My thoughts on why President Trump has supported covid vaccines. by Praying Medic.

November 22, 2021 – 6:26 pm Reply

When he was totally honest. HCQ they banned it and censored him. Saying anything wouldn’t have served a point. I saw him live in N. Charleston and he outright told us covid was the next big hoax to be used against him, that it’s basically a flu, 60+k people die a year of the flu, and many of us will trust our immune systems and won’t need a vaccine but for those that feel they need it to go out an live life they’re developing one now.
He had told us…he had shown us HCQ he was on…monoclonal antibodies he was on and he never felt better. If you chose not to see his actions and listen to his words that’s on you not him. Nothing good could have happened except war with our country (which he’s already been planning with military to fix since inauguration) if he outright told us they would try to kill is all. No one would’ve believed him and it would’ve been dismissed just like HCQ. In war generals need to make decisions. Calculated decisions. Many time no matter what decision is chosen people die.
This decision wasn’t made by him. It was made by every individual that he gave time after time and proof after proof of the corrupt media and establishment not caring about them and manipulating them.

He sold no one out.

Many sold themselves out.

November 23, 2021 – 7:21 am Reply

Invermectin and HCQ were originally classified as vaccines. Trump was right, take THOSE vaccines. Fauci and others hid that information from the public and expanded the definition of “vaccines” to include their poisons.

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