American Rights At Stake! — The Marshall Report

The Kyle Rhittenhouse case is not just about a 17 year old boy defending himself, it is HISTORICALLY THE BIGGEST CASE FOR THE RIGHT TO DEFEND ONESELF FOR ALL AMERICANS! KYLE’S OUTCOME WILL AFFECT EVERY AMERICANS FUTURE RIGHTS! Sheriff David A. Clarke Says…. “I served nearly 40 years in law enforcement with 15 of those…Continue…

American Rights At Stake! — The Marshall Report

2 responses to “American Rights At Stake! — The Marshall Report

  1. It is truly sad to see the Prosecuting (Democrat) lawyer, who cares nothing about truth and the law, willfully trying to trip up Kyle. In God’s eyes this wicked lawyer is filled with guile.

    Those men who lost their lives took a chance to try and badly injure Kyle, well, their choices cost them their lives, they now realize the cost they have paid. Violence begets violence, Kyle was not trying to stir up violence, he was there to stop the violence, and as a citizen of the US, the Constitution gives him the authority to care for his country and his neighbours property. He, Kyle is the honorable one and he is alive.

    The men who tried to maim, or even kill Kyle are and were the true criminals, they received their judgement, they took a chance and failed. So now the Prosecuting attorney is trying to call out Kyle’s action as evil, and the unlawful action’s of the true criminals as good.

    That is perverted judgement, and thank the Judge for berating the lawless Attorney for pulling illegal activity within the courtroom.

    I pray Kyle is set free, and I pray he just move to another area, and create a life where he can live in Peace, and deal with the PTSD and get healed.


  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful way you describe the event history. I also pray for him and our country. I will re-post your words. (asap)


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