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Colorado PBS TV Leads the way:  Real story of 9/11 on PBS TV on Wed Aug 29, 2012 Let’s send this one out again. The movie is on Colorado PBS TV tonight but we can watch it on line, the … Continue reading

S. Fla. Company Helps Satisfy Your Need For Speed « CBS Miami

That’s me at work instructing Vanessa, the CBS reporter for Channel 4 and George , in a Ferrari F430 at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

Tough work but somebody’s gotta do it.  🙂

S. Fla. Company Helps Satisfy Your Need For Speed « CBS Miami.

Iran war and the General who said No!

Iran war and the General who said No!.

“Blankfein, we’re coming for you!”.


Neil Keenan’s Exclusive and Explosive post: Neil Keenan says, “Blankfein, we’re coming for you!”. August 22, 2012 . . . please help it to go viral . . .

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I’m in close contact with Neil, and today he published this article on my blog, 2012 What’s the ‘real’ truth?. I thought you might be interested. Hugs, ~Jean
Article link:
Neil Keenan says, “Blankfein, we’re coming for you!”, August 22, 2012
Neil Keenan read the article I recently posted called GOLDMAN: It’s Time To Bet On A Big Comeback In Europe – 🙂 and decided to respond to it. ~J
– This is absolutely the most absurd statement ever made by any banking official! Bet on Europe to come back big, he says! Well, there is some truth to his words, but the banksters just don’t get it yet: Yes, Europe is going to come back big, but this is going to happen because it is soon going to shed this horrible European Union/Commission! A Commission run by Communists, Socialists and most especially Globalists. An Organization that believes it controls Europe and its purse strings, when in fact they have illegally been using the Collateral Accounts (Global Funds) to finance Europe. All any nation has to do is just ask these banksters if the money is legitimate—is it clean—and they will falter!
On the other hand, Europe needs the money so badly that in most cases they are afraid to ask such a tough question, and so they take the illegal funds! Well, the funds have been shut off, and if the BIS allows them to continue to mirror the Accounts, we will come after them. The EU Commissioners realize we are watching them, and they know what they have done to destroy our world by working with the Cabal. What we must all realize, though, is that the BIS, IMF and the WORLD BANK are all one and the same: all Globalists. Upon being appointed to the Head of the IMF, Christine Legarde did come forth and put a stop to the laundering of funds within the IMF, so the mirroring of Global Accounts has stopped there. Christine is doing a great job of frustrating the Globalists, but remember, she is also managing to save her own skin in the process.
Let me get to the meat, and that means you, Blankfein. You have played your Globalist Games long enough, and it is time for people to know that Goldman Sachs is literally attempting to take over Europe. You have illegally put in Monti as Prime Minister of Italy and Papedemos as Prime Minster of Greece, and to top it off, you have Mario Draghi as head of the European Central Bank. You are even looking to make more undemocratic, illegal appointments with which the people of the concerned nations have no say, no vote, and this cannot be permitted to continue. You have used illegal funds, and you have paid Debt with illegal funds. The Global Accounts are filled with your phony Euro Notes that you use to pay off the Leased Gold. Yes, Lloyd, we have many of them, and what would you do if we were to walk into Draghi tomorrow and claim they be validated? What would happen to your show? It would simply shut down—unless you actually found a few shekels to pay them off. Then again if you pay off a couple of Euros, you would have to pay off the Trillions of Euros you printed to pay your debt. All phony!!!!! And, the fact is, you can’t do it! You can’t pay off any debts— not anymore!
You have deceived the Global Accounts long enough and have not paid your debts properly, and I am coming for you shortly. You can expect us! Soon we will be knocking on your door, and you will be arrested—despite having your attorney present with you at all times. Lloyd, you have made a mess of it. It is over and you will all pay. Count your blessings that you are still free, but breathe the smell of liberty while you can, because soon you will get what you reaped—a long time in prison. It is difficult for me to imagine how we, the people, have allowed you to be free so long, but maybe enough of us have now opened our eyes to actually put you away.
Yes, Europe is ready to rebound, this fact is for sure—and they will—just as soon as they shed themselves from the Goldman Sachs-Bilderberg albatross! Europe will rebound and begin once again to use the old currency denominations we are all so familiar with. Mr. Rothschilds’ dream of this European Union has failed, and it is best for him to get out while he can. It is a situation where the phony money is going to come back and bite the Nations that printed it—instead of innocent people. Believe me, I have seen the Euros the Treasury Departments have used to pay their debts, and they are no more valuable than toilet paper—well, no, actually, toilet paper has more value!
(Photos of these totally useless payments will be published here on a daily, on-going basis.)  Some of what you will see is real and some is not. It is how they print and pack it. They pay by printing phony and real money, but the Holders have no idea of what is real or not, so they do their best not to pay at all. They are nearly all Frauds. The pictures I am sharing are some of the bundles in the bunkers. There is so much more. No one has any idea without monetization if these funds are real or not. The result is that the Global Accounts do not actually know if anyone ever paid. It is one massive FRAUD and an audit and review must be done to establish what is real—and what is not. We are bringing a Bank to Indonesia to deal with this and do an accurate accounting, and upon completion we must decide who to prosecute for Fraud.
There is an old saying and it applies here perfectly: “In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king”. Well, this might have been correct at one time, but now people are opening their eyes and their target is YOU!!!! Run-Lloyd-Run! Yes, Run, Lloyd, run—and keep on running.

