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The Obama Death Warrant


Source:  http://lamecherry.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-obama-death-warrant.html

The Obama Death Warrant


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter……….
A great deal has been made on the Drudge oracle and the mic head conduits starting with Rush Hudson Limbaugh III, in the discussion of the Obama dictatorship in America in Obama at press statements that he had Executive Orders and the telephone to promote his continued change of the American Virgin into a rotting cadaver.
I realize that Mockingbird in the conditioning of the public does not desire you to practice thought, comprehension nor projected outcomes, so in Lame Cherry exclusive let us back engineer this in the bold statement by the image of Obama that he had Executive Orders to further his agenda.
Mr. Obama Chin was an agent who came to power under the illusion of mass hysteria or the mob put this Designer Negro into power. You will recall his immediate threats to financial leaders of the “pitchfork mob” in order to blackmail them. There was the “I won” declaration to silence the GOP opposition, which was already muted by charges of racism and bigotry, so Obamacare passed with no one knowing the content. This followed by “boots on the throat” in threats against the oil industry of British Petroleum.
Globally, one can mark the war of dark skin Obama against dark skinned peoples in his lighter skinned Muslim friends in Mubarak, Khadaffi, Assad….all were given the Cassius treatment, while the Islamic Hitler of Sudan was divested of oil, but not genocide against the Christians of South Sudan under the auspices of rogue Senator now Sec. of State, John Kerry.
I lay all of this out in review, as the Obama regime stole elections in 2008 and 2012 under illusions of democracy, to now inquire of you an answer I already know, in if a President of America were in control would he not submit like Bill Clinton an agenda for Congress to pass or as Bill Clinton in defeat, would a President not to maintain control sign all of the legislation the Contract for America in GOP leader Newt Gingrich?
Yes legislation is the glaring point in this, and Mr. Obama Chin started out with pre-written legislation like Patriot Act which Democrats in Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid passed for him. That measure has now changed and it reveals that Birther Hussein Jinn has  lost control of Democrats and the ability to give an illusion that his dictatorship is democratic.
I will at this venture again point to that line in the sand day of June 13, 2013, when Barack Hussein Obama disappeared for most of the day, only to re appear at a sodomite event. Before June 13, B. Hussein Obama was in control of the agenda in America, and after June 13, in which the trip to Ireland and Britain showed on the faces of the Obama women that they wanted nothing to do with this Obama, that something absolutely changed, including the Obama handshake as was pointed out here.
The entire Obama regime fell into ruin after June 13, in even the blackmailed Nancy Pelosi has stopped defending it’s despotry. As this blog maintains yet, a shapeshifter has taken Obama Chin’s place, in Barry Soetoro has been loaded out of the building and is in cold storage to wait some political intrigue which has been spoken of.
It goes back though to this regime, in the legacy carrier has now become the human female, Muchelle Robinson Obama while the Obama Jinn issues fiat which becomes the law of the land with court record.
If you need to be informed, this is what winning looks like for you. The work which Lawrence Sinclair started in early 2008, which built the tax revolt that cut Obama off at the knees, which formed the Tea Party landslide in 2010 is now complete. There is no lame duck regime for the Obama’s. There is only the dead duck.
The words of the Israeli defense minister mocking John Kerry as messianic is but a global revelation of the Obama regime has ended. It can not dictate to foreign leaders, and this again started after June 13 in the disaster of Vladamir Putin becoming world hero over Syria in peacemaker when the regime of Obama  Jinn was going to bomb those innocents.
You must be aware of these enormous reality of what it means when a person at the Oval O has no Congress and can only issue threats by dictatorship. It means that entity is completely isolated in a power void as any dictatorship is. As this blog predicted by Inspiration, the American people would abandon Obama Chin, and that this entity would rule an area the size of a postage stamp. That reality has taken place.
As this started in Berlin, it is fitting to state this regime in kaput!
This is not to say the regime is not dangerous as it’s feudal lords still rule this world which backs this regime, but with the Jinn slithering and Muchelle slithering, America has a directorship in Congress taking orders from the elite to further the implosion of America in border busters and what will be economic disaster. This is what it looks like when the Oval O is decapitated and it is a directorship originating in Congress.
This is though not a time for celebration as the Jinn and this regime are no longer of use to the feudal lords as proof of what has taken place in Congress in the mini tyrants evolved there. It is though time to assess and be aware of the reality of all of this which has not been spoken of. Instead of awe at the Obama Jinn threats of Executive Orders, there should instead be wry smiles of the lion has been bearded. There should be awareness though that this feline with one paw swipe still can wreck the deaths of individuals and nations to change the public attention. It is as has been stated in the agenda papers that this image of the Designer Negro might be offered up to guilt the nation into the further draconian measures as was done with JFK by the same ruling elite which staged that.
The Obama regime is finished politically, but not dictatorially as the confirmation was uttered from the Jinn’s own mouth in tirade at the Oval O. This could change in part in the Congressional elections, but do not lose site that the tyrants there are not going to hand power back to 1600 Penn Avenue, as they have aspirations for Speaker chairs, Vice Presidential slots with Hillary Clinton and the presidential cabinet in the illusion Jeb Bush could do more than beat his meat.
This is large news and only revealed here exclusively in matter anti matter. The pundit or politician can term Obama a dictator, but it is false praise as they do not explain the reality of that epitaph.
I digress here but one of thee most ignorant and moronic talking points seeded into America was the term “racial epitaph”. An epitaph is an inscription on a tombstone or a statement concerning a corpse. There is not in any form can it be connected to using a term like “Nigger” unless it was after the Negroid expired or someone had chiseled it onto a tombstone.
That had to be corrected as I dislike manipulation of the ignorant masses and their repeating things their minds have been warped to by Mockingbird.
This concludes with the reality that the Obama regime in Obama Jinn, exposed how absolutely debile it has become. It reveals how absolutely unwise this regime is, for it called attention to the world and the public, it has absolutely no power. That is a fatal error as Anita Hill caught lying by Arlen Spector in the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. It proves a frustration, a desperation and a debilitation of this regime of Birther Jinn. Every government and regime around the globe has taken notice of this, and it is why the Jewish state rebuffed the John Kerry messianic sermon in public. It was the Jews drawing their own line in the sand.
This was the most juvenile of outbursts of the Obama era as it revealed the absolute weakness of their position. It is one thing to Van Jones czar threaten it in Letterman cocktail parties, but it is another thing to assemble the puppy press and bark out the threats in fear.
This regime is full of fear, to overflowing. The strong remain silent. The weak bluff in vain exclamations.
Those enemies of America have noted every note of the Obama bird call and have been circling for their advantage after the revelations of June 13 arose. Once again, you are now fully aware of thee entire portrait of this which none of you figured out and your minds were stuck on stupid in prejudiced words like ‘dictator” which have no meaning to you. Now though in Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter, you know the forensic psychology of maxims like “walk softly and carry a big stick” from President Theodore Roosevelt.
Those in power make no sound. Those who are weak make the most sounds.
“Absolutely no power, consumes that power absolutely.”
Lame Cherry


