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President Trump – Democrats Intend To Steal 2020 Election With Bill Enabling Fraud

Have the Democrats completely lost theirminds? We don’t even need to ask the question, just go straight to the answer. “Yes They Have, For Sure”

Texas School Officials Caught Promoting Marxism & Terrorism


Education authorities are under fire after a school counselor in Plano, Texas, was exposed sending around propaganda to colleagues promoting Marxism, terrorism, communism, defunding the police, and hyper-racialism. Local officials and leaders are now demanding an investigation. The problem, however, is national in scope.

On June 12, Plano Independent School District (ISD) Counselor Dianne Evans sent an email using her official account that would shock even the most liberal and “progressive” parents. Perhaps most alarming was the “Master List of Black Revolutionary Readings” that literally included a manual on guerrilla warfare by communist mass murderer Ernesto “Che” Guevara, who ironically was a raging anti-black racist.

Also included on the “Master List” of “Black Revolutionary Readings” was the Communist Manifesto by genocidal satanist Karl Marx, the “Green Book” by late mass-murdering dictator and terrorist Moamar Gadhafi of Libya, the “Basic Marxism-Leninism Study Plan,” The State and Revolution by mass-murdering dictator Vladimir Lenin, and more. Millions died brutal deaths as a result of those books.

On the list as well was a bizarre work called “Black Like Mao: Red China and Black Revolution.” Ignoring the fact that Mao was put in power by subversives in the West, and that the dictatorship slaughtered more innocent people than any in history, Maoist Wiki says of the book: “Colored people everywhere look to Red China as a beacon and as a defender and protector of their rights.” The Uighurs and the Tibetans, among others, might beg to differ.

The almost incoherent email by Evans to other school officials also includes documents from a webinar they apparently all attended headlined “Understanding the Black Experience in America: Be the Change You Want to See in the World.” The course was created by a fringe left-wing activist and is designed to encourage counselors and others to force feed Black Lives Matter propaganda to their clients and patients.

The webinar features instructions explaining to victims of the program that they must try “to become better allies” of far-left subversives masquerading as activists for “Black lives.” One recommended “action” to become a better ally is to donate to the “anti-white supremacy work” of Black Lives Matter, an openly Marxist group that says on its website that it seeks to dismantle the nuclear family.

The instructions also include a reading list of ridiculous Marxist and anti-American propaganda, as well as political activism to defund the police and promote “reparations.” There are weeks of programs, readings, and propaganda recommended for participants, including the discredited “1619 Project” painting America as a slave state that has been debunked even by radical left-wing professors.

School officials confirmed that the email, which was obtained by FreedomProject from concerned local leaders, was genuine. However, they claimed the webinar and propaganda in question was not authorized or supported by the school district. The counselor in question failed to respond to multiple requests for comment from various outlets.

Local officials, though, were outraged. “As a father with two children in Plano ISD, as a member of the Plano City Council who took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and as a proud American, I’m deeply concerned about the apparent promotion of Marxist propaganda and its dangerous agenda by one of the Plano ISD staff,” Plano City Councilman Shelby Williams told Texas Scorecard.

He also called for the district to get to the bottom of this. “I urge the Plano ISD board and administration to conduct a very thorough investigation into this issue and to take appropriate action to ensure such an insidious ideology is neither promoted nor encouraged within our school system, by anyone at any time,” Williams said, echoing the concerns of the community.




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German States Threaten to Take Children From Parents if They Suspect Coronavirus — Armstrong Economics

COMMENT: Dear Marty, The health authorities of Hessen and Baden-Württemberg (2 of 16 federal states in Germany) demand that children are separated from parents and siblings if there is a coronavirus infection or just a probability of it. If people will not obey then the authorities threaten to take the children away from their families…

via German States Threaten to Take Children From Parents if They Suspect Coronavirus — Armstrong Economics


PENTAGON STUDYING CRASHED UFOs! New gov’t report blows lid off cover-up that began in Roswell — The Truth Show

THE Pentagon’s notorious Men in Black are real, and the UFO hunters have engaged in a massive seven decade cover-up to hide the fact space aliens have been visiting Earth, a stunning secret congressional report reveals! In the dossier, the government exposes the recovery of crashed flying craft “not made on Earth” and bodies of […]

via PENTAGON STUDYING CRASHED UFOs! New gov’t report blows lid off cover-up that began in Roswell — The Truth Show

Revolutionary Communist Party Endorses JOE BIDEN, Shocks Nobody

( By now, the whole world is pretty aware of how far left presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has shifted. The once-moderate Democratic vice president as adopted a slew of far-left policies in an attempt to win over radical supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and even taken on board the extremist Green New Deal agenda put forward by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, for anybody to learn that the leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA has endorsed Joe Biden for president. Bob Avakian endorsed the Democratic candidate on Monday, sending an email to his party’s supporters who are aware that the party is unlikely to make any electoral victories of its own any time soon.

