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I’m posting this with Marks permission. Thanks Mark.

To all my Military friends, both active and retired,
This is yet another bonehead move by a government that I have absolutely no control over, and quite frankly, no longer represents the will of the people.
It has just been learned that Leon Panetta is pushing for a new Medal to be created for and bestowed upon drone operators. You read that right. Yes, Panetta wants to give medals to drone operators for their service using a “joy-stick” and computer as they sit in safety and comfort half a world away from the death and destruction they bestow, at times resuulting in the death of innocent men women and children. I expect this next part may upset our service men and women even more…. This new “medal” is to be considered a higher honor than the Bronze Star. Yes, you read that right also. This is just wrong for so many reasons, not to mention just plain ludicrous. I am pretty sure I understand how this news will be taken by our non-drone operating servicemen and women, but I wonder how this notion will be received by the general public? Will most of the sheeple not realize how idiotic and in fact insulting this is to our men and women who have fought the battles in person, with honor, and sometimes paying the ultimate price? Where is the honor in sitting in an air-conditioned room, with access to all the comforts of home, while inflicting death and destruction on men, women, and children half a planet away?

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