Our Last Stand | Report #3: Stories of Our Cabal Shadow Government Thieves, Global Criminals and a Tale of Treason


Even some well informed people are thankful for all the info presented in this one:


Note from Benjamin:


Hello Cannauzzie,

Great article. You covered a lot of stuff I knew already but you also uncovered a lot of vital information that was new to me and my sources. I will post a link to your article http://canauzzie.blogspot.ca/2013/12/our-last-stand-report-3-stories-of-our.html but I also recommend that you put out a one page summary for the benefit of the large amount of people out there with short attention spans.

Benjamin Fulford


Lt Zullo: Universe-Shattering Info In Obama Fraud (Video) All Washington Officials Sealed Jail Terms Unless Prosecute Obama.


The birther organisation wheresobamasbirthcertificate.com presented 300 Sheriff’s Kits to the governement officials inside Congress and the Senate on Nov. 18 and 19 during a 48-hour period. (100 Kits to a birther rally outside the White House on Nov. 19) They entered 100 of the government offices there. The Sheriff’s Kits are made up of Mike Zullo’s two-year “Joe Arpaio Cold Case Posse” investigation into Obama’s birth issue. I reported on this earlier.

Now, on Nov. 22, Mike Zullo himself is on live radio (video), announcing breakthrough news in the probe. The two events are related. It’s the news that’s the news here. Zullo is probably announcing his latest progress in the work. 

But Zullo visited Congress and the Senate himself last year, several times and announced he had made inroads there, particularly with Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX).

So Zullo, today is probably also announcing that his earlier visits have spun off a result. The wave of birthers on the Hill wouldn’t have happened without Zullo’s visits earlier. It’s the same movement. So, the pressure is mounting to an unprecedented level… Obamacare is already killing the Obama Presidency anyways. One thing leads to another, as often as not.

Thus things have now reached a tipping-point. This is the concrete way it’s happening and they’re (we’re) taking Obama down.

This wave of Sheriff’s Kits is swamping the government in Washington. It’s significant because the “Kits” that are out there, sitting in all these offices, being worked on, investigated and examined… in each damn office of the Senate and Congress halls… put the onus on all the officials to do their job: which is to serve justice and the truth.

Government officals have a duty to follow the truth and the law; that’s often forgotten and considered a detail… mostly they don’t do that though, and they just act upon partisan lines of “helping their own”. Lawlessness and Injustice are the reasons they’re in office. It’s a pity. Now they’ll be forced to act as if they obeyed the law.

Government officials can be jailed on not acting.

Steve Stockman for example, has been alone it seems, in dealing with the matter  of the birth issue. But this suddenly puts him out there up in front, with all eyes upon him from his collegues, who are suddenly just as informed about the case as himself.

Unless Stockman acts now or unless it’s the others who act, they’ll be guilty of “COMPLICITY OF CRIMES”. Other crimes they come under the description of are several: omission, accessory, aiding and abetting, etc… so what we now have is that at least 200 people have personally received Sheriff’s Kits inside the Senate and Congress buildings (in front of witnesses and who were filmed/photographed in each case) and they can all face steep criminal charges unless they act upon the facts presented to them by the Sheriff’s Kits which contain the facts of a criminal investigation; the Joe Arpaio Cold Case Posse.

This matter represents a career-threat to all of those officials because the law states that “Whoever is aware of a crime and doesn’t report it is guilty of ‘Complicity of crime’ and will face a prison time of twenty years emprisonment to life sentence and a $3 million fine.”

So let’s be clear again:

By having accepted the Sheriff’s Kits in their hands all the Washington officials have sealed their jail terms unless they act to prosecute Obama. Stockman is now in a quandary, because the national and international press are now watching him, but not just him, all the others too… who accepted the Sheriff’s Kits… are under scrutiny and none are spared. The first one to act upon the facts will save himself. He’ll be on the right side of History.

On the RIGHT SIDE of the LAW and of JUSTICE.

If Rep. Darrell Issa sets up a hearing, he’ll ask: ”When did you learn about the Obama birth issue and at what date did you get the ‘Sheriff’s Kit’ delivered to you?”

“When did you decide you’d close your eyes and cover it up?”

The same day they were giving out the Sheriff’s Kits inside Congress, birthers were rallying outside the White House. /obama/2013/11/impeach-zombies-pound-at-obamas-door-video-2458012.html

Click below for video and pictures: