79. What is Chlorine Dioxide, with Dr Manuel Apricio

No medical advice is given during this podcast. Please speak with your physician before starting a new treatment.
Today I talk with Dr. Manuel Apricio. He is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon and he lives in Mexico. He began to open his eyes to what is really going on in medicine about 3 years ago. Dr. Apricio has treated over 8,000 COVID patients with chlorine dioxide with no deaths and has been in over 300 homes to treat COVID and he has not become ill with COVID.
theuniversalantidote.com for more information.
comusav.com Dr. Aprico’s web site.
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truthforhealth.org for COVID illness and long haulers syndrome treatment protocols. If you have a vaccine injury (from any vaccine or have any injury that you think may have any relation to any vaccine) please report in their civilian equivalent to VAERS.

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