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The Corruption Continues to Surface — Armstrong Economics

Recently, more sources have been confirming that indeed there was an advance notice that a “virus is coming.” I know even a few hedge funds that took positions on. This has been a very well-orchestrated panic, and it has been intended to alter the world economy. Gates, Soros, and Schwab have all contributed their ideas,…

The Corruption Continues to Surface — Armstrong Economics

The Race Is on to Get Experimental COVID Shots Into Little Kids — Why? — The Most Revolutionary Act

By  Children’s Health Defense Team U.S. health officials, with unflagging support from the Biden Administration, are charging full speed ahead on plans to vaccinate children as young as 5 for COVID, despite the extremely low risk the virus poses to kids, and against the urgent warnings of scientists and doctors. According to the Oct. 8 […]

The Race Is on to Get Experimental COVID Shots Into Little Kids — Why? — The Most Revolutionary Act

Texas Most Wanted & 37 More Fugitive Gang Members Arrested — Clever Journeys

The Texas Office of the Attorney General announed an operation that resulted in the arrest of 38 fugitives wanted for gang-related offenses.  Ken Paxton In Bexar County (San Antonio), the Attorney General’s Austin Fugitive Apprehension Unit assisted the United States Marshals Lone Star Fugitive Task Force’s warrant initiative, named Operation Wash Out, from September 20-27.  “These efforts focused on members of the most violent […]

Texas Most Wanted & 37 More Fugitive Gang Members Arrested — Clever Journeys

Expose The Beast System! — The Marshall Report

From head to tail the beast system lies, owns, controls, and limits humanity! Now they have gone off the rails with their schemes. They are about to lose all of their little scams due to their own greed and lust for power. Like the true gluttons they are, these rich parasites have played their hunger…Continue…

Expose The Beast System! — The Marshall Report

Are the US Supply Chain Disruptions Deliberate? — Armstrong Economics

(Image by © Reuters / Alan Devall) Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo may have accidentally leaked the cause of America’s supply chain issues. “The reality is the only way we’re going to get to a place where we work through this transition is if everyone in America and everyone around the world gets vaccinated,”…

Are the US Supply Chain Disruptions Deliberate? — Armstrong Economics

Southwest Airlines Backs Dow And Yellen Forced to Back Down — Armstrong Economics

I have direct contact with many pilots at Southwest and they were reporting that weather had nothing to do with the 1,000 flights that were canceled. Now, the airline was forced to back down and unvaccinated employees can remain. Pilots have been concerned that those who were vaccinated developed blood clots and could no longer…

Southwest Airlines Backs Dow And Yellen Forced to Back Down — Armstrong Economics

Hypocrisy Gone Wild With Dems and RINOS Deception at All Time Highs — Clever Journeys

Kabuki Theater are words to describe those who pretend, are showy, theatrical, artificial, fake, insincere, and something done only as lip service. ___________________________ Please Support These American Owned Businesses ___________________________ Get Your Natural Vitamins A & D from the Sea! CLICK HERE for GOOD HEALTH! ___________________________ Now Available CLICK Here! From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

Hypocrisy Gone Wild With Dems and RINOS Deception at All Time Highs — Clever Journeys

US destroying its own health care infrastructure by attacking the people who remember what medicine means — The Most Revolutionary Act

Dr Eddy Betterman The medical profession is fast becoming an unattractive prospect to young people, many of whom are not at all interested in become just another Big Pharma pawn. “Brain drain,” as they call it – this is when there is not enough interested talent to maintain a profession – is spreading like wildfire throughout the […]

US destroying its own health care infrastructure by attacking the people who remember what medicine means — The Most Revolutionary Act

Bits & Pieces of Surreal Time — The Marshall Report


It’s the same old mindset and it belongs to the world! Remember how it all went down and how it all backfired in the devil’s face. Fear not for the Lord has conquered the world. Remember the set up smear that works in sinc with the wrap up smear… it’s all about bearing FALSE WITNESS!…Continue…

Bits & Pieces of Surreal Time — The Marshall Report

Lawsuit Filed to Defend Executive Privilege, U.S. Constitution

Posted on October 19, 2021by Thomas More

OCTOBER 18, 2021

MEMO: Lawsuit Filed to Defend Executive Privilege, U.S. Constitution

Today, President Donald J. Trump filed a lawsuit in defense of the Constitution, the Office of the President, and the future of our nation, all of which the sham Unselect Committee is trying to destroy. The fact is America is under assault by Pelosi’s Communist-style attempt to silence and destroy America First patriots through this hyper-partisan and illegitimate investigation.

● The January 6th Committee is a partisan sham to distract Americans from the Democrats’ policies that are killing and robbing Americans. For example:

o The Border crisis is flooding our communities with drugs and gangs, while costing taxpayers billions.

o The Democrats’ mismanagement of COVID exposed America’s elderly to a deadly disease and then in many cases, forced them to die alone.

o By defunding the police and embracing criminals, Democrats have made our cities less safe.

o The unconstitutional mandates are destroying the economy.

● The media is complicit in advancing the Committee’s unconstitutionally flawed request.

● This committee exposed itself as a sham by requesting documents which serve no legitimate legislative purpose—what does President Trump’s campaign polling data from Florida have to do with an investigation into January 6th?

The Legal Argument—Three Pillars

No Legitimate Legislative Purpose: The legislative committees’ request fails to meet the basic requirement of fulfilling a legislative purpose. The request is not just overly broad, it requests documents including campaign polling data—what does Congress hope to learn from this?
Newsflash: Polling shows Biden’s approval cratering and 2022 slipping out of Democrats’ grasp—no wonder the Democrats and the media want to distract America from: The surrender in Afghanistan, skyrocketing inflation, a border crisis, crippling COVID mandates, and a stalled legislative agenda.

Former Presidents have inherent Constitutional Rights of Privilege: An incumbent administration does not have the constitutional authority to unilaterally waive the executive privilege of a previous administration—especially one so recent. If it did, then executive privilege doesn’t exist, including for Joe Biden.

Newsflash: No one is following this argument more closely than: (1) Hunter Biden and his art dealer, (2) The Woke Generals and Intel leaders who advised the Surrender in Afghanistan and the bombing of innocent civilians and children (3) Big Tech who has been actively engaged with the Biden administration to subvert Democracy through dark money organizations

Time for Review: The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has not even had the time to compile and organize the documents being requested by Congress—which is the largest request in American History. President Trump and Joe Biden should be afforded the time to diligently review any protected and privileged documents before it is released to the public.

Newsflash: The Committee is motivated by one thing: delivering political wins for the Democrats. That’s why they’ve set a rapid timetable that steamrolls the Constitution, legal precedent, and established process. The Committee isn’t seeking the truth, it’s seeking Communist-style political persecution of President Trump and the America First patriots who served their country honorably.

Taylor Budowich
Director of Communications
President Donald J. Trump and Save America PAC