Why do all the Democrats want to raise taxes?

Why do all the Democrats want to raise taxes?

It isn’t to raise revenue, as it has been shown repeatedly that high taxes de-incentivize growth and incentivize the wealthiest to use tax shelters.

The real reasons:

* Punish people who generate wealth – punish the winners. (70% tax rates are economically unsound)
* Slow down or stop economic growth
* Reduce the means for ordinary people to solve their own problems (emergency funds, insurance, charitable giving)
* Reduce the number of available jobs (combined with minimum wage increase programs, increase despair, despondence, and next -> )
* Increase dependency on the Federal government (welfare programs, solving government created “crisis” situations)
* Lock in a dependent voter base
* Create “crisis” situations that the Left can be the national saviors to solve (and grab more power)
* Grow the Government as a percentage of economic output to maximize power
* Join with Paris Accords and “Green New Deal” efforts to stagnate or recess economic production
* Meet Club of Rome targets
* A weak, impoverished United States, and a weak, impoverished world is easy to control

The Democrat vision of America is a nation with no economic growth, plain and simple, where all is taken from the able, and none is given according to ne

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