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SDR Supplemental: VND or VNN? IQD or IQN?

February 9, 2014 5 Comments


Applying Logic to Currency Sustainability

By JC Collins


The world is willing to restructure the monetary system through the International Monetary Fund but has plans in place to by-pass the western dominated institution if the U.S. Congress does not pass the 2010 Code of Reforms.

China and other BRICS countries are calling for a new monetary system to be implemented through the I.M.F. but are also developing a workaround so that the world economy does not completely collapse when the U.S. dollar finally hits the point of hyperinflation.


Officials with The People’s Bank of China and the Chinese government itself have repeatedly called for expanded use of the SDR system through the I.M.F.  As I’ve stated before, this is the preferable path forward with the least amount of disruption to the world economy.  Contrary to what many American’s may think, this path will also cause the least amount of disruption for their lives as well.

The alternative will lead to further economic warfare and the threat of social collapse.

When analysing patterns one looks for commonality, redundancy, and single points of origin.  When applying logic to the Global Currency Reset and Great Consolidation, we find a single point of origin in the I.M.F. 2010 Code of Reforms which are being held for ransom in the United States Congress.

There is high probability that the ransom situation is a part of the Hegelian Dialectic Triad and will eventually be passed when the timing is right.

The purpose of this post is not to repeat what I’ve said in previous posts but to build on one specific point.  I have received many questions in regards to the currencies of Vietnam and Iraq, being the VND and IQD.  The questions have pertained to the so called replacement currencies which are being referred to as VNN and IQN.

I have heard nothing of such ticker names but would like to put forth the following theory.  Let’s suppose that the ticker symbols VNN and IQN were indeed leaked out from certain sources. Now let’s assume that these “new” currencies will replace the old currencies.  The only way that will happen is if the old currencies, the VND and IQD, will be demonetized and taken out of circulation.  And I would reason that the only way these currencies would be demonetized is if Congress did not eventually pass the I.M.F. 2010 Code of Reforms.  This would force the world to activate its plan to work around the I.M.F. and the U.S. dollar.

Said in plain straight talk, if Congress does not finally pass legislation to support the 2010 Reforms and restructure the I.M.F. Executive Board, than the rest of the world will deflate away as much of their sovereign debt as possible and then demonetize their currencies, let’s say the VND and IQD in this case, and issue new currencies which will not be pegged to the dollar.  These currencies in theory could be the VNN and IQN.

Holders of VND and IQD will make very little if the currencies are demonetized.

The world is putting much pressure on the U.S. Congress right now to pass the Reforms.  Iran is pushing naval forces into the Atlantic almost to the American maritime borders.  While Chinese naval forces are pushing further into the Pacific and closing in from the other side.

Many of you are following the banker “suicides” and gold market and currency market manipulation.  These are clear signs of changes on the horizon.  If the Reforms are passed than the manipulation will act as the catalyst for currency revaluation and sustainability.  If the Reforms are not passed, than we will watch all the currencies collapse and sovereign debt will continue to eat away at our everyday lives.

Just today protestors in Bosnia burned down the presidential palace.  This is exactly what we have predicted here at philosophyofmetrics.com.  Continued problem/reaction/solution dynamics.  It’s going to be a long year of fluctuating currencies and sovereign debt default threats.  But I predict that before it’s over the U.S. Congress will in fact pass the Reforms and will begrudgingly retreat from its dominant role in world affairs, just as the British before it.

Let’s see what will fill the vacuum this time.   – JC Collins


Banks Wobbling…Bitcoin Getting STRONGER

Bix Weir   Today at 9:28 AM

To       Andy Valisalo

The Global Banking system is wobbling dangerously out of control…as expected at this point of the battles. From investigations to withdrawal restrictions to back office computer “glitches” to flat out threats of confiscation it’s not hard to see…even for the Regular Joe. Here are just a few of the stories coming out…  

