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State of the Nation

When wholesale fraud and corruption and criminality are employed to steal the quadrennial POTUS election by one of the two major party candidates, the victor automatically becomes the other presidential nominee with the greatest number of electoral votes.

In the case of the 2020 POTUS election, the Democrat ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris has been cited for carrying out the greatest election cycle crime wave via fraud and theft in U.S. history.  Hence, the prematurely and illegitimately declared Biden victory is now null and void under the law.

Therefore, President Trump has been elected by default for a second term beginning January 20, 2021.  Neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris have yet to even respond to the countless cases of election fraud currently under investigation, which have been reported to the authorities quite suspiciously in primarily the crucial battleground states.  Biden’s complete lack of response to this weighty matter speaks volumes about his obvious complicity in this ongoing election theft.

As soon as the first court decisions are handed down against the Democrats regarding the extraordinary amount of voter fraud and election theft, the preliminary electoral result will be vacated immediately.  President Trump can then be certified as the President-elect and preparations can begin for his inauguration on January 20, 2021.

The 270 Electoral Vote Threshold

There is a profound and pervasive misunderstanding about the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the U.S. presidential election.

Yes, 270 are required to win, but if a candidate’s campaign engages in a massive voting fraud and/or election theft operation, they have automatically disqualified themselves from the race.  Especially when such a highly organized operation was conducted with the explicit purpose to steal the election have the perpetrators rendered themselves unfit to serve in high office.

KEY POINT: Joe Biden has already proven himself  permanently ineligible to hold any office in the U.S. Federal Government by virtue of his admitted crimes and corruption. See: UNITED STATES CODE: Joe Biden is permanently disqualified from holding any public office in the U.S. Federal Government

In point of fact, the Biden-Harris campaign has, with absolute certainty, committed fraud on a truly epic scale in order to decisively steal this election.  There is now an overwhelming volume of hard evidence that proves beyond any doubt that this election was outright stolen from President Trump by the Democrat Party.

Much of that rapidly growing body of evidence is scientifically based and data-driven; some of it is anecdotal and circumstantial, still other conclusive proofs are being submitted in the form of videos, photos and audios.  Then there are the missing or destroyed or altered ballots themselves which are showing up near or at the numerous crime scenes across the country.  The Democrat’s mail-in ballot fraud is perhaps the greatest systematic crime spree ever implemented.

The stark reality is that it’s now apparent that the Democrat Party was so desperate and reckless and brazen in the execution of their fraudulent schemes and multifarious plots that they now must prove they did not steal this election.  Biden and Harris are rightly on the defensive in the face of so much unmitigated fraud and election-related crime.  They should not be rewarded with a victory in any case; rather, they should be incarcerated post-haste.

What’s the critical point?

All President Trump has to do is prove that Team Biden (which includes the Democrat Party) carried out intentional fraud to steal the election, which they did to a tremendous degree and IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.  The Democrat perpetrators did not even care if they got caught.  Not only that, they barely tried to cover up their criminal activity leaving their fingerprints all over the myriad crime scenes.

In view of their unrivaled 2020 election-cycle crime spree, the Biden-Harris ticket has irreversibly relinquished their Democrat nomination to stand for the POTUS/VPOTUS election.  The key legal axiom and constitutional requirement which applies in this particular regard is as follows:


In other words, once the intentional fraud was committed, Joe Biden and Kamal Harris effectively lost their right to further stand for the election.  That means President Trump will be inaugurated on January 20, 2020.

Really, did Team Biden and the myriad Democrat fraudsters expect the American people to permit them to take the White House via so much naked fraud?  Did they expect Trump to roll over if he could only prove fraud in, say, 20 states not all 50.  As if it’s somehow okay for a fundamentally unfit candidate to be installed in the Oval Office who just perpetrated the most complex, convoluted and criminal election fraud of the millennium!


The perps at the top of this criminal Democrat conspiracy have conned the American body politic into believing that Team Trump must peel away each and every electoral vote that was explicitly won through fraud and/or theft… … …until Biden’s total drops below 270.

