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04/15/2014(Note: Thank You GeorgeH for sending this to Recaps today!)

 Today I wanted to give you an update as to the status of the IQD currency revaluation process and some other critical matters of concern that directly relate to the process.      

Today’s News

I must explain some recent events that occurred last week concerning the 2010 IMF Reforms and how they affected the global reset process.

I also wanted to give you an update on Agenda 21 in case some you have not yet heard of it or understand its intent. It is indirectly related to the global reset process. It is a very dangerous UN doctrine and has underlying intentions.

It was developed primarily by a few key people who are implementing this plan slowly and methodically much like the middle east plan that we are now seeing the end results. What will be the end result of the Agenda 21 plan? Go read it for yourself. It tells you and its very scary. ….

This goes hand in hand with the revaluation since many of the planned programs post RV are hitched to this doctrine too. It also does not give me a good feeling about anything the UN does since for its leaders to push such a hidden agenda of global dominance under the disguise of helping humanity really disturbs me. What the heck do you think they mean by “Global Reset” !

Recent News About These 2010 Reforms

You are hearing on the news media only what the players in this global reset process want you to here and nothing more. Now I tell you what they don’t want you to know.

 There is an ongoing global meeting consisting of finance ministers and heads of the central banks of G20. The meeting began last Wednesday and will conclude today. It is being held in Washington D.C. 

What is the primary agenda of this meeting?

1)      issues dealing with non-acceptance of these reforms by the USA;

2)      presentations on options/solutions for developing a workaround the USA

3)      timeframe for implementation of a workaround .    

 So you see any hype about the global reset going prior to the end of this meeting is simply ludicrous.  So what happened at the week long meeting?

A workaround plan was talked about in the meeting on Friday. The finance chiefs from around the globe on Friday gave the United States until year-end to ratify long-delayed reforms to the International Monetary Fund and threatened to move forward without it if it fails to do so.

Okay- why so willing to leak this to the news media on Friday?

 Did you notice how this news spread around the globe so quickly on Friday. Was that amazing?   The solution called for announcing there would simply be a “delay” in the USA on accepting these reforms.

 This way they could go ahead with the final stages of the global reset process without the USA  So this was a nice way of presenting this to the public thus saving face for all sides. This way the USA looks like it is still in power and in control while the IMF also looks like the new global parent and still has power since it is still mandating the acceptance of these reforms.

By the way the USA did already agree to these reforms in 2010 so why can’t the now get them accepted politically at home?

 So what are now the ramifications of this decision and the adjustments they have to make for the global reset process to go forward?

 I want everyone to think about this carefully before answering this question. I say this since if you have been following this for at least the last couple months you should know the answer.

The answer is they will have to adjust what currencies are going to revalue and by their amounts.

 Since some of the developing countries are not now going to be allowed to grow, as planned and having a true value to their currency, their revaluations will also have to be postponed.

These countries will be put it a separate basket of currencies for 2015 revaluation. I am researching now which countries will be included. I will have this information shortly and will include it in a future news letter.  

 Agenda 21 Update

Funny how some are condemning me for being so forward in my political views. Do we not have freedom of speech? If you do not appreciate my news letters than simply do not read them.

 I have no political agenda, I am not running for any political office.  However I am a patriot and I am very aware of the undertakings going on behind our backs. It is the duty (in fact an obligation) of every citizen to expose and oppose a corrupt government.

 Remember that Agenda 21 promotes massive debt. Can you now understand why there are certain entities that do not want us to have these currency revaluations? Can you now see the struggle between good and evil?

 Yet we do see signs that the global reset is moving forward in spite of these blocks. When I say workaround the USA I mean just that. They intend to implement this internationally yet bypass exposure to the general public of the USA as long as possible. Heck they already exchanged along with all their wealthy friends.

If you are one of those that think this Agenda 21 UN plan is just for “conspiracy ” freaks,  think again!

Here is the plan so read it for yourself,

 This is almost right out of the play book for Agenda 21. I mean practically right out of the doctrine itself.

 Remember they will base most their new laws to push for control on us under two aspects. That of climate change and sustainability. They say these new UN doctrine will be voluntary for member nations but by the time it filters down to our cities and townships, it is law not voluntary. The 2 key buzz words they will use over and over again to slowly implement these laws. It is the impact of these laws on other parts of our society that is so alarming. .

 They will say how the government is going to save us all from our destruction by implementing these new laws. Of course everyone wants a cleaner environment and better food. But this is not the way to do it. We already have grass root organizations eager to help in this manner without the government stepping in. Also this is not the real intent of these new laws.

Look at the far reaching impacts of the new wetland laws. Have you tried to build something on your property recently? If you have you came across these restrictions. They are already limiting our rights to do what we want on our own land with these new wetland laws.

 Instead of educating us and teaching us of best land use practices they are preventing us from developing anything on the land. They are shoving Agenda 21 down our throats and the small town governments are the initiators since they begin at the local levels first. They are the enablers of the restrictive laws. .

 Last year Obama came out with a statement that really shocked me. In the news he stated – I do not quote- in the future we will maintain our beautiful country by bringing people back to the cities to live and work, in the future the government will sponsor new programs to assist in this effort” . People this is communist principles being pushed down our throats one law at a time.

 Again we see multiple shootings this weekend with the same CIA MO. Only they figure it would be just too suspiscios to keep bombing schools so now they are targeting angry people killing each other with guns and how guns are the blame not the people.

Okay so here is the link read it for yourself if you think I am a conspiracy nut case- –

The new food guidelines are being based upon the progressive Big Government principles of “sustainability” and food that will combat “climate change”, all intended to tell you what you can and cannot eat.  Control the food source, and you control the people…


So there you have the recent news. It maybe not what you wanted to hear but needed to hear.

 The Iraq budget and election hype are not holding back the RV and are just all hype.

 I can assure you Nouri Al Maliki does not have a chance in hell of being the next prime minister of Iraq. He knows it too. So put this one to rest and relax. In fact many provinces are now refusing even to allow his name on the ballot. His days also are numbered once he leaves office since he knows too much.   

Maliki however likes power and the corruption that has been paying him. He is stubborn and is going to play out more tricks to try to stay in power. It is all he can do. He will not go down with the sinking ship of the National Alliance Party so easily….lol…..A couple recent tricks I want to mention for your reading. :  

1)  limit the people from reaching their voting polls he sponsored terrorists bombings in the area and then claiming it is unsafe to return to the area. By doing this his thugs limited  movement back to their homes of origin, where they are required to vote.

 2) Another trick was to submit the  “national safety” bill which regulates the state of emergency and defines the prime minister’s powers and the steps he can take during “emergency” measures, which mostly fall under “martial law”. Basically be submitting this bill he is telling the people – You do all want a more secure country, don’t you. Then give me total control.

 The bill was proposed just ahead of the elections, and suspected that the timing pointed to Prime Minister  Maliki’s intention to cancel the elections and dissolve parliament. So I am sure between now and the end of April he will pull out more tricks. Some of which the groundwork has already been laid but have not raised their ugly head as of yet.

We will hear about them soon. I do not think any of these will be successful. I would not worry about them except to pray for the people of Iraq who have to live with this madness each and everyday.

 Remember also this is the man the USA put in power in Iraq and this is the man the CIA has been using consistently as their patsy to do their dirty work in the middle east since. So we can all get angry when we read about the suffering and pain now in Iraq as the result and the hold up of the revaluation of the dinar but really who is to blame?

 Peace and Luv To Ya, All,  

Mnt Goat

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