The Washington Times reports how Avakian said that Biden isn’t “better” than Trump “in any meaningful way,” but that the very fact “he is not Trump and is not part of the move to consolidate and enforce fascist rule” is good enough for him to support the ageing candidate.

“To approach this election from the standpoint of which candidate it ‘better’ means failing to understand the truly profound stakes and potential consequences of what is involved,” Avakian continued. “The fact is that there can be one – and only one – ‘good’ that can come out of this election: delivering a decisive defeat to Trump and the whole fascist regime.”

It’s funny how a literal communist can decry fascism, right? In what “meaningful” way are they any different?

Given how much the Democrats love to attack the president whenever he is endorsed or supported by someone he doesn’t appreciate, the Trump campaign was quick to give the Democrats a taste of their own medicine. The campaign issued an official statement attacking Biden’s deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield for welcoming “everybody who believes that Joe Biden should be president” into their campaign.

“That now includes Bob Avakian, the radical founder and leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party who just endorsed Joe Biden and instructed fellow communists to support Biden in the election,” the statement said. “Avakian once faced serious charges of rioting and assault for protesting in favor of Chinese communist Mao Zedong’s bloody and brutal regime.”

The statement added that Avakian’s endorsement “further demonstrates that Joe Biden is an empty vessel for the radical left.”

Given that Biden is largely incapable of finishing his sentences without the aid of notes or teleprompters, some people might just describe him as an empty vessel generally.

Marker, Watch The Water, Elections Secured, [DS] Plan Failed – Episode 2245b

Report date: 08.09.2020

The [DS]/Corrupt politicians plan to alter the elections has already failed. The declass info is now being released and more evidence shows that this was a coup. Something big is about to drop and those in power are not going to like it. Buckle up the storm is about to hit

Watch “08/08/20: President Trump Holds a News Conference” on YouTube

Russia Hoax: Are We All Being Played? Put Up or Shut Up.

Aug 6, 2020

Many people have asked me why I haven’t written a book since the start of my reporting on the FBI’s debunked investigation into whether President Donald Trump’s campaign conspired with Russia.

I haven’t done so because I don’t believe the most important part of the story has been told: indictments and accountability. I also don’t believe we actually know what really happened on a fundamental level and how dangerous it is to our democratic republic. That will require a deeper investigation that answers the fundamental questions of the role played by former senior Obama officials, including the former President and his aides.

We’re getting closer but we’re still not there.

Still, the extent of what happened during the last presidential election is much clearer now than it was years ago when trickles of evidence led to years of what Fox News host Sean Hannity and I would say was peeling back the layers of an onion. We now know that the U.S. intelligence and federal law enforcement was weaponized against President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and administration by a political opponent. We now know how many officials involved in the false investigation into the president trampled the Constitution.

I never realized how terrible the deterioration inside the system had become until four years ago when I stumbled onto what was happening inside the FBI. Those concerns were brought to my attention by former and current FBI agents, as well as numerous U.S. intelligence officials aware of the failures inside their own agencies. But it never occurred to me when I first started looking into fired FBI Director James Comey and his former side kick Deputy Director Andrew McCabe that the cultural corruption of these once trusted American institutions was so vast.

I’ve watched as Washington D.C. elites make promises to get to the bottom of it and bring people to justice. They appear to make promises to the American people they never intended to keep. Who will be held accountable for one of the most egregious abuses of power by bureaucrats in modern American political history? Now I fear those who perpetuated this culture of corruption won’t ever really be held accountable.

These elite bureaucrats will, however, throw the American people a bone. It’s how they operate. They expect us to accept it and then move on.

One example is the most recent decision by the Justice Department to ask that charges be dropped on former national security advisor Michael Flynn. It’s just a bone because we know now these charges should have never been brought against the three-star general but will anyone on former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team have to answer for ruining a man’s life. No, they won’t. In fact, Flynn is still fighting for his freedom.

Think about what has already happened? From former Attorney General Jeff Session’s appointment of Utah Prosecutor John Huber to the current decision by Attorney General William Barr to appoint Connecticut prosecutor John Durham to investigate the malfeasance what has been done? Really, nothing at all. No one has been indicted.

The investigation by the FBI against Trump was never predicated on any real evidence but instead, it was a set-up to usurp the American voters will. It doesn’t matter that the establishment didn’t like Trump, in 2016 the Americans did. Isn’t that a big enough reason to bring charges against those involved?

