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Monroe Is The Message, Missing 302 On Deck, Law & Order – Episode 2264b

Be sure to see the message at 23:30 mark and another at 24:00 mark.

SEGREGATION: Oregon Starts Race-Based COVID-19 Relief Fund

SEGREGATION: Oregon Starts Race-Based COVID-19 Relief Fund

( Oregon’s State Legislature has taken society back in time, reinstating segregationist policy and pitting residents of different races against each other. The new “Oregon Cares Fund for Black Relief and Resiliency” was approved recently, granting people additional coronavirus relief funds based on their race or ethnicity.

It’s part of a $200 million package designed to aid specific racial communities and sections of the economy, and almost certainly would not have occurred had it not been for the violent Black Lives Matter riots. According to local NBC affiliate KGW, the racist relief fund was “organized by the leaders of Oregon’s Black community.”

Does that mean Black community or just the leaders of the most vocal political activists in the state who happen to be Black?

The fund’s official website explains how it will work to ensure federal dollars only go to people who “make Oregon great.”

Do white people not make Oregon great, too?

“Now, more than ever, it is critical that the Federal dollars from the CARES Act serve to honor and protect those individuals, families, business owners, and non-profit leaders who are what make Oregon great,” it says. “We will be serving tens of thousands of Oregonians in a short period of time.”

The funds will be distributed to the resident’s bank account directly, as long as they apply for it. It will not be taxable income, but disaster relief funds designed to make lives easier for residents. However, the disbursement of the grants will be determined by a “Council of Trust” made up entirely of black Americans.

The website says the Council of Trust is made up of “11 trusted Black leaders from across Oregon.”

According to Sharon Gary-Smith, one of those 11 trusted Black leaders, it is a “wonderful, deserved, and appropriate step to address the harm caused by COVID-19 on the Black community.”

“Black Oregonians had had monumental losses in spirit, hope, community, and resources due to centuries of racial injustice and discrimination,” she claimed, without providing any evidence of modern discrimination against black people.

We have laws against that.

The funds, it seems, do not address the huge losses felt by white people and business owners, too. But this racism is supported by local politicians and is, for some reason, not considered extreme.

State Representative Lawrence Spence, a Democrat from Portland, said that it is a “historic first step to address the disparities facing Black Oregonians in the face of COVID-19.”

First step, he says. What’s the second step? Free money specifically for black people still isn’t enough?



Watch “Tore Says Show 28 AUG 20” on YouTube

Tore interviews, both, Bill Binney and Patrick ? The guy in Shadowgate.


How Sweet It Is? 17 flags on the left, 17 flags on the right. Trump speaking.

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Grenell Reveals The Globalists Plan To The World – Episode 2261a

Report date: 08.27.2020 The economy is now firing on all cylinders, we are seeing V recovery in many of the economic sectors. The Altanta Fed is now predicting a rebound in the GDP numbers. US 8 class truck sales are recovering. Grenell speaks out against the globalists and tells the world what their plan was.

President Donald Trump accepts the Republican nomination for President at the 2020 RNC

Be sure to see the fireworks at the end, I had never seen such before.


Click on the link below and watch the actual happenings totally blowing away the Lame Stream Media lies. The man is innocent, he defended himself against many attackers and did not wind up dead or in coma in a hospital like many other BLM victims.


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A little math problem for you.

Which President Misused Government Power?

The Leftmedia is worried about Trump’s RNC, but it should remember Obama.


If there was a Leftmedia theme from the first night of the Republican National Convention, it was that it was “dark.” For the second night, the theme might have been the fainting couch — as in pundits at various outlets falling on one because President Donald Trump was “breaking with precedent” and using the “powers of government in service of reelection.”

The Washington Post exemplifies the argument: “President Trump and the Republican Party placed the powers of the federal government in service to Trump’s reelection on Tuesday — staging pardoning and naturalization ceremonies as part of the GOP’s official nominating convention and using the White House Rose Garden for a speech by the first lady.” That also includes “an unusual political endorsement from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered from an official overseas trip. The format bucked traditional norms of diplomacy and launched a House investigation into whether Pompeo violated the Hatch Act, a federal law that separates government functions from political ones.”

The pardon and the naturalization ceremony were both moving moments, and both illustrated two key pillars of President Trump’s record — criminal justice reform and legal immigration. The latter in particular also reminds us what a great country we live in, just as Maximo Alvarez did the night before.

The White House is where Melania Trump lives, and, last we heard from the media, we’re still in a pandemic in which travel is frowned upon. Heck, Joe Biden hasn’t left his basement since March. Hence the first lady’s Rose Garden venue, as well as the fact that Trump will accept the Republican nomination Thursday from the White House — also a first.

Finally, as for Pompeo’s speech, it was political only in that he favorably recounted a list of Trump’s foreign policy achievements, obliquely contrasting them to previous failed policies.

Trump’s style and protocols (or shattering thereof) are certainly up for debate, and we’ll let others do so. We’ll simply observe that his voters sent him to DC to shatter protocols that do nothing more than put a smiley face on establishment abuse.

To that point, the idea that Trump is doing something unprecedented is preposterous. Just to highlight a couple of examples, Barack Obama jetted around the country on Air Force One for campaign appearances. He politicized everything everywhere he went, usually on the taxpayers’ dime. So did Joe Biden, who, for example, bashed Trump while at a NATO summit on foreign soil in 2016.

Far worse, Obama and Biden used the power of various government agencies to advance their campaign agenda. They weaponized the IRS not for political speeches at a convention but to silence the political speech of their opponents ahead of an election. Obama’s two secretaries of state, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, politicized the job — whether it was Hillary lying about Benghazi to protect Obama’s reelection bid or Kerry negotiating with Iran after leaving office so as to undermine the current president.

Recounting Obama’s abuse of power wouldn’t be complete, of course, without mentioning that he mobilized the FBI to investigate Trump’s presidential campaign and then to instigate an attempted coup against his duly elected successor.

Forgive us if we don’t fret over a couple of speeches at the RNC when this is the history of how Democrats wield power when they have it.



They are shocked!

Cartoons: Michael Ramirez for August 26, 2020