Statement from Club 45 USA Board

Dear Club 45 Members and Supporters,

The Board Members of Club 45 have stood with Donald J. Trump 100% from the very beginning. We continue to stand with him today and strongly denounce the actions of the corrupt DOJ and FBI. There is absolutely no mistaking that we have turned into a Banana Republic where justice is no longer blind but rather meted out differently based on where a person stands politically. Such bias and corruption in our justice system is intolerable. Shame on the Brandon Administration!

We encourage each of you to reach out to President Trump and share your encouragement and support. You may accomplish this by going to the website, and then clicking “contact”. We have been assured by key people in the organization that President Trump is reading all of the messages that he is receiving on this website. It has been conveyed to us that now, more than ever, we need to let him know that we continue to stand with him!


Joe Budd, President
Larry Snowden, Vice President
Linda Stoch, Secretary
Sue Snowden, Treasurer
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Who are we?The creation of Club 45 was a result of the vision of Joe Budd and was established in January, 2018 by four people. Those four people were the Chair, two Vice Chairs and a volunteer of the 2016 Trump Campaign in Palm Beach County. Our goals are simple and straightforward. It is to keep Donald Trump supporters in our county connected and engaged and to support future endeavors of Donald Trump as well as the re-election of Governor Ron DeSantis! While we are enthusiastic supporters and previous campaign volunteers for President Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis, our club has no official connection with the Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis Campaigns. Additionally, this club is an independent club and is not affiliated with any candidate, committee or political party. Club 45 USA plays no role in fund raising or contributions for any political candidate or committee.We are committed to do our part as volunteers to help MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

Joe Budd – President
Larry Snowden – Vice President
Linda Stoch – Secretary
Sue Snowden – TreasurerClub 45 USA, Inc. is an independent club of supporters of Donald Trump.  This club is not affiliated with, authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by Donald J. Trump or The Trump Organization.

Our mailing address is:
Club 45 USA, Inc.
3160 NW 60th Street
Boca Raton, FL  33496

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