Directory:GDS Technologies’ Portable Water Generators

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
October 26, 2014

Wow, it looks like the day has finally come that we get to make the big announcement that one of the exotic free energy generators has made it to market. Patrick Flanagan, who just purchased a 5kW system, brought this one to our attention.

GDS Technologies LTD, out of Ontario, Canada, has a water-powered, portable genset available for sale on their website, in output sizes of 5 kW, 10 kW and 15 kW, at a price of around $1000/kW. They say they can also custom build these in sizes up to 50 kW. It is controlled by a simple on/off switch.

It is much less than half as loud as a gasoline or diesel genset of the same power output. One tank of water (e.g. 4 gallons for the 5 kW) will run the device for three days; or you can hook a hose up to it (there is a check valve), and not worry about refilling the tank. It emits no pollution, no fumes, so it can be run indoors.

They will ship globally. The 15-day money-back guarantee doesn’t include duties and shipping fees. “Please allow up to 14 business days,” for shipping probably refers to Canadian orders. International probably takes more.

Let them know PES referred you, for a likely discount and commission for PES. (We’ve requested this relationship and are waiting to hear back. Wouldn’t hurt to mention it.)

Their Alibaba listing for their GDS 3000 system says they have 400 in stock.

Actually, I’m surprised we’ve not heard of them before now. Their YouTube video has been up since September 7, with over 2000 visits, and their Facebook page was first populated with news about this on August 24.

They list their devices as suitable for applications such as emergency back-up power, camping, motor homes, construction sites; so I presume they haven’t gone through UL or CE hoops yet to allow home power generation without jeopardizing home warranties, etc. In one of our Facebook comments, Kenneth Segovia says: “Can you imagine putting something like this in the Tesla car?”

It seems they’ve been very conscientious in their design, putting in safety features (circuit breakers and emergency stop button), redundancy (e.g. 2 batteries instead of one, to start it up).

Maintenance involves draining the water tank and spraying it with a garden hose every 3 months. The water needs to be clean that it runs on, and not salt water.

As for running it, they say: “When you receive your new portable water generator just add 4 gallons of normal water in the tank and turn the red toggle switch to on position (emergency safety) that will start the battery and pump and turbine all at once. That easy. All units have been tested before leaving our facility. Instruction and warranty manuals will be supplied with every unit sold.”

If you are thinking of powering your house with one of these, you need to realize that it is not yet UL / CE certified, so you could be voiding your home warranty. For emergency back-up, you’ll want to make sure that you have a toggle switch to shut off from the grid completely when running the power from the genset into your service panel. If you’re doing only small loads, you could plug your genset into a wall plug, through a male-male connector, which will power up one of the two legs of the service panel; then run an extension cord to another wall power plug from the other leg of the service panel, and the entire panel will be powered. Again, make sure you’re disconnected from the grid if you do this so you don’t jeopardize any linemen. Bear in mind that the wires going to that wall plug are 12 or 14 gauge, and limited to maybe 15 amps, so you’ll not want to surpass that in the load you draw elsewhere in the house, or you’ll trip the circuit breaker. You could double this limit by plugging into two separate circuits through the wall plugs, such as from two different rooms — ditto for the other leg of the service panel.

After we get some kind of validation that this is for real, we’ll be bumping it to #1 in our Top 5 listing.’_Portable_Water_Generators

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