Gold, China, Shanghai Exchange. 2 articles for the inquiring minds.

First one is “SGE” Shanghai Gold Exchange website announcing their “Bank Holiday”, Oct 1-8,  2014.

Second is about “GCR”, Global Currency Reset.

Click on each link to get the full story:

Notification on Market Risk Control during the National Holiday 2014


All Members,

The National Holiday 2014 is approaching. According to the holiday schedule issued by the Exchange, the market will be closed from October 1 to October 7. The last trading session before holiday will be the afternoon session on September 30 (Tuesday), and the first trading session after holiday will be the morning session on October 8 (Wednesday)……….snip…….

Click here for more:

China will use gold and gold pricing to force global currency reset

Gold inventories on the Comex

Dr. Jim Willie: When we get this next global currency reset, it’s going to be a complete reset. It apparently will happen predominantly in the gold world. They are going to change the price of gold, and jam it down the U.S.’s throat……….snip……….

Click here for more:

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