OWoN Exclusive | Turning the Tide Report #3 – Your chance, for YOU also to be part of the solution

UPDATE: Notice To All

This is an important time, and here is key information you need to be aware of:

1. Please key into the graphics on Report #3 allowing the enlarged pictures to explode into life for you. A whole new dynamic meaning.

2. All your responses are being read daily and evaluated. Many cases are so cogent of the reality of our times. As such, our thinking is focused and flexible policies will be interjected.

3. Although the Major Capital Principle from the PPs will not be placed at risk and only profits accrued used, our London Trusts are able to forward trade quickly and will be looking to start early. They are the key Think Tank and Nation Building Coordinators, with the necessary relationships and powers to make a difference. To us, serving the nations is a privilege, not a right, and one to undertake humbly. Tremendous response from all of you.Thank you to both sites.

One World of Nations
30 July 2014

America has lost the economic Leaders battle, so now must focus on the Intellectual one. China will overtake and surpass America as the world’s economic Superpower by next year. Only months now. So much for 10 year projections. The US is woefully unprepared for the next steps unfolding now. Washington is clueless. Brzezinski, Kissinger and the Rockefellers have lost the plot and your pot. The Tri Laterals are now a Tri-Decker bust flush. They have lost the Global Chess game. The Hegemony Masters are being defeated by stronger willed nations with more able leaders. The world has had it with the Cabal which is now globally evident to all.

But Americans of good ethics and values also exist here. So don’t let them risk a good people for Political losers and Zionist Banking Weasels.

America has lost supremacy, and far worse, with such low class Political mediocrities in power, its way. No thanks to Tri Lateral Numpties. But America still has great capacity to be so much more. Now is the time for America to look inwards, to focus on its real strengths, and to lead from there. No more tired old men with their NWO Fourth Reich failed strategies.

They lost America!

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