China Halts Bank Cash Transfers


Justice Department Inquiry Takes Aim at Banks’ Businesses with Payday Lenders
First HSBC Halts Large Withdrawals now Lloyds ATM’s Stop Working
Bundesbank Calls for Capital Levy to Avert Government Bankruptcies
And it goes on and on. The net effect of all this PLANNED CHAOS is easy to understand. It’s to get the Sheeple thinking…
That is the mindset that is needed going into the coming crash. That was not the mindset of the Sheeple in 2008 when Hank Paulson held a gun to Congress’ head and said “Hand over $700B or else!” Here was his rationalization in his Congressional testimony to justify handing over all that money to the Banking Cabal…
Hank Paulson Justifying the 2008 Bailout to Congress
Can you imagine if Jack Lew tried the same song and dance today?! HA! Not a chance in the world it would pass!!
As for alternatives to the banks? Bitcoin was in the news today because another Bitcoin operator tried to break the law and got caught…
Bitcoin Dealers Charged with Money Laundering
Obviously the anti-Bitcoin crowd is going to chime in with “A bunch of criminals operate in Bitcoin!” and “See, it’s a scam that’s going to fall to zero!”.
All I have to say is BAHAHAHA!
Clearly they have no clue what is happening as Bitcoin grows and strengthens. Taking the bad actors out is THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO BITCOIN! As everyone should know by now Bitcoin transactions are NOT anonymous as every transaction ever made is part of the public Blockchain record. It is the WORST place to try to hide illegal transactions as we are seeing with all these arrests. The PROOF is in the Blockchain!
If I were a drug dealer I’d go back to my “old school” money laundering partners like HSBC!!! You can get away with anything there if you cut them in!!
Anyway, the Bitcoin phenomenon continues to grow around the world and it will get VERY INTENSE as the Banks start to fall.  Brazil is the latest country catching on…
Bitcoin Seen as Safe Haven in Brazil
My take? Bitcoin will be well over $10,000 per coin sometime in 2004…
…and that’s conservative!
Nothing is accidental anymore and there are no more coincidences. The stage is set for the final showdown between the Banksters and We the People.
Here’s your hint….WE WILL WIN THIS TIME!!!
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir




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Found at weforum.org:


We found this video on the World Economic Forum website this morning. It is a session conducted at the WEF. The topic of the session was :

  Global Economic Outlook 2014What should be at the top of the agenda for the global economy in the year ahead?Speakers: Wolfgang Schäuble, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Mario Draghi, Haruhiko Kuroda, Martin Wolf, Christine Lagarde, Mark J. Carney, Laurence Fink

Much of this is beyond my personal comprehension since I am not an economist or central banker. 

IMF Chief  Christine Lagarde began commenting on world economic affairs and began with what she called her “R words”. The first two were “recovery” and “risk”. However, at around the 9 minute mark, Lagarde mentions another “R word”: Reset.

Here are some of her words on that topic. I leave it to you to determine if you feel she is priming the pump for what we all anticipate as the Global Currency Reset. Please understand that we cannot claim that she is referring to it since we do not have the luxury of picking up the phone to speak directly to her and asking, and further, it would be doubtful that she could even talk about it if she would take my call in the first place.

Here is a partial transcript of her remarks on a “reset”: “My last “R” is “reset”.  We are seeing, as necessary going forward, a reset in the area of monetary policies. We believe that quantitative easing and the accommodating  monetary policies that have been adopted so far should be continued up until such point where growth is well anchored in those economies, and this is not yet the case everywhere. Reset, in the sense that once it is well anchored, then those accommodating monetary policies have to be reformulated; have to move either back into their old territories or be more traditional, or be, maybe of a different kind and I am sure central bankers around here will be able to comment on that. But, that’s first reset.”  -Christine Lagarde 

How interesting that the word “reset” is being used. And to clearly say at one point that policies have to MOVE BACK to their old territories or be more traditional? Traditional, as in the tradition of backing money with assets? I have no clue if that is what she was referring to. Further, the use of the words “different kind” to describe the kind of reform was, to me, stunning. To me, that means a total change.

We thought we would share this with you as a possible sign of things to come. At this time we patiently await events to transpire along with all of you.

Thank you for your continued support, kind remarks and good will. The White Hats appreciate your patience and support as well.  

More to follow when appropriate.


Source:  http://whitehatauxiliaries.wordpress.com/2014/01/25/fact-check-93/





Hello! We hope you all had a safe and enjoyable New Year celebration.