His election was an anomaly for the Washington elite. They were stunned when Trump won and went into full gear to save their own asses from discovery and target anyone who supported him. The truth is they couldn’t stand the Trump and American disruptors who elected him to office.

Now they will work hand in fist to ensure that this November election is not a repeat win of 2016. We’re already seeing that play out everyday on the news.

But Barr and Durham are now up against a behemoth political machine that seems to be operating more like a steam roller the closer we get to the November presidential elections. Barr told Fox News in June that he expects Durham’s report to come before the end of summer but like always, it’s August and we’re still waiting.

Little is known about the progress of Durham’s investigation but it’s curious as to why nothing has been done as of yet and the Democrats are sure to raise significant questions or concerns if action is taken before the election. They will charge that Durham’s investigation is politically motivated. That is, unless the charges are just brought against subordinates and not senior officials from the former administration.

I sound cynical because I am right now. It doesn’t mean I won’t trying to get to the truth or fighting for justice.

But how can you explain the failure of Durham and Barr to actually interview key players such as Comey, or former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, or former CIA Director John Brennan. That is what we’re hearing from them.

If I am going to believe my sources, Durham has interviewed former FBI special agent Peter Strzok, along with FBI Special agent Joe Pientka, among some others. Still, nothing has really been done or maybe once again they will throw us bone.

If there are charges to be brought they will come in the form of taking down the subordinates, like Strzok, Pientka and the former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who altered the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act application against short term 2016 campaign advisor Carter Page.

Remember DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report in December, 2019: It showed that a critical piece of evidence used to obtain a warrant to spy on Page in 2016 was falsified by Clinesmith.

But Clinesmith didn’t act alone. He would have had to have been ordered to do such a egregious act and that could only come from the top. Let’s see if Durham ever hold those Obama government officials accountable.

I don’t believe he will.

Why? Mainly because of how those senior former Obama officials have behaved since the troves of information have been discovered. They have written books, like Comey, McCabe, Brennan and others, who have published Opinion Editorials and have taken lucrative jobs at cable news channels as experts.

It’s frankly disgusting and should anger every American. We would never get away with what these former Obama officials have done. More disturbing is that the power they wield through their contacts in the media and their political connections allows these political ‘oligarchs’ unchallenged power like never before.

Here’s one of the latest examples. Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s top prosecutor Andrew Weissmann just went after Barr in a New York Times editorial on Wednesday. He went so far as to ask the Justice Department employees to ignore any direction by Barr or Durham in the Russia investigations.

I think Barr and Durham need to move fast if they are ever going to do anything and if they are going to prove me wrong. We know now that laws were broken and our Constitution was torched by these rogue government officials.

We shouldn’t give the swamp the time-of-day to accuse the Trump administration of playing politics or interfering with this election. If the DOJ has evidence and is ready to indict they need to do it now.

If our Justice Department officials haven’t done their job to expose the corruption, clean out our institutions and hold people accountable then it will be a tragedy for our nation and the American people. I’m frankly tired of the back and forth. I’m tired of being toyed with and lied to. I believe they should either put up or shut up.

From Weissmann’s New York Times Opinion Editorial

Today, Wednesday, marks 90 days before the presidential election, a date in the calendar that is supposed to be of special note to the Justice Department. That’s because of two department guidelines, one a written policy that no action be influenced in any way by politics. Another, unwritten norm urges officials to defer publicly charging or taking any other overt investigative steps or disclosures that could affect a coming election.

Attorney General William Barr appears poised to trample on both. At least two developing investigations could be fodder for pre-election political machinations. The first is an apparently sprawling investigation by John Durham, the U.S. attorney in Connecticut, that began as an examination of the origins of the F.B.I. investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. The other, led by John Bash, the U.S. attorney for the Western District of Texas, is about the so-called unmasking of Trump associates by Obama administration officials. Mr. Barr personally unleashed both investigations and handpicked the attorneys to run them.

But Justice Department employees, in meeting their ethical and legal obligations, should be well advised not to participate in any such effort.

Russia Hoax: Are We All Being Played? Put Up or Shut Up.

Appeals Court Condemns Obama DOJ’s Prosecution of Bundys

Throws out felony conspiracy and weapons charges against Nevada ranchers

Finding “flagrant misconduct” by Obama administration prosecutors, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has dismissed felony conspiracy and weapons charges against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his sons and supporters.

The federal government was appealing the dismissal of the case by U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro, who ruled in January 2018 that prosecutors improperly withheld evidence.

The Bundys have been in a dispute with the federal government for more than 25 years over cattle grazing rights for his cattle. The government alleged that Bundy, his sons and Montana militia leader Ryan Payne the leaders of a massive conspiracy to assault law enforcement officers a few miles from the Bundy ranch.