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The Great Revealing: US Marshals Expose Biggest Scandal in History

The Department of Justice — home of the US Marshals — has now blown the lid off of the biggest financial scandal in human history… after a highly covert three-year…

Who’s afraid of the NRA?

Stand Up For America

Well this article is not starting well, my first picture comes from “Think Progress”(1) where they did a similar article.  ( and I sourced it to give our liberal friends ammo for this battle)  We hear a lot about the NRA and the influence they have on elections.  I agree they are a force to be reckoned with, but they were not able to stop Obama in 08′ and they did expend the effort. ( I am a NRA life member, so forgive any unintended bias.)  Does Obama winning mean their influence has diminished?  I think not.  If anything, I think it has resulted in an increase in their membership and contributions.  But they are just one organization that has a single issue that they champion.  There are others, such as the Pro-Life movement.  Strange bedfellows?  Pro-life people allied with a gun group…  We also hear about the Koch Brothers and…

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Thinking for myself, by Bill W.

Today I will think for myself!
Today when others tell me how I should live, I will say thank you and go inside and listen to myself. Even if I am in error I will learn from my own experience. No one really knows me and their advice will be from their frame of reference not mine.
Today before I make a decision of importance I will listen to the One Power that sustains all life and resides within. I will go apart and be alone with my thoughts. If I remain confused I will trust, wait and listen until my answer, the answer that pertains to my uniqueness, comes to me. Once I have the answer I will ask no one else’s opinion, as I know I can rely on my own intuition.
Today before I react to someone else’s behavior I will again listen to my Withiness and know when I am centered in the Divine nothing can disturb the calm Peace of my soul.
Today I will rejoice in the good fortune of others and know that my good is always flowing to me when I am in a state to receive. I only wish for myself that which I am willing to see others receive as well.
Today I will maintain an attitude of gratitude about what I do have and not give attention to what I do not have. I will look up and not down and my thoughts will be on God and not man. I know it is my “Fathers” good pleasure to give me the Kingdom.
I expect the best, as I know I deserve the best.
Today I will spend time dwelling on the above and keep these thoughts to myself until I can demonstrate them in my life. My time and connection to God will be kept secret then no one but God and I will know and truly, what other people think of me will not be my business, because all my business will be my “Fathers” business.
We truly are One with the “Father”
“Just You”
“Just Is”

Controlling the Message

Stand Up For America

Obama and his supporters want to have a conversation.  One where they control the topic first, the message and questions second, to the extent they are able. But the first is the big one, lets talk about Mitt’s taxes, Gay marriage, reproductive rights, green energy,Mrs. Romney’s horse, etc…  Anything but Obama’s record on jobs or the economy.  I get some emails from Glenn Beck.  Most I delete without reading, but a recent one caught my eye.

As much as one Billion dollars was given as tax credits to children, prisonersor others who do not own homes for energy efficiency improvements.

70 Facts About Our Economy Obama Probably Doesn’t Want You To See

70 Facts About The Economy That Obama Doesnt Want You To See

A stunning collection of 70 facts about the U.S. economy just posted on the web is probably not going to make it into the next campaign ad from the folks at Obama for America. However,

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Stand Up For America

Dooh Nibor is a term for a reversed Robin Hood where a politician robs from the poor and gives to the rich.  Note that I have not done any real investigating, just noticed some things before the SCOTUS ruling on ObamaCare.  Intrade is usually right, but they missed this one.  Maybe we’ll find that Roberts placed a bet there himself or wanted to teach them betting on his court is a loosing gamble?  The stock market dropped before the decision with the usual talking heads saying it was similar to some bla-bla record/event.  And then it began making gains!  Saw a headline on the Daily Caller but didn’t read, that significant purchases of some health stocks indicated there was insider trading from early release of the Supreme Courts decision.  And then there’s that line from “All the President’s Men”, “follow the money”.

Fact, Obama met behind closed doors to gain…

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Condone, or else…

Stand Up For America

Some have opposed the company’s support of the traditional family. “Well, guilty as charged,” said Cathy when asked about this opposition.
“We are very much supportive of the family – the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that.

Something sounds wrong there, how does “support traditional marriage” get turned around into “oppose” anything?    I have always been told it’s a good thing to cheer for your team, but rude to boo your opponents.  Is it now turned around so much that you have to either be silent or cheer them, ignoring your team?  Maybe Mr. Webster can help….


a. To aid the cause, policy, or interests of:

b. To argue in favor of; advocate:


1. To be in contention or conflict with:

2. To be resistant…

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