This is our “Battle Of The Midway”

🇺🇸 Jun 9 2022 – Juan O Savin w/ Keith Blandford > The Tide Has Turned–jun-9-2022-juan-o-savin-w-keith-blandford-the-tide-has-turned.html


AuntSueNomiee Because it’s not about just getting Trump back in as president -he would be impeached in one day and he wouldn’t be able to get anything done. This is a worldwide take down and a take down of the entire government of the United States of America Inc. All of that takes a little bit longer. God is teaching many people Patience. Many world leaders and other countries must be taken down as well to stop the New World order.

If We Have Civil War We ALL Lose * 45:17 Edition *

– We Are Coming For Them
– We Are Fighting Forces Foreign To America
– They Want Us In Internal Civil Chaos
– The ‘Establishment’ Is Who We’re Fighting
– This Is A Revolutionary War > Against Foregin Powers
– We’re Being MKUltra’d > Their Trying To Control The Way We Think
– They’re Afraid Of The Ground We’re Gaining On Vote Cases
– 2000 Mules Is Making Waves In Europe Too
– President Trump NEVER Conceded The Election
– The Real Fight Behind The Scenes Is With SES Senior Executive Service > The Keystone
– State’s Rights Are Ultimately How We Win
– America Is Coming Alive


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