The West’s Number One Threat is American Corruption. — Calculus of Decay

Originally posted on Video Rebel’s Blog: The number one threat to the peace and safety of the citizens of Great Britain, Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia New Zealand and the US is American Corruption and Arrogance. The people who seem to think they own the American government have a Unipolar view and reject polite requests…

The West’s Number One Threat is American Corruption. — Calculus of Decay

4 responses to “The West’s Number One Threat is American Corruption. — Calculus of Decay

  1. richardfuselier7gmailcom

    I believe that our primary problem is ignorance. If we as a people learned the skills of self government – a corrupt government would not exist. The fact that we as a people lack the skills to go into a court room and rid ourselves of corrupt politicians allows these guys to continue to abuse us. The minute we learn how to tax ourselves and direct that money to what we need as a people these guys will not have any money to spend anyway. We have lost our school systems, roads, public land, etc. to the power of a corrupt government. Take it back by learning how to be self governing. See Republics for the solution.


  2. richardfuselier7gmailcom

    The underlying problem. One of the basic premises of western civilization is that the knowledge of right and wrong is acquired by people as children who have been taught bible stories at an earlier age. Before 12 or 13. This means that they are raised in with a religious education based on the Ten Commandments. The decline in Western Civilization is the result of people not doing this. This means increased crime and corrupt politicians. The solution to this is to educate your children in this manner. The bigger Western Civilization gets without this education creates a decline in the morals of the society and eventually a bunch of people that will steal, cheat and murder. This education creates a guilt complex. It can be tested with current knowledge. The government will not use it because it would create more racial tension that exist now.. A mass murderer would not have a guilt complex. Neither does a habitual criminal. The feel no remorse or guilt for their crimes.


  3. So right you are and it really started in earnest by removing the the prayer from the schools. Planned for sure by the commies.


  4. richardfuselier7gmailcom

    The government school system is run by the civil government which is a godless society. The one nation under God was the original 13 colonies of the United States of America. Example:
    Under God’s law (this would be the common law republics)you cannot take another life. (think about abortion killing a child and the ten Commandments)
    Under the civil law government takes lives everyday (no prohibition to killing in the civil law.)
    Government was given the power to force all of us into war so that the killing court be done under the governments power. Necessary for survival of the nation.
    When a school child says one nation under God – they are referring to the original republics of the United States of America and not the United States or states of the United States. That is why the government is trying to discourage the pledge and prayer. The church schools are not involved in this. Private law schools would not be involved in the governments decisions.
    The government is a godless society for a specific purpose. The words and laws are clear but the people do not understand it – because they are not learning it. This knowledge has been lost to most of our people.

    When you recite the pledge you are actually performing the act in section 1481(a)(1) of title 8 (without knowing it). Title 8 requires a written document as evidence of this fact.


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