Part III: Is There REALLY a Plan? (Devolution)

Man In America
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In the third part of this series, I sit down with Patel Patriot, author of the 9 part “Devolution” essay, which details an elaborate plan for continuity of governmentβ€”put in place by President Trumpβ€”to thwart the attempted overthrow of the U.S. by foreign adversaries. Should his theory be correct, and if we are truly in a silent war with China with the real power of government being in the hands of Trump and the U.S. military, then why are they “allowing” all kinds of tragedies to unfold in Afghanistan, at the border, and with the increasing medical tyranny? Is the plan actually succeeding? I’m going to ask Patel Patriot all these questions and more today, and afterwards we’ll do a special UNCENSORED live Q&A over at Rise.TV where you can ask YOUR questions too. Hope to see you there @