Your Daily Command Brief: 


WarRoom BattleGround EP 85: Getting To The Bottom Of 6th January; Trump Derangement Syndrome Continues; The Hypocrisy Of Liz CheneyEpisode 1,973 – Key Battle State Polls Come Out Strong For MAGA; The Economic Spiral; MSM Is An Arm Of Propaganda For The Pharmaceutical CompaniesDarren Beattie: The Facts Are Still Being Diluted From Jan. 6Steve Bannon: We Have A Big Time Fight On Our HandsEpisode 1,972 – What Time Is It In America; The Transgender Bill Of Rights; The Democrats De-Trumpification Of America; The Fight For ChristianityEpisode 1,971 – We Are Experiencing The American Economic Carnage; We Have A Big Time Fight On Our Hands; Vaccine Mandates Are Shrinking Our MilitaryDr Robert Malone – Memorial for Dr. ZelenkoBoris Epshteyn – Criminal Referrals for Lying to CongressWho Is Standing Between You and Your Freedom?Episode 1,970 – By 6-3 Majority SCOTUS Deconstruction Of The Administrative State; 40 Year High Inflation; Markets Crash; Memorial For Dr. ZelenkoWarRoom BattleGround EP 84: Saving The West & Ben Harnwell’s On The One Interview With Archbishop Vigano Todd Bensman: What Comes Next Since We Lost Remain In MexicoDr. Robert Malone: Armed Forces Are Removing Soldiers For Not Taking The Vaccine
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