DJT spoke last night in Conroe, TX to the 85,000 attending Patriots. It was Trump’s 7th Save America Rally, prompting some to call this the 7th Trumpet.

Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Come and Take it!
DJT spoke last night in Conroe, TX to the 85,000 attending Patriots. It was Trump’s 7th Save America Rally, prompting some to call this the 7th Trumpet. If this was Revelations, “7th Trumpet,” then Christ’s reign is made, and all tribulation is about to end. There’s a happy thought.
“Tribulation: An experience that tests one’s endurance, patience, or faith.”

The first year of Biden Administration has absolutely tested our endurance, with lawlessness, corruption and mafioso acts by the various Family Cartels running the Political System, the Medical System, and with the support of the Judicial System. To quote Donald Trump, “It’s a disaster and disgrace what’s happened to our country in the last 10 months. Nobody can believe it.”
The list of tribulations is long. Here are a few mentioned by Trump last night:
1. NATO allies have screwed us on trade. They don’t have to pay their bills. Or risk their lives. Let the dumb Americans do it for us.
2. “There’s a reason Joe Biden can’t walk into a stadium anywhere without being mocked and ridiculed. (FJB) This System of Corruption, these sinister, lawless establishments like this should not be allowed to continue. They send our young men and women to other countries to fight and die to protect their borders, while leaving our borders open to criminals and gang members.
3. They torture your children with masks.
4. They restrict your freedom and lock you in your home,
5. While they abolish cash bail, and
6. Release dangerous, criminal murderers from jail.
7. They censor, cancel and persecute ordinary citizens,
8. While they have an endless list of propaganda and propaganda methods including hoaxes and demented lies. We have a country where all they do is try and destroy you.
9. Politicians rig our elections, squander our strength and spill our blood for countries that don’t like us and don’t respect us.”
10. “According to Peter Schweitzer’s new book, The Biden Crime Family has collected $31 M from entities linked to the Chinese Communist Parties, in addition to the $83 K a month from Ukraine, and Hunter gets a $3 M signup fee from the President of Ukraine’s wife.
11. The rest of the Biden’s graft censored by the media, would have represented 15% loss – they would have lost the election.
12. Outside of the NY Post they all refused to talk about Hunter’s Laptop.
13. We no longer have a Free and Fair Press. For example, AT&T/DirectTV shutting down One America News. You should boycott AT&T/DirectTV and Comcast, while you’re at it.”
14. “Biden is letting China, the country that brought US Covid, be rewarded, while he’s punishing our own Citizens with attacks for demonstrating bravery. Whether they like it or not we’re moving on from COVID.
15. There are far more of us than there are of them. Since Biden’s in office he’s brought in thousands and thousands of undocumented aliens. They’ll be in a home near you, and you won’t even know it.”

Such a litany of tribulations and these 15 listed here are only a short list. The real list is much longer. We’ve been forced to endure a totally corrupt Administration, led by a Mafia Cartel, watching helplessly as they subjugate and muzzle the People, and destroy any freedoms under the guise of restrictive “lock-downs”. Purposely ending all of the hope that DJT had put into place during the previous 4 years.

And now for the BOOM! we all were waiting to hear,

  1. DJT said, “the 2020 ELECTION WAS ILLEGAL and FLAGRANTLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Just yesterday, it was proven in a PENNSYLVANIA COURT that mail-in-ballots are Unconstitutional. I guess that means I won! In Wisconsin tens of thousands of votes were proven illegal. Massive illegal ballot harvesting with “ballot mules” with people stuffing ballot boxes in Georgia and other states. They have it on tape in more than just one state. They don’t like it. They don’t want to talk about it because it means the election was rigged. Let’s see what happens. Our country is dying. They are not after me, they’re after you and I’m just standing in the way.”
    1. The litany of tribulations must include that planned murder has been committed on the People starting in February 2021, when Pfizer showed over 1300 deaths over the first 3 months of (trial) vaccine release and Fauci knew this. The DOD database received last week, (according to attorney Thomas Renz ), is overwhelming and indisputable. This published database shows that Fauci and Pfizer, and Moderna were all aware of the deaths and illnesses being caused by the vaccine. Nothing was done to stop the forced vaccination of innocents by this mafia and now this Administration is pushing to vaccinate children. These evildoers must be stopped.

Here’s what we’d like to see. Donald Trump ended yesterday’s rally with a reference to the greatness of Texas, with the Last Stand for Freedom from Mexico in 1836. The Alamo is where 200 brave Texicans stood against an army of 2000 Mexicans with the strength of 1 canon aptly named, “Come and Take it!” “Texas will never let any Communist or Socialist Movement take this FREEDOM from us.” Not in Texas, nor in any State or Territory in the United States, will We the People allow a Communist or Socialist Movement to take this hard-won FREEDOM from us. More heroes like Tom Renz and David Martin, ( ) are taking a stand. We stand side-by-side in this fight for Freedom – never before have ‘healers’ engaged in an orchestrated act of domestic terrorism at the scale seen in 2021.

In 2022 Military is the ONLY WAY. MILITARY MUST DECERTIFY THE 2020 ELECTION IMMEDIATELY. Immediately once US Military stands up to Decertify 2020 Election all media lying immediately stops under threat of complicity. Criminal prosecution of every entity purposely harming the People, under Military Court begins.

Military is the only way to correct Biden’s Criminal Family Cartel from continuing the corruption in Ukraine. Certainly it’s allowing Russia the opportunity to hold influence over Biden Administration, right along with China. The proof of “pay for play” gamesmanship under Biden, is recorded throughout his history, along with Clinton Family Cartel, and so many others.

Military – not the TV Generals described by DJT, must stand up now. There is no further room for delay.

We’re ready for Nuremberg 2.0. to begin.

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