer may use any means necessary to vaccinate or treat the individual.”

DeSantis Forced Injections
Ron DeSantis signed SB 2006 into law, giving Florida’s “health authorities” unprecedented power over Floridians and their bodies.

Baseless Conspiracies Ep 34 – Mon 10:30 PM ET – find it on Rumble. See below.

About a 100 people attending Biden Inauguration plus 25000 National Guard members

WordPress does not allow me to post any goodies anymore. They won’t even let me post a link for the video. Livestream begins: May 29, 10:30 pm EDT. It is recorded on Rumble. “Badlands Media”.

Ep 3081b – [DS] Pushing [FF] Narrative, Insurrection Act Of 1807, Shot Heard Around The World

The [DS] is in the process of trying to confuse the population, crimes is good, left is right and right is left, pedophilia is normal. The people are not buying what they are selling. The [DS] over through the US government on Nov 3 and completed the insurrection on Jan 6. Trump gave the signal was this the shot heard around the world. The people are now awake and they are breaking free of the system, they are pushing for freedom just like the colonist during the Lexington/Concord battles.

A picture tells a thousand words

Kash’s Corner. Don’t miss it.

The Derek Johnson / RattleTrap1776 Red Pill 101

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Real news?????

Final….. Stop the bastards

Dr. David Martin speaking to EU Parliament. Covid here since 1965.

CA, OR And OH Bills Would Allow Homeless (INVADERS)To Camp On All Private Property�Think Of YOUR Own FrontLawn – Oppose Them And Be Jailed – Vets Thrown Out Of NYHotels To Let Invaders In – Video