LIVE THREAD: 20200603 10am EDT Rosenstein Before Senate Judiciary Committee — The Q Tree

Opinions rage on a number of members if the never ending Swamp Theater, and one of the biggest lightening rods, is, well, Rod Rosenstein. As a refresher on what he was up to PRIOR to being a figure in the Russia Russia Russia fiasco, wiki provides his resume: Rosenstein attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, […]

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Anitifa Is Just Another OTPOR Color Revolution – Arab Spring Again, In Black This Time

More is being revealed to us.

Cities Are Burning. So Many Unexplained Anomalies. Who Is Orchestrating This?! :coded:

This from a friend:  As I have said many times before, we cannot take back our country with these dirty cops. See this video below as proof of my concerns. I have seen them murder, rape, kill, pillage and run drugs in our counties, assisting coroners to harvest organs of young drug users who are unconscious. Yea, you heard that right and they have been doing it for decades. They are brutal and corrupt. They take orders from the Deep State Satanists and have done so for most of my life. We want “Peace Officers” not guys with armored vehicles wearing vests carrying military-grade equipment who stand-down when a false flag is called in their precincts or counties. Let’s help the good ones by ridding our nation of bad law enforcement. There is no choice left but Martial Law in order to protect our communities. Be so advised and prepare!

The………QuestionS of the week?

Watch if you dare

President Trump Delivers Remarks, Mon 6-1-2020

Scroll down to 36.00 minute mark for the beginning. And listen carefully, great.

“FINALLY, JUSTICE WILL BE DONE” – FBI Discover New Hillary Clinton secret Emails , Prison Is SURE