An armed standoff occurred after federal agents tried to execute a court order to round up Bundy’s cattle on federal land. The encounter ended without injury after Bureau of Land Management officers engaged in a standoff with the Bundys and their supporters when they tried to execute a court order to round up the family’s cattle. The agents eventually backed down.

Cliven Bundy argued it was the state of Nevada, not the U.S., that rightfully owned the lands around his private property on which his cattle grazed.

The dismissal was based on the Brady precedent, which states: “The prosecution is trusted to turn over evidence to the defense because its interest ‘is not that it shall win a case, but that justice shall be done.'”

The 9th Circuit said the case began with “a well-publicized effort by the Bureau of Land Management to impound Cliven Bundy’s cattle for a twenty-year failure to pay federal grazing fees. Cliven Bundy and hundreds of armed supporters from around the United States forced federal officials to abandon the impoundment plan.”

Then, when the Bundys were on trial, “the government began disclosing information in its possession that, under Brady, was arguably useful to the defense and should have been produced to the defendants well before trial. As additional documents came forth, the district court held a series of hearings, eventually deciding that the trial could not go forward and that the indictment must be dismissed with prejudice,” the 9th Circuit said.

“Central to the government’s case were allegations that the defendants intentionally lied about being surrounded by snipers as a ploy to gather armed supporters. Had the defendants been able to proffer a basis for genuinely believing that government snipers surrounded the Bundy Ranch, they potentially could have negated the government’s … theory. Surveying all the withheld evidence – including surveillance-camera evidence, FBI ‘302’ investigative reports regarding snipers, Tactical Operations Center log records, and threat assessments – the panel held that the record amply supports the district court’s conclusion that the defendants suffered substantial prejudice in no being able to prepare their case fully, refine their voir dire strategy, and make stronger opening statements.”

Attorney Larry Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch, said his client, Cliven Bundy, has been “forced to endure the emotional distress and physical harm of being arrested and denied bail, being thrown in solitary confinement for no valid reason, denied right of counsel and a speedy trial and then, after about two years of illegal incarceration, had to endure a sham and fraudulent trial, where exculpatory evidence was hidden, prosecutors lied to the presiding judge, and where a whistleblower came forward to disclose that there had been a ‘kill list’ by some agents of the Bureau of Land Management on the heads of the Bundys, is now relieved that this nightmare is over.”

Supporters of the Bundys make their case on the Cliven Bundy Defense Fund website.

Klayman, a former Department of Justice lawyer, previously accused the prosecutors’ of “suborning perjury.”

At the time the appeal was pending, Klayman said: “The Department of Justice, which has sadly become known as the ‘Department of Injustice,’ is going ahead by with its appeal of the dismissal of the indictment a year ago, characteristically ‘circling the wagons’ to cover the dishonest and unethical tracks of Steven Mahre, Dan Schiess and other prosecutors in the office of the U.S. Attorney for the District of Nevada.”

He said the prosecutors “were previously caught lying to the court, suborning perjury, threatening whistleblower Larry Wooten and, put simply, committing crimes.”

During the standoff, the government confiscated some of the Bundys’ cattle.

Klayman has written about the DOJ’s actions in his WND columns as well as on the Cliven Bundy Legal Defense Fund site.

He said it took “chutzpah” for the government to appeal the dismissal of the case by Navarro, who, he said, was “no friend of Cliven Bundy, his family and the armed peaceful protesters who stood down a tyrannical government at Bunkerville in 2014.”

The prosecutors failed to share evidence of BLM agents “repeatedly mocking and degrading Mr. Bundy, his family, and his co-defendants in an ‘amateurish carnival atmosphere.'”

Also, federal agents bragged “about roughing up Mr. Bundy’s son, Dave, and violently grinding his face into the ground.”

The opinion makes clear the BLM coordinated with multiple agencies and contractors as well as law enforcement agencies and had “strategically placed at elevated positions around the Bundy residence each evening” agents with “binoculars, spotting scopes, night-vision goggles, and thermal-imaging devices.”

And the agents had “rifles with them at all times.”

Bundy supporters poured into the area and, numbering some 400, they demanded that federal officers leave the impoundment area where 400 cattle had been held. The federal officials eventually left.

The subsequent trial was over allegations of impeding officers, threatening law enforcement and extortion.

“The central pillar of the government’s case was the allegation that the defendants recruited armed followers by intentionally deceiving those followers into believing that the Bundys feared for their lives because government snipers surrounded their ranch,” the ruling said.

The defendants, in preparing their case, asked for government documents about the snipers, the opinion explained, but didn’t receive it.

But then the government admitted it had the evidence.

The court found the lower court judge had the right to dismiss the indictment “to implement a remedy for a violation of a recognized statutory or constitutional right.”