New VAERS Data — Calculus of Decay

Originally posted on Rights and Freedoms: New VAERS Data. 1,390,594 Reports Through August 19, 2022 30,479 DEATHS 203,792 DOCTOR OFFICE VISITS 4,963 Miscarriages 8,915 Thrombocytopenia/ Low Platelet 174,371 HOSPITALIZATIONS 9,958 ANAPHYLAXIS 16,337 Heart Attacks 33,705 Life Threatening 134,245 IT CARE URGENT 15,928 BELL’S PALSY 51,722 Myocarditis/ Pericarditis 44,510 Severe Allergic Reaction 56,994 Permanently Disabled 14,539…

New VAERS Data — Calculus of Decay

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