This is not the case and the U.S. Supreme Court has set a loud and clear precedent indicating so.  The SCOTUS ruled in a landmark case UNITED STATES v. THROCKMORTON (98 US 61 – Supreme Court 1878) that “fraud vitiates everything”.[1]

KEY POINT: By categorically asserting that “fraud vitiates everything”, the SCOTUS affirms that perpetrating fraud undermines the entire endeavor, the whole contract, the complete judgment, the final result … or the election outcome, etc.  Once the fraud is proven, the enterprise in its entirety, such as a POTUS candidacy or campaign, has been irreparably tainted and any result is invalidated.  In order words, if it was only the Michigan vote was stolen by Team Biden, their victory would still have been  nullified since “fraud vitiates everything”. (“Vitiates” in this legal context means negates, quashes, annuls, invalidates, revokes and abrogates) See: Let’s be very clear about the 2020 election outcome: “FRAUD VITIATES EVERYTHING”.

Therefore, once this quite deliberate Democrat fraud took place, the Biden-Harris candidacy was essentially self-terminated.  From that point forward, there’s no reason for President Trump to even acknowledge their presence in the POTUS race.  For they both surrendered their right and/or freedom and/or privilege to stay in this highly consequential contest.

BOTTOM LINE: The Trump-Pence ticket won this election because the Biden-Harris team forfeited their candidacy to stand as a result of committing a staggering amount of voter fraud and election theft.  That this immense fraud was purposefully carried out with an extraordinarily high degree of mens rea (intention and/or knowledge of to commit wrongdoing) guarantees that “fraud vitiates everything” where it concerns the election outcome, and specifically the bogus Biden win.

C A S E    C L O S E D ! 

State of the Nation
November 11, 2020

RED ALERT: Given the strength of this case, it’s quite likely the Democrats will now attempt to fabricate a case or two of voter fraud against President Trump with the distinct goal of ‘canceling’ out their rampant ballot fraud enterprise.  However, this strategy will not work because, if there was an instance of fraud carried out by the GOP, it was probably done by RINOs at the direction of their Democrat co-conspirators.  Nevertheless, the Right must be on guard for being framed by the Left especially in the Democrat-controlled sanctuary cities, counties and states.  The Democrat Party is sure to get even more desperate as so many court cases are filed against them in the swing states and the rulings are all in favor of Trump.

Democrat Election Fraud References

Airtight Statistical Analysis Proves Team Biden Stole the Election

Undeniable Mathematical Evidence The Election Was Stolen From Trump

Scientific Voter Data Analysis Proves Dominion’s Election Software ‘Produces Massive Fraud’

Scientific Data Analysis Of Voting Fraud In MI Shows 69,000 Votes Were Transferred From Trump To Biden

This fast-growing list of Democrat-directed voter fraud and election theft is just the tip of the iceberg!


Over 500,000 votes SWITCHED from Trump to Biden via voting machine software theft!

“We’ve Identified 450,000 Ballots that Miraculously ONLY have a Vote for Joe Biden”



Let’s hear from Lin Wood.

According to this report, soon after President Trump fired Deep State operative Director of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Chris Krebs for lying about this election being secure yesterday, the socialist Democrat Party controlled Supreme Court of Pennsylvania rejected a Trump Campaign lawsuit against this election—that now propels this case towards the United States Supreme Court, where famed legal scholar Alan Dershowitz predicts it will be won by President Trump—a prediction applying to other Trump Campaign legal filings against this election, whose staggering and growing by the hour evidence of election fraud is as stunning as it’s terrifying—election fraud evidence further described in such articles like “Michigan and Georgia, Like in PA and VA, Caught in SAME PATTERN! — Once Biden Gained Lead with MASSIVE Vote Dumps, The Remainder of Votes All Possessed Same Biden to Trump Vote Ratio – THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!” and “Elections Security Expert Finds Michigan Results a COMPLETE FRAUD — Current Machines Do Not Have Capability to Count the Mass Dumps for Biden in Reported Time Period”—and in knowing first hand how this massive attack on the United States in this election was carried out, is why Super Lawyer L. Lin Wood yesterday told the American people the truth that President Trump had won this election by over 400 electoral votes.  

This is what the Elections really looked like.

Trump Readies “Emergency Constitution” As May-2020 War Declaration Joins National Emergency Election

November 18, 2020

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A foreboding new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing events relating to Day 16 of the election war currently raging in America, says least being noticed about what President Donald Trump did after his declaring the 2020 election a national emergency with his signing into law Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election on 12 September 2018, was what he joined it with, and why.

