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The Derek Johnson / RattleTrap1776 Red Pill 101

Much overdue Documents/Blueprint Red Pill for family and friends! This is a first dose for those who need a quick Military and Federal Law and Order summary to get them to start reading and understanding what the heck is taking place and has been going on for now 7 years, and how to apply it to their lives currently and for their future!

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Real news?????

Final….. Stop the bastards

Dr. David Martin speaking to EU Parliament. Covid here since 1965.

CA, OR And OH Bills Would Allow Homeless (INVADERS)To Camp On All Private Property�Think Of YOUR Own FrontLawn – Oppose Them And Be Jailed – Vets Thrown Out Of NYHotels To Let Invaders In – Video


Black and White come together to talk

HEAR YE, HEAR YE, HEAR YE….. Looks like WordPress does not like me to “re-pop” so many articles.

I don’t know if the subject matter has anything to do with it but we all have seen lots of “rule changes” in the Internet use for last few years.

I will cut back on my postings since it takes 3 times as much time now.

Cheers, too

Andy V.

So they say:

Having spoken to our team, we have received feedback from numerous customers who feel that reblogging appears somewhat plagiaristic. It is important to clarify that this was never the intended purpose of reblogging. To better convey the true objective, which is to reshare content that users appreciate, we have implemented several modifications to the reblogging process.

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This will how the feature behaves going forward and intended.

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Schiff Hits The Fan… –

He’s so done you can’t even stick a fork in it! Someone needs to tell him that when you are being removed from the House that doesn’t qualify you to run for Senate! You can tell a lot by a person’s eyes. At the moment, Adam Schiff has that look, the one in films that…Continue…

Schiff Hits The Fan… — The Marshall Report

Clif High: June and beyond.