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Remember, Remember, the 5th of December.

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Thanksgiving is here again, Thank You.

We hope everybody has a nice Thanksgiving celebration and turkey with all the goodies.

Remember why we celebrate thanksgiving. We have heard all kinds of stories about Indians, turkeys and what not, just designed to take our eye off the ball, so to speak. Hmmmmm, it’s intentional, actually. Still is.

We celebrate because the pilgrims overcame the problem of having a very tough time making it within their early communal system. That is where everybody works together and divides the fruits of their labor with everybody else, even the ones who always called in sick or had some other damn excuse. What is commune short for anyway?

Things were looking bad, then Governor Bradley started “Private Property Rights”. Everyone got to claim a piece of land and they got to keep the fruits of their own labor themselves. They took care of their own things, grew what they wanted. If you didn’t like Broccoli you grew Brussels Sprouts, Squash or what not, (like that saying). Everyone became successful and that is why they celebrated liberty and freedom.

This is the same struggle we are still having today, since some few want to take away our liberty and do things “their way”. No thanks, been there, done that, got the t-shirt, I’m sticking to liberty and freedom. Anything else is a step toward communism, i.e. a commune.