550 majors to be separated in reduction in force

This headline was in the “Drudge Report” earlier this morning and was impossible to open to read it. It has since then been “pulled” off the report. I was able to find it in “www.armytimes.com”   .   http://www.armytimes.com/article/20140801/CAREERS03/308010076/550-majors-separated-reduction-force


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Secretary of the Army John McHugh has approved the results of reduction-in-force boards that will require 550 Regular Army majors to separate or retire from active duty by next spring.

The Army Competitive Category officers are members of year groups 1999 through 2003 who were screened for retention by separation and enhanced early retirement boards that met in April.

The major boards were preceded by a round of captain screening panels in March that identified nearly 1,200 basic-branch captains for involuntary separation. These officers from year groups 2006 through 2008 also are required to leave active duty by spring 2015.

The force reduction boards that met in March and April screened officers based on their year group affiliation without regard to deployment status. This means several of the officers selected for involuntary separation are deployed to Afghanistan, Kuwait, the Horn of Africa and other locations, according to Pentagon officials.

Under Army policy, deployed officers selected by the reduction in force boards will be returned to home station within 30 days of their RIF notification for transition briefings and processing.

Army policy requires that officers selected by the boards, regardless of location, be notified of their pending separation by a general officer.

Notifications for majors will be made no later than Aug. 16, according to information provided by the Human Resources Command.

Officers who are slated for release from active duty may have options regarding continued service with the Army as members of the National Guard or Army Reserve.

To provide officers with information about these options, HRC has established a website at www.armytimes.com/retirement-boards.

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