Nikola Tesla: Wardenclyffe Tower

Dear Andy,  

This clip is renowned throughout 
the web as being the 1st place winner 
of the 2010 History Channel Student 
Video Competition. However, the 
identity of this budding filmmaker 
appears to be untraceable.

The short film summarizes the story 
of the remarkable Nikola Tesla, Serbian-
American inventor, best known for his 
contributions to the design of the 
alternating current (AC) electricity 
supply system that we use today.

It includes some of Tesla’s most stunning 
quotes, which I have never heard before. 

After a career of staggering achievements 
and financial ups and downs, Tesla, 86, 
died alone and in debt, in Room 3327 of 
the Hotel New Yorker on January 7, 1943, 
The cause of death was determined to be 
coronary thrombosis, with no suspicious 
Two days later, after learning of Tesla’s 
death, the FBI seized Tesla’s entire estate, 
which was transported to the Manhattan 
Storage and Warehouse Company under 
OAP seal. In 1952, after constant pressure 
from Tesla’s nephew, Sava Kosanovic, Tesla’s 
belongings (original papers, thousands of 
letters, photographs and most of Tesla’s 
inventions including the remote-controlled 
boat, wireless fluorescent lamps, motors, 
turbines, etc.) was shipped to Belgrade, in 
80 trunks marked “N.T.” 
(Video: 5 mins): 
– Alexandra 

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