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Belgium Shouts NO! — The Marshall Report

BELGIUM CITIZENS ARE SHOUTING “NO MORE MANDATES”! WILL THE RESET GOV. HEAR THEM? Protesters took part in demonstrations that started peacefully but later turned violent, some streets in the Belgian capital were soon filled with acrid tear gas. But just move along, nothing here to see… news reports crowds of 30,000, some say 50,000, some…Continue…

Belgium Shouts NO! — The Marshall Report

mRNA is Not a Vaccine, It’s Gene Therapy — Clever Journeys

Doctors Reveal PCR Tests are Fraudulent Many Who Believe It Is a Vaccine Are Dead Wrong Since January 1st, we have learned of the deaths, heart attacks, medical injuries and severe changes in body functions of 23 friends and family members of various ages. Most of them were previously diagnosed with COVID at least once. […]

mRNA is Not a Vaccine, It’s Gene Therapy — Clever Journeys

Lin’s At It … Again! — The Marshall Report

They should have known better than to start this squabble, laying this egg in Lin’s own home and hatching it on the road show! So Lin Wood is on the “EXPOSE THEM ALL” PATH again? Sure looks like it. Today on Telegram he is saying some very strong things….. “Many of you may wonder why…Continue…

Lin’s At It … Again! — The Marshall Report

Patel Patriot’s “Devolution” Part 16

Watch “The Truth, Us All On The Same Page” on YouTube


Situation Update Published January 20, 2022 

Juan O Savin: Antarctica is Critical
Big Tech Social Engineering
AI Erosion of Free Will
Web of the Corporate Matrix
January 20th 2022: Law of War 11.3 Marker
Book of Esther Reversal?
Legal Threshold Days Away


Boris Johnson Scraps COVID Mandates in England: ‘We Will Trust The Judgment of the British People’ — The Most Revolutionary Act

Originally posted on The Underground Newswire: Alicia PoweJanuary 19, 2022 UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is scrapping COVID mandates. As of Thursday, students are no longer required to wear masks in classrooms. On January 27, face masks will no longer be mandatory in any school or anywhere in England and vaccine passports will no longer…

Boris Johnson Scraps COVID Mandates in England: ‘We Will Trust The Judgment of the British People’ — The Most Revolutionary Act

Can I Hold Him While You Give Medical Care? — Clever Journeys

Proud to present our 1500th post. “The boy, obviously, being so small, became very upset. He was crying. He was sobbing. I asked the hospital staff if I can hold him to comfort him and soothe him a little bit to try to calm him down, to continue getting medical care, and they said that […]

Can I Hold Him While You Give Medical Care? — Clever Journeys

SS76 w/Juan O Savin-11.3 First Marker

Rightleaningsw, 1 day ago

I am so over the trolls trying to discredit Juan. It seems that they supported Q for 3 years but are now bashing anyone who gives us info. Juan has a way of using metaphors to help us non military minded people understand what it is that’s going on. I wonder how many bashing Juan have actually looked into the Law of war manual and are actually keeping us with comms? My guess is very little. They are probably still very angry about the way everything played out. Soon Juan will disappear in the background as everything starts to be revealed. Does that sound like a grifter who is out for money? Rational thinking only.

 Also, finally! WWW.MEDBED.COM