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Date: Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 4:48 PM



Major chaos unfolding with Dinars. Hold back on speculating your money until it clarifies.
Iraq is poised to announce its own conversion Rate which we have, and boot the US Treasury out. That releases the needed Public market BUT!!!! We are advised this morning that the Central Bank of Iraq may issue just c5T of new notes which more than covers Iraqs needs and would blow out all Americans who devastated their country and caused the killing of a million from cashing in as then all old notes will be worthless. We never could understand who would fund such vast overprinting as had happened to service Dinarian aspirations. No such funds ever existed.

If Iraq, like Iran , then sells its oil to China and India, it is no longer dominated by the US invaders.
Iraq used to be a Russian supporter and can be again.

Chaos is rife today. If Iraq prints the new notes as now being speculated, it’s the end of the road for US control of the Petro dollar markets. It gets Iraq running with its own currency again, and if they join BRICS, Iran etc, under Chinese and Russian protection, the world will change rapidly.

So now it’s 2 options. Will they announce the new rates with the old paper, or the new paper?
It means everything to Dinarians right now. But nations also hold the old paper so its messy. We need to wait and see. Step with great caution now until it becomes clear. Do not buy trouble if Lay Aways become worthless. Gamble only knowing you may lose it all. Be careful out there until reality can be clarified. Its all fast tracking in Baghdad. Chaos elsewhere. Some are cashing out to part bail fast in case it sinks. It makes a lot more sense for Iraq to issue its own 5T. They did not cause this war and Saddam tried every diplomatic way possible to stop it. We were There! WE KNOW the Truth!
No WMDs existed and a Texan War Criminal caused this genocide and chaos. Look at Iraq today? Devastated. Genocide by Criminal, mass murdering Texan Bullies from afar. Profit from war crimes.
It will be an interesting month end. We will clarify the facts when we have them but right now chaos rules. Its a mess again. Knife edge games now. It can go either way but it’s coming to a conclusion. Watch daily now because because it can move any moment. Whichever way. A lot of nerves are on edge. If they go with the old paper its a full public launch, but if they go with the new notes its game over. All is in play now and vast pressures are on. But why should Iraq reward War Criminals for more Hegemony? Its very messy today.

Dongs are OK and Iraq can go either way. We have the new rate but need to see do they launch with new Dinars or take old paper? That is in full play right now. If its new notes for 5T, the Dinar game goes bust. Either way, the US Treasury has made a balls of it, and its now down to China with Vietnam and the Dongs. If its the old notes they will launch without the greedy 10% US Bank/Military override,and a slightly lower rate also. It all rides now on new paper or old. Iraq can never cover up to 200T plus of that overprinted crap to fund Wanabees dreams and greed but who knows? You will know soon enough. The new rate is ready. Nail biting cliffhanger time for the test.
We prefer it to be the old notes to help many, but who will fund that? Iraq will move soon it seems now. Another US kick in the Gonads. Will China move now with the Dongs next? Iraq is saying No to the controlled RV so far and seems on track to go. But which paper now?
PPs are in full flow so far.


Its all in the melting pot right now. Maliki should be re elected first. Step one.
Their in country Dinars are small, most work with cash dollars still. The next exchange rate is indicating 3 plus but Im keeping quiet on the actual new rate now forecast until its ratified. Forget the 1 pc now. So now it full public rate for old or new paper only, whichever is to be decided. Reno deserves to be paid but lifes a bitch. Without Reno paid it won’t help America. Or London, we all want the MTN profits for Global needs.

Zims still in play so far. Next 2 weeks are crucial now. Each day is a roller coaster ride now. Iraq may still flush the lot so watch for it.


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