🔥🔥 Jun 23 2022 – Juan ’00’ Savin w/ Navy SEAL Michael Jaco > Juan’s Clandestine Past


* Don’t Miss This One * Juan Shares Stories From His Clandestine Past * Been There > Seen The Organized Crime *

– All Eyes On Sep 3rd [22 Months]
– Time For Emergency Injunctions To Hold The Records
– 2000 Mules Was Just The Beginning [Foreign Interference]
– Keep Your Eyes On Georgia
– China + Other Countries Tied To It All
– The Red Flag Will Be Thrown Before Sep 3rd
– We Will Challenge The 2020 Election, It Will Be Looked At
– We’re In A Spy vs Spy Moment [Contractors]
– The DNC’s Law Firm Perkins Coie Had A Direct Computer Interface To The FBI & NSA
– IRS File Hacks Were Being Used To Indentify Top Secret Personnel
– Patriot Show Hosts Exposing The Benghazi Whistleblower Were On Target Lists
– Organized Crime Mobs Run The Country & Government
– South American Drug Money Was Laundered Through Banks In Little Rock AR > Then Distributed Back Out Through Multiple Development Finance Authority Agencies
– Hot Springs AR Was The ‘Neutral Ground’ For All U.S. Mobs
– Bill Clinton’s Real Father Is Winthrop Rockefeller
– All Of [Them] Have Changed [Their] Real Names
– ‘Zuckerberg’ Is Not ‘Zuckerberg’
– Is Q Real? > Is Q McAfee Real? > Spy vs Spy > There’s Info & Disinfo > Both Are Necessary
– The ‘Summer Of Love’ Will Be Inflation + Food Shortages + Disruptions +++ > [They] Will To Try Instigate Civil War
– Some Major Cities May Fall Back Into Flash Mob Areas
– ALL By Design
– Patriot Americans Will Not Fall For [Their] ‘Trap’
– EVERYONE Will Feel The Hit This Summer [Necessary Awakening]
– It’s Only Going To Be A Relatively Short Time [To See The Monsters]
– We Are Going To Take Back America By Exposing The Election Fraud
– The Good Military Is At War With The SES + Foreign Powers > To Control America
– The Law Of War Manual Will Dictate How [They] Are Dealt With [GITMO]
– The Spiritual Realm Is Above All This > On Both Sides > PRAY
– We MUST Fight For Our Spiritual Freedom > With Divine Assistance

Q McAfee

Q Drops

Department Of Defense Law Of War Manual > Updated December 2016

Jan 17 2021 – Juan O Savin w/ Spaceshot76 > Law Of War Markers

Key Chapters
– Chapter 11 > Military Occupation
– Chapter 4.3 > Unprivileged Belligerents
– Chapter 18 > Implementation And Enforcement Of The Law Of War

Rules Of Land Warfare FM27-10 Field Manual


Juan O Savin

Michael Jaco

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