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Sean Morgan Report | Anons Vs Wall Street Financial War Kicks Off

Q and Trump and The White Hats are taking care of the Federal Reserve business.

Dear Fellow Truthseeker,
In this video I will explain:

  • Basic overview of how nerds on the internet are launching full out financial warfare against Wall Street
  • How Hedge funds break the brokers, and the brokers break the banks and the banks break the Fed
  • How this financial war is a part of the Q operation
  • How Elon Musk and others are white hats for this financial war
  • Specific Deep State players involved such as the new Secretary of Treasury
  • How Silver might be the next target for the modern day Robinhoods

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This is being repaired by Trump et al, including You, Me by creating this FREEDOMMINDS.COM site and Everybody else we can invite for the ride. Do it now. Join in.

Social Media: A Wake-Up Call for Parents — The Most Revolutionary Act

Childhood 2.0 The Living Experiment Directed by Robert Muratore and Jamin Winans (2020) Film Review This documentary is intended to warn parents of grave dangers social media poses to children. It features researchers, child psychiatrists and psychologists, Internet activists and teenage focus groups. Nearly all parents are less familiar with the newer social media sites […]

Social Media: A Wake-Up Call for Parents — The Most Revolutionary Act

Former head of Vatican bank found guilty of embezzlement

Caloia led the bank from 1989 to 2009 [File: Handout/Vatican Media/AFP]

Angelo Caloia becomes the highest-ranking Vatican official to be convicted of a financial crime.

21 Jan 2021

A former head of the Vatican bank, Angelo Caloia, has been found guilty of embezzlement and money laundering and sentenced to eight years and 11 months in prison, making him the highest-ranking Vatican official to be convicted of a financial crime.

The Vatican court on Thursday also convicted Gabriele Liuzzo, 97, and his son Lamberto Liuzzo, 55, both Italian lawyers who were consultants to the bank.

Caloia led the bank, officially known as the Institute for the Works of Religion (IOR), from 1989 to 2009. The 81-year-old Italian was tried over corrupt real estate deals.

He was accused of conspiring with others to make millions from the below-market sale of more than 20 IOR properties in Italy and laundering the proceeds in Switzerland.

The court established that the defendants “pocketed some of the money paid by buyers, or in any case money belonging to IOR … for a total of around 19 million euros ($23m)”, the Vatican said in a statement.

Prosecutors claimed the illicit gains were worth 59 million euros ($71m) in total, but judges did not find evidence of wrongdoing for some of the 29 deals under scrutiny.

Liuzzo and Lamberto were sentenced to eight years and eleven months, and five years and two months respectively.

The court ordered the sequestering of about 38 million euros ($46m) in defendants’ bank accounts that were frozen and a payment of more than 20 million euros ($24m) in damages to the IOR and its real estate company.

The defendants maintained their innocence and had sought to call as witnesses former Vatican secretaries of state and cardinals who sat on the bank’s oversight committee, in a sign they intended to demonstrate that the cardinals were aware of the sales and approved them.

It was not immediately clear how the sentences would be carried out or whether the two main defendants would actually serve prison time given their ages.

But the trial was significant given that it showed a willingness by the Vatican to prosecute its own for shady business deals that have long characterised the Holy See’s murky finances.

If You See Them, Follow Your Oath

By Benjamin Fulford January 22, 2021

A monstrous crime has been carried out against the American people. An election was brazenly stolen.  A lot of people are very angry and they rightly should be as dark forces are attacking.

This is not the time to give up hope and flail about blindly like a man in a dark cave. It is time for swift, pinpoint, decisive action.

The criminals who stole the U.S. election are now systematically preparing to come after and destroy any and all patriots and leaders of the truth movement.

Patriots guard your families.

Everyone who swore an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic within the system this call goes out to you first.  Follow your good conscience and act accordingly to save the Republic from Satanic forces.

Military units also need to focus their efforts on where it counts most. This means targeting the headquarters of the big media and telecommunications firms electronically. Shut them down. Activate the EBS.

Arrest the criminals immediately before they can do any more damage and begin public military tribunals.

Also, occupy the Federal Reserve Branches and take away their control of money.

Included criminals in need of swift justice are:

Any member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who went along with this crime.

Any politician who knowingly went along with or promoted this crime.

Anyone knowingly pushing harmful RNA Covid, DNA changing, transhumanism vaccines.

Any member of the criminal propaganda media broadcasting hate speech and condemnation of patriots or promoting changes to the Constitution.

If you are a bodyguard for these criminals, remember, they are actively trying to kill your extended family and friends, so shoot them and/or arrest them before they can do that.

Remember, do not trust anything visual on a screen or digital. Only communicate via handwritten notes. If you must use a mobile or a landline, only use pre-agreed code words and phrases like “meet me at the parking lot,” or “meet at the place where we caught that big trout.”

This is a war for freedom from Satanic slavery folks…at stake is the survival of humanity.

May God Bless You All In This Battle Against Evil.



Mustang Medic, live feeds from Washington, D.C. – if live means true, then you decide. I believe my eyes, but as always, what is actually taking place is up for ponder and discernment. Disclaimer: The video content is not necessarily the opinions of the Marshall report. Viewer discretion is advised. God bless and stay safe. […]


American Medical Association Rescinds Previous Statement Against Prescription of Hydroxychloroquine to COVID-19 Patients. (Updated) — Alexanders’ Blog

Originally posted on The Blogging Hounds: CHICAGO, IL – The American Medical Association (AMA), in a surprising move, has officially rescinded a previous statement against the use of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in the treatment of COVID-19 patients, giving physicians the okay to return to utilizing the medication at their discretion. Previously, the?AMA had issued a statement…

American Medical Association Rescinds Previous Statement Against Prescription of Hydroxychloroquine to COVID-19 Patients. (Updated) — Alexanders’ Blog