The Bitcoin Intelligence Operation and Communist China

Another great write up by JC Collins.

JC Collins

This is an analysis of the development and purpose of Bitcoin. The mystery surrounding Bitcoin, and its unknown developer Satoshi Nakamoto, is like something ripped right out of the pages of the most bizarre thriller. An analysis such as this one would appear conspiratorial and fictional on the surface, but when considered in relation to the real-world bizarreness of Bitcoin itself, it takes on a semblance of realism and probability.

Since producing some of the earlier writings on how the digital asset XRP would be fitting into the international monetary system and bridging the gaps which had developed in that system since 1944, I had little else to share on the matter. There were plenty of others with a deeper understanding of the technology than me who could provide that service to an ever growing community of digital asset champions. After providing some thorough monetary history, and direct predictions on how the end XRP service would look (which is beginning to take shape), I felt there was no other value I could add to the discussion.

For the most part, this remains the case. But there is a much bigger picture emerging as other world events begin unfolding on multiple fronts.

This work will be focused on the broad strokes and patterns which weave through the whole storyline. As with my previous articles, I’ll leave it up to others to continue the work and unearth further details and evidence to support the analysis. There will be plenty.

Before moving on I should validate the seriousness and accuracy of my own unique personal method of analysis. The sole purpose of sharing this is not to build up my own character but to lend support to the analysis being presented in this article. Since the beginning of 2014, through the use of my own unique analysis, which is built on pattern recognition and conceptual logic, I have made numerous predictions which have been accurate.

Predicted the de-dollarization which is taking place today and is now widely accepted as fact.

Predicted the increasing momentum to re-organize the international monetary system towards a true multilateral framework. This is continuing today with XRP, and other digital assets, serving in the Chinese proposed role for the SDR.

Predicted the inclusion of the Chinese currency RMB in the Special Drawing Right (SDR) composition alongside the dollar, pound, euro, and yen.

Predicted the 2014 crash in crude prices during a boardroom roundtable of peers. The ask was to bring forth what each of us thought was an upcoming challenge to the business in the next 6 to 12 months. The room disagreed with my assessment, but 6 months later my words became factual.

Predicted the rise of the new modern nationalism which has been sweeping the world and replacing aging liberal order governments and policies.

Predicted the election of Donald Trump more than a year before the election, and when everyone else still thought it was impossible. Also predicted a second term at the same time. This is looking likely at this stage of the election cycle.

Predicted the collapse of Communist China which is now quickly becoming an accepted possibility, even though when I first made the prediction most thought it impossible.

There are many other accurate predictions that weave themselves into my works over the last 6 years but these core predictions should suffice to make the point and gain reader confidence on the validity of the analytical approach used.

The obvious aspect of Bitcoin and its creator Satoshi Nakamoto which needs to be considered first and foremost is the lack of knowing and facts. As strange as it is, very little is known during a time when almost everything is known. Outside of the exchanges between Satoshi and the Cypherpunks on message boards and emails about the creation of Bitcoin, there is nothing else which can be documented or proven to exist. Except the network itself and the original crypto wallet held presumably by Satoshi.

This wallet has been abandoned and is worth billions today. In this fact there is a vital clue which marks the beginning of our conceptual analysis. Satoshi clearly didn’t want to reveal who he was and claiming the wallet years after the fact could lead to exposure. But the fact that no one has claimed a wallet worth billions strongly suggests that an individual is not in fact the owner. Looking through a different lens, a case can made that a large state actor in fact owns the wallet and can allow the billions to sit there unclaimed without causing much human stress or desire.

The lack of evidence around the creation of Bitcoin and who Satoshi Nakamoto really was is not detrimental to our understanding of what in fact was happening. More to the point, it is this lack of evidence which is strongly supportive of a state actor being involved as a single individual would have very little motivation to remain hidden and not claim billions in wealth.

Once we accept that a state actor had to be involved it becomes rather obvious to consider the two largest players in the world monetary system, being the United States and China. America is the world’s largest debtor nation and China is the world’s largest creditor nation. But based on the international dominance, or exorbitant privilege of the dollar, being the world’s largest debtor nation gives America the stronger position over China.