We thought we would make our first post of the new year one from a well known and respected analyst with a stellar track record of predictions in the economic realm. The following excerpt is further corroboration among other than guru based “sources” of the reality of what is taking place among the nations to replace the USD as a trade instrument in favor of a gold convertible one .  

As for Dr Willie’s sour outlook for the USA, we can only hope that Mr. Hodges’ opposite opinion will prevail, but we need to make further inquiries to see just what is known. Many analysts are talking broadly about the GCR. Notwithstanding the recent report from Mr Hodges, the White Hats remain silent at this time. We hope to hear from them soon.

The point we make here is that there can no longer be any doubt that such changes are coming or that the Global Settlements/Global Currency Reset is real. That is pretty much a dead bang lock. Now, the issue for most people who have dinar, or who are CMKX shareholders, or who are in a prosperity program, etc., is simply, when?

We will shift our focus from proving the validity of these events. We have spent hours shooting down the false claims of “we have an RV/in country/out of country/etc.” Right now everyone is on such a high level of anticipation that fake delivery reports pretty much shoot themselves down before they have a chance to gain traction. That is a good thing.

So, we will make some inquiries as to possible timing. We will keep watching. Out network stands poised to post any news of valid events germane to this undertaking as soon as it is received. Until then, enjoy Dr Willies’s brief: =====================================================================================================================================================  


The Gold Trade Settlement system is moving closer to reality each month. No amount of pressure and obstruction can prevent its progress, its development, and its evolution. The movement to create a non-USDollar alternative to trade, with serious banking reserves management system consequences, will not be deterred or halted. The Global Currency Reset is an extremely complicated undertaking for the major nations of the world. Most people, and many analysts, believe it involves the currency market and the banking systems. That is true enough. However, my informed sources indicate that the entire Reset initiative involves around 8 to 10 very complex, very thorny, very disruptive factors. The fallout from the reset will bring changes to the world order, changes to the balance of geopolitical power, changes to castle lords, changes to Third World residence, and great unclear threats to nuclear proliferation. To regard the main items as currency exchange rates and defaulting banks is painfully naive, but all too prevalent. The reset initiative must be done with respect to careful agreements forged and delicate recalibration of the global balance of power. Both sides possess nuclear weapons and other nefarious devices like electro-magnetic pulse weapons.

 The winner will be the Gold Market. The loser will be the United States, the United Kingdom, and Western Europe. These regions will tiptoe into the Third World if lucky, and fall head first into the Third World if not careful. They should have thought more fully about the Chinese Most Favored Nation pact back in 1999. The low cost solution as center piece to globalization effectively destroyed the Western economies, by removing the industrial core. It was far more carefully planned than the great majority of people believe. The ultimate goal in my opinion was to wreck the cradle of capitalism in the United States. The compromise was to create the newly industrialized Chinese superpower, which will fall victim to fascism soon enough. It is the natural course, given human nature and the proclivity toward corruption, inefficiency, power, and greed. The winner will be Gold. It will reign over banks again. It will serve as arbiter over trade again. Its bright yellow lights and strong whips will emanate from the East.

 by Jim Willie CB                                                                               December 6, 2013


Here is a subsequent post from Dr Willie on the same subject. Thank you to reader David for reminding  us about this. We posted the above first to get the chronology right, or at least try to! :)

“But the biggest shock waves will come from the currency reset followed by the introduction of the Gold Trade Settlement. The return of the Gold Standard is near, but it will arrive on the trade vehicles, not the FOREX currency or SWIFT bank platforms. It will feature the Gold Trade Note, used as letter of credit. It will feature Turkish intermediary function in provision of gold bullion to counter-parties. It will feature decentralized transactions on a peer-to-peer basis. It will feature the BRICS central bank, where emerging market reserves held in USTBonds and other toxic sovereign bonds will be redeemed for Gold bullion. The year 2014 will see important changes to global trade, in a major Paradigm Shift. The movement of gold eastward confirms it. The USGovt shutdown (debt default) confirms it. The indirect audits of warehouses by the Eastern powers confirm it. The hostility between the United States and Saudi Arabia confirms it. The rise of the Nat Gas Coop confirms it. The new Shanghai crude oil futures contract in Yuan denomination confirms it. The shift of military power in the entire Middle East confirms it. The year 2014 will be tumultuous.”