Joe Biden Executive Order Proves He Is Sold Out to the CCP

Read this clip first. This is just so cool. Trump’s EOs from January 2021. ETC.


Trump was forcing Hunter Biden to divest from ownership of CCP companies. Joe Biden used his power as president to allow him to keep that ownership. Two of those companies have reportedly stolen military and nuclear secrets from the United States. This is a massive concern and major conflict of interest.

We also know for a fact that contrary to what we have been told, Joe Biden was aware of Hunter’s business dealings:

We have direct proof that Joe Biden is using his office to directly benefit both his own personal family situation, as well as the foreign government (CCP) to which his family is beholden. What is interesting is that Trump and his inner circle were most definitely aware of the Biden family’s connections to the CCP.

The list of companies owned by BHR is public information. Three of those companies are connected to the CCP and Trump considered ownership to be a national security issue which is why they were listed as CCMCs.

Joe Biden is financially connected to the CCP and is allowing that connection to dictate how he operates as “president.” The only question I really have is this:

If Trump knew of these connections, how could he simply walk away and let Joe Biden, the CCP puppet, take over the highest position in the land?


Patel Patriot

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