This complex relationship between both needs to be addressed and re-arranged before any fundamental shift will happen in the global system. Truth be told, it will be the re-arranging of this relationship which will cause the global shift, such as we are witnessing now with the ongoing trade war being waged against China. All other nations, economies, and central banks are trapped between these two giants.

Facts are beginning to emerge that the Chinese miracle and large economy are nothing but a fraud built on illusions and massive corruption. Western banks and officials have allowed for the funding and support of Communist China and the game is quickly coming to an end. Just today the Chinese currency experienced its largest crash in the last 25 years. Major banks are failing in China and hundreds of companies are now moving manufacturing to Vietnam and other places. The whole worlds supply chain is shifting away from China.

The growing protests in Hong Kong are threatening the false economy within China as that is where it connects with the outside real economy. The Hong Kong protests and the trade war being waged by the Trump administration should be considered as two weapons being used for the same purpose.

Even though somewhere around 80% of the world’s Bitcoin mining takes place in China, we are seeing almost no capital outflows on the Bitcoin network from within China as its false economy begins to unravel. This is strange and suggests that all of the Bitcoin mining taking place within China is controlled outright by the Communist Party. All business and ventures within China are in fact controlled by the Party. It is now being stated that even Jack Ma of Alibaba was forced to sign over total control of the business to the Communist Party. Things are now moving fast in China.

The other aspect of Bitcoin mining taking place within China is the large amount of coal fired energy required to manage that level of mining. Like companies, information, and people, all things in China are tightly controlled, with nothing more controlled than energy itself. Are we to consider that the most controlling and tyrannical government on Earth is simply allowing massive Bitcoin mining to take place without any interest? That is simply absurd and unrealistic. Internet and communications in and out of China are some of the most tightly controlled and monitored areas.

Once we accept those facts then we can accept that the Communist Party of China is allowing Bitcoin and its mining to take place in the country while suffering no capital outflows as its domestic economy begins to teeter on the edge of collapse.

The first reference to a “Bitcoin like” network was in a white paper released by the American NSA on October 31, 1996. It should go without saying that such a concept was not a secret and it is entirely plausible that China began toying with the concept of a “Bitcoin like” network after the turnover of Hong Kong in 1997. Hong Kong is important because as stated above it allows the Chinese fake economy to connect with the global real economy through a peg between the Hong Kong dollar and the US dollar. When you add in the relationship between the onshore RMB and offshore RMB, the dynamic between all currencies becomes complex, which is exactly what you want if you are attempting to hide economic fundamentals and build a false domestic illusion.

Further areas of research for readers should be focused on Tether and its relationship with the USD and Bitcoin, but more attention given to how this dynamic influences the RMB and Hong Kong dollar movements in correlation with the USD. There is something here which needs to be extracted, or mined.

As written in my article The Coming Collapse of Communist China, a few months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, China was admitted into the World Trade Organization. Nothing is suggested here except to state that it is indeed a strange coincidence on timing. Western banks and elites supported this move and sold it on the assumption that it would cause China to liberalize both its internal structures and economic policies. This did not happen of course.

From 2001 to 2008 the China “miracle” was growing at an incredible rate while more and more manufacturing was allowed to shift from the West to the East. After the financial crisis China started discussing the replacement of the reserve USD with the SDR of the International Monetary Fund. China wanted a supra-sovereign asset which would dethrone the USD as the world’s primary reserve currency. The Triffin paradox was leveraged to gain support and market the concept to banks and world leaders.

Almost at the same time China started promoting SDR as a USD alternative, Bitcoin arrived on the scene and one of its first use cases was to fund the trade of drugs and illicit materials on the internet based Silk Road. Readers should make an association between this Silk Road and the New Silk Road, later called Belt and Road Initiative, by China to connect Eurasia under a trade and economic order which bypassed America.

During the recent Hong Kong protests the Triad criminal organization were targeting people on the streets in order to cause fear and intimidation. There is an obvious relationship between the Triad and the Communist Party of China which needs to be considered. You would naturally think that the interests of the Triad wouldn’t be aligned with the Communist Party of China, but yet these events strongly suggest they are. Much like the relationship between Western criminal organizations, such as the Hells Angles and mafia families, and the intelligence apparatus of Western nations, China uses the Triad to carry on specific programs which undermine the structures of its own civilization for the purpose of population control and cultural management.

