Fake News Realizes That People Don’t Trust Them, The [DS] Take Down Is About To Happen – Ep. 2827

The entire agenda of the [DS]/[CB] is falling apart, nobody is believing their green agenda, they have lied to us from the beginning and taxed the people on the lies. The seas have not risen, there is plenty of oil and the people know the economic truth. The [DS] has failed at everything, they are in a no win situation, which means they are going to fight back with everything they have, but this will not work. The fake news realizes that the people no longer trust them, the people are looking elsewhere for the news. Scavino sends a message, the take down is about to happen. The midterms are approaching and everything is set for October, this is going to be a disaster for the [DS].

Ep 2827a – [CB] Panics Over Failing Economic Agenda, The People Know The True Economic Issue


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