Join our $500 Trillion Lawsuit against the FEDERAL GOVT & over 140 MONOPOLISTS via our Constitutional Convention & Court!

Watch this 17 minute video to learn how We the People can get back what they’ve stolen from us and put an end to tyranny.

Learn how you, as a Citizen of the USA, can authorize a Constitutional Convention & Court to re-found our Government and base it on the Constitution. Now & Forever.

©2022 – Friends of the Original Constitution® is the interim Constitutional Government. Scott Workman is the Nonlawyer Representative of We the People in our $500 Trillion Lawsuit; he is the Organizer of and the Delegate Judge and General Council Chairman (“Chair”) for the Constitutional Convention & Court (CC&C); whose purpose is to prosecute the Defendants in our Lawsuit and to restore the Constitutional Government at the CC&C. All of this is authorized by We the People of the United States of America; by our signatures on the Declaration of Restoration.

Newsletter Aug 2021:

August 23rd 2021 Newsletter – Friends of the Original Constitution


Newsletter June 2022:

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