I would recommend the well researched and referenced book Dope Inc. by Executive Intelligence Review for a mind shattering expose of such relationships between intelligence agencies and criminal organizations.

Even now, opium and fentanyl is being exported into Western nations by China and the Triad at an alarming rate. So much so in fact, that Trump has made it a part of any potential trade deal with China. The money from this drug trade is being laundered through real estate markets in some of the worlds largest cities, like Vancouver, British Columbia, and Sydney, Australia. We hear about such things but only briefly and seldom stop to think what it really means. Through the China Development Bank, the Belt and Road Initiative is one massive money laundering scheme for the Communist Party of China. The nations which have partnered on the Belt and Road Initiative are waking up to the reality that they have been fooled into taking on large debts simply to fund corruption and control in mainland China. This is also quickly coming to an end.

As the wealth is shifted away from the Communist Party, its global business’s will begin failing and wealth from the general Chinese population will be taken away to support the Party. This will compound the problem and the great Chinese people will eventually turn on their Communist controllers and take their civilization back from the most corrupt and vile organization on the face of the planet.

In the years after Bitcoin arrived its use spread outside of the Silk Road illicit trade and many around the world took up the task of building exchanges and moving Bitcoin towards official acceptance and adoption. Through fronts and party member interests, it should be assumed that China has control of major Bitcoin exchanges, which are used for further money laundering. This is a huge area I will leave for other researchers to explore, but it shouldn’t take much to determine which exchanges are controlled by China and which ones are not. I would expect to discover that any exchanges that list XRP are not controlled by China, though some China controlled exchanges may have listed XRP in an attempt to manipulate that particular digital asset, as XRP is in all matters the exact opposite of Bitcoin.

The history of XRP and the company Ripple can almost be interpreted as a response to the creation and spread of Bitcoin and its promotion as a USD alternative. The underground promotion of Bitcoin in this capacity has remained and has grown in momentum across internet forums and from within certain business interests. This “overthrowing the USD” aspect of Bitcoin and its creation by the Communist Party of China is extremely telling of the intrigue which is now playing out on the world stage. As is the creation of XRP as the response.

Ethereum, which was developed by a Russian, and most alt coins built on the Ethereum network, were most likely developed to work in unison with Bitcoin to undermine the USD and shift massive wealth from West to East. We get into a lot of speculation in this area and its best to just let the events further play out. But it would not be surprising in the years to come that we discover there is a lot of truth to it.

The parallel growth of XRP and Ripple business partners, including central banks, alongside the trade war being waged against China, and the collapse of the Chinese economy and banking system from within, should also not be considered a coincidence. There is clearly something transitioning in the world which we only get glimpses off from time to time.

In addition, no other digital asset has faced more online opposition and “trolling” than XRP and Ripple. It’s almost as if the Chinese Ministry of Security Services has a division specifically tasked with waging online psychological warfare against XRP and those who promote it. A conceptual conclusion can be made that Bitcoin and all other cryptos are aligned on one side against XRP and Ripple. It’s a curious arrangement to be sure. Why is XRP such a threat?

I’m attempting to steer this away from the conspiratorial aspect as much as possible, but in the past, for me, when pieces start to click into place, the conclusions usually end up being accurate, as presented at the beginning of this article. I’m not interested in making outrageous claims to grow readership or get more followers on Twitter, but when I have something to say it usually ends up being consequential and changes the conscious narrative of its target subject. As will be the case with this article. The information will be denied by some and embraced by others, but it will percolate and spread through the unconscious interests of much greater minds.

The invocation I have called forth here will not be the last word. The world is changing and time will reveal the broad strokes written here to be true. There may be small variations in the details but the overall theme will prove to be accurate. I will now leave it to others to further prove the conclusions or to disprove the conclusions.

Eventually the truth about Bitcoin will be known and the purpose of Satoshi Nakamoto will be revealed. The mystery will be solved and the anagram re-arranged. The patterns described here do follow a conceptual logic. That is all I have to offer the world.

Readers should also thoroughly understand the case I made in the article The Coming Collapse of Communist China, as it is directly related to the material covered here, and appears to be happening at an increasing pace.

– JC

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