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History repeats itself

Is this a coincidence? No, just their natural evolution. Communist is a communist no matter what they call themselves. Progressives, liberals, democrats. And even if you fry them in butter. LOL.


If you know history you could probably become a rich “Fortune Teller”.


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT concerning Team Trump vs. Deep State

Get ready, everyone, for:
The Greatest Show on Earth

False Information About Continental Marshals

False Information About Continental Marshals

By Anna Von Reitz

Some parties who are just waking up and making false assumptions are spreading the idea that Lincoln put “America” under the Lieber Code and that all “Marshals” are military police. WRONG. Lincoln had no ability to place “America” under Martial Law or put us under the Lieber Code. What he did was place the British Territorial United States government under martial law and the Lieber Code which has since morphed into the various Hague Conventions. None of that has anything to do with us. The Territorial United States Government is a foreign government working under contract to provide governmental services for our states of the Union— The United States of America (unincorporated). We are Third Parties with respect to them and we control the land and soil jurisdiction of this entire country. So learn the jurisdictions and the nomenclature attached to those jurisdictions and stop spreading misinformation. Our land jurisdiction is policed by Federal Marshals, not “US Marshals”. Federal Marshals = Continental Marshals = Land Jurisdiction Marshals. US Marshals = Sea Jurisdiction Marshals. It’s time everyone woke to hell up. We have a country to govern and rights and prerogatives to exercise, along with the responsibilities that attach to those rights and prerogatives. We are our own civil government with our own “United States” flag— the one with vertical stripes, thank you, and our own Federal Marshals Service, also. The idiots running the Territorial Government have been so corrupt, so ignorant, and so misled that they have placed themselves and this entire country in jeopardy. Do not fall into any delusions concerning their “authority” or their competence with regard to their jurisdictional limits— it’s up to you to know who you are and what your lawful jurisdiction is and to know the difference between a Federal Marshal operating on the land (also known as a Continental Marshal) and a US Marshal operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea. Get on your thinking caps and get educated or you will be part of the problem. —————————See this article and over 800 others on Anna’s website here: w