REALIST NEWS – Breaking. Supreme Court takes the critical election case!

Andy Note: Thanksgiving Present for all of us. This is one of the reasons Trump declared Martial Law in 2018. Lots of things can be done when the Country is under State of Emergency. 344 Congressmen are looking at prisons in a little different light. Listen to the whole story.

22 responses to “REALIST NEWS – Breaking. Supreme Court takes the critical election case!

  1. If this is true, why isn’t it all over the news. Anyone would be very hard pressed to find any information about this at all. I hope it actually has some credibility but so far, this another huge nothing burger.

    Does anyone have better or more information concerning this new development?


  2. Yes… 🙏


  3. I think this is the Supreme Court case (22-380) referred to in the video.

    In the petition, on page 3 Statement of Case (or page 12 electronically numbered):
    “On January 6, 2021, the 117th Congress held a proceeding and debate in Washington DC (“Proceeding”). Proceeding was for the purpose of counting votes under the 2020 Presidential election for the President and Vice President of the United States under Amendment XII. During this Proceeding over 100 members of U.S. Congress claimed factual evidence that the said election was rigged. The refusal of the Respondents to investigate this congressional claim (the enemy) is an act of treason and This fraud by Respondents. A successfully rigged election has the same end result as an act of war; to place into power whom the victor wants, which in this case is Biden, who, if not stopped immediately, will continue to destroy the fundamental freedoms of Brunson and all U.S. Citizens and courts of law.”

    Tore forwarded from Kdoll72 the image of the Solicitor’s General response to the Supreme Court case 22-380

    Viewable in the docket or here


  4. Yes. It’s a valid case. Here’s the link to see it on the SCOTUS docket (hopefully this allows me to post links – I also have one for a downloadable .pdf file) –

    It’s a very real case. We already know why it’s not all over the news & airwaves. MSM is and has always been a captured operation. They don’t want the people knowing about such things. The truth is disinfectant; something the virus of what is our “news” doesnt want near them. Thus, no air time nor mass reporting. The Court had to vote on whether or not to hear this case. It had to have 4 yay votes in order to be heard – which it did receive. That fact alone is actually pretty huge. Of course, we have to see what they do with it, BUT, if they proceed in examining this case on its merits, its constitutionality, and they go by the law, they should be ruling on it in a way that offers a more than favorable and productive outcome. I’ve been watching this case & its progression for quite some time now. I watched it get wrongly struck down in lower courts, as most aware of the case knew it would be – they dont want these cases progressing, much less people finding out about them & spreading the word. But, it being struck down wasn’t at all a bad thing; as it being struck down was really its only path to get in front of the Supreme Court. It absolutely has merit. I’m cautiously optimistic.

    All we can do is wait and see what they do with it & what they decide. If they consider it as per the law & its merits (as any case should be) then the ruling will be favorable & have a HUGE impact on things. This is a very important case. The one and only thing I personally know to be true with any given situation, and something my husband often says, is this – the truth is always revealed in the fullness of time – so shall it be with this.
    Hope this helps to answer your comment & hope you have a most blessed day.


    • Super excellent!! Thank you very much for finding what I could not


    • Thank you for your thorough reply. I am very encouraged bit it.


    • Hold on. Proceed with extreme Caution!

      The case is real. Yes. It is an appeal from the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. Yes. but It has not yet been heard by the Supreme Court and no decision was rendered. The last thing that occurred before SCOTIS was that attorneys for the defendants waived their right to file a response to the petition. That in itself is suspicious.
      What the guy in the video reported is what the plaintiff’s petition alleges. How the high court will ultimately rule on this is anyone’s guess. The stakes are huge. I am sure every one of the judges has receives death threats by now. The true miracle is that the Court actually granted “certiorari”, meaning it agreed to hear the case. That is all that can be verified so far.


      • Hold on again.
        At second glance, SCOTUS did not grant certiorari yet. The gact that the defendants waived their right to respond to the Plaintiff/Appellant’s petition for certiorari tells me that they are very sure the high court will not grant it.
        Unfortunately, this pro se plaintiff made several fatal procedural misjudgments from the beginning. Although I totally agree with the underlying views he expresses in his petition, he does not understand the most basic aspects of what makes a case removanle from state court to federal court, and his filing of his case in state court alone shows he doesn’t understand fundamental jurisdictional principles. After reading the Tenth Circuit’s ruling affirming the IS Dsotrict court heliw, this case looks more like it’s dead on arrival. Unfortunately, I cannot place much hope in the Supreme Court’s ability to even reach the merits of his argument. So sad. His underlying premise is correct , but he did it all wrong.


  5. We all keep pushing and it will go through.


  6. This is exciting! How long until we have a SCOTUS ruling?


  7. I hope the SCOTUS, each and every one of them realize how absolutely important this is to this country.


  8. why would even fox news tell you?? hell, they backstabbed Trump


  9. why would even fox news tell you?? hell, they backstabbed Trump (ITS NOT A DUPLICATE COMMENT ASSHOLE)


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