An explanation for which is provided by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), that works exclusively for the United States Congress, and among whose many duties are them documenting wars their nation has declared—which is why the Ministry of Defense (MoD) took exceptional notice this past summer when the Congressional Research Service released the document “U.S. Periods of War and Dates of Recent Conflicts Updated June 5, 2020”, wherein it grimly noted: “On May 20, 2020, President Donald J. Trump issued a Notice to Congress: “… in accordance with section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)), I am continuing for 1 year the national emergency with respect to the stabilization of Iraq declared in Executive Order 13303”—the consequence of which means that President Trump placed the United States in a state of war for a period existing from 20 May 2020 to 20 May 2021.   

A now existing state of war that gives President Trump extraordinary powers under the little know legal doctrine called the “Emergency Constitution”—one of whose most fearful provisions of is “The Suspension Clause”, that President Trump can use to imprison anyone found to be a threat to America and its survival—are unlimited war time powers conferred upon any President of the United States by the United States Supreme Court, as confirmed by the ruling made during World War II by this high court in a case involving Nazi Germany saboteurs—and whose decision said: “Even had they been civilians properly domiciled in the United States at the outbreak of the war, they would have been subject under the statutes to restraint and other disciplinary action by the President without appeals to the courts…In any event, the Court rejected the jurisdictional challenge by one of the saboteurs on the basis of his claim to U.S. citizenship, finding U.S. citizenship wholly irrelevant to the determination of whether a wartime captive is an “enemy belligerent” within the meaning of the law of war”.

And with the Supreme Court ruling that “US citizenship is wholly irrelevant to the determination of whether a wartime captive is an enemy belligerent”,  it puts into immediate sharp focus the warning just issued by retired United States Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney—a unique military officer who graduated from West Point into the US Army, then joined the US Air Force—and who has just described the election as: “This is the first massive attack in United States history”.

A first in history massive attack on the United States showing why President Trump declared this election to be a national emergency and placed his nation into a state of war to defend against—and sees the attacking enemy being those who used the HAMR (or Hammer) computer and the Scorecard software developed in the late 2000s, that was commandeered by the Obama-Biden Regime and used to steal the 2012 election, and is now being used to steal the election on Biden’s behalfthe evidence of which played out on election night when this corrupted voting software flipped votes from Trump to Biden while the American people watched it happening in real time—and now has seen Super Lawyer Sidney Powell shockingly revealing the affidavit she has from a high ranking military officer who participated in this massive attack.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]


Just for your info.

X22Report: Deep State Fantasy Land, Who Holds The Power, We The People, Operators Active! – Must Video

The battle of all battles. The [DS]/[CB] propaganda has run its course, the evidence is overwhelming and the MSM/Social Media companies will move to the next phase. They are preparing to censor it all, the patriots are not just going to show that the system that was used manipulated this election they are going to show that this has been going on for generations, not just here in the US but around the world, we have been living in a fantasy land. Operators Active.


Jeffrey Daugherty

HERE IS THE PROOF WE HAVE ALL BEEN LOOKING FOR. IT IS ALL OVER BUT THE SHOUTING (AND RIOTING) FOLKS. Buy Jeff a cup of coffee: YOUTUBE HAS DE-MONETIZED THIS CHANNEL. I WELCOME YOUR HELP. PLEASE DONATE TO ABOVE PAYPAL ACCOUNT. THANK YOU FOR HELPING US SPREAD THE MESSAGE OF UNINDOCTRINATION. Jeffrey Daugherty, The Christian Whistleblower, 20-year minister, Bible College graduate and veteran of over 100,000 hours biblical study (heard on Coast To Coast AM, Talk is Jericho, Tin Foil Hat, Young Pharaoh, Leak Project, Power Hour). WARNING: Information here may CRASH your paradigm and cause SEVERE cognitive dissonance. Jeffrey Daugherty, former 20-year minister, Bible College graduate and veteran of the US Air Force and 100,000+ hours of study (author of Apostle Paul Antichrist) asks the questions that others dare not. SEE OUR OTHER CHANNELS: CREATE YOURSELF and UNIDOCTRINATED POLITICS linked on the home page here

Watch “Major developments in key states | Sidney Powell” on YouTube

The KRAKEN 410 vs 128. Guess who won.

Political Beast

One America News Network today reported that the servers seized in Germany show that Trump won to the election 410 votes to 128. If this is true I would like to quote Whoopi Goldberg who said this week: “SUCK IT UP” #Trump2020#StopTheSteal#MAGA

Trap Was Set In 2018, The Evidence Will Blow The Minds Of Every Person In This Country – Ep. 2330

The Kraken cometh.