Mark writing good stuff.

I posted this without his permission, hope he gives it anyway.  🙂
Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric espoused in “State of the Union” addresses or the proclamations of other corporate owned members of the U.S. Government. All one has to do to see the truth is to look around and observe the empty storefronts, the foreclosed homes(and the rising number of the homeless who are living “on the streets”), the rising cost of food and fuel (but according to our government there is no inflation folks) to realize that we are being lied to at every turn by our own government. “But, But, But….. the market has rebounded”, you say? And “Obama said there have been 6 million new jobs added since he took office”…. Really? How many people that lost their jobs since say 2007 do you know that are employed? How many of those “6 million new jobs created” still exist? (Can you say Solyndra?…… anyone?) Of those, how many of them are “working” in a job making the equivalent of what they were making before Obama was “elected”? Of those, how many are working in a newly created “government” position? And you might say “But, Obama said he will raise the minimum wage”…… Perhaps he will, and who do you suppose will pay for those higher wages?…..(You, the consumer, through higher prices…duh) Besides, this is proposed raising of the “minimum wage” is nothing compared to the trillions in theft his bankster buddies (who produce nothing) walk away with year after year (and “Obama’s team (Holder) will never allow to be prosecuted”), while the true producers (slaves) are the people who work to create, and produce food, products and otherwise provide labor will continue to be saddled with the debt created by these government complicit, bankster thefts. How do you feel about being asked to give up your sovereignty because you can not pay back this fraudulent debt created by the theft of the foreign bankers which your government continually gives a “pass” to? No, this is a continuation of the same ole’ smoke and mirrors game. You are being told what a great thing this raising the minimum wage is while at the same time the same people “granting” this wonderful increase in pay are continuing to allow (and in many ways assisting) the pilliaging of any and all your assets by their bankster buddies.
Did you know that between 1980 and 2008 the average income of the bottom 90% remained relatively unchanged at $31,000 per year while at the same time the average income of the top 1% went from $400,000 to over $1.1Million per year? In 1980, a CEO made 42 times that of  an average employee. By 2010, CEO’s were earning 343 times that of a workers median wage. In 1945, millionaires paid taxes at a rate of 66%. In 2010 millionaire’s effective tax rate was 32%. Bank of America holds over 2.2 Trillion in assets and pays less in taxes than the average American household. In 2010, GE reported $5.2 Billion PROFIT and was awarded a TAX REFUND of $3.2 Billion. Citi Group has not paid taxes in the last 4 years and received $476 Billion in taxpayer bailout money during the financial crisis of 2008 having beed deemed “Too Big to Fail”. Goldman Sachs has spent $22 Million in campaign contributions and $21 Million in lobbying efforts over the last ten years paid taxes in 2008 at a rate of….. 1%!       PLEASE FACT CHECK THESE NUMBERS!
I am not going to delve into the issue of gun confiscation (and make no mistake here folks…. history has shown us repeatedly that gun confiscation and rendering defenseless a society is a goal of those governing that society they wish to dominate) other than to ask one question: If you had committed untold acts of fraud and even unfathomable crimes against the planet and even against humanity itself…. and it became apparent these heinous atrocities may be exposed… wouldn’t you want to disarm those who would wish to do you harm upon their discovering the truth of  your betrayal of their trust as well as your complicity in the aforementioned crimes against humanity and the planet?
Sorry, I digress… The point is…. regardless of what is said by members of the captrured government, the coprorate owned media and the bogus numbers posted on the DOW to further keep up the facade that “all is well”……. If you “tune out” all the government sponsored “BS” and that of which is reported on the Main stream media (these Main stream media touts charmingly referred to as “Weapons of Mass Distraction” on an RT segment titled “Breaking the set” which I sometimes watch) and just look around using logic and reason, you can’t help but to come to the realization that the feces is about to come into direct contact with the swiftly rotating blades of an oscillating, speed intensifying, air directing device. Just using your own judgement, decide on the best way to prepare and protect you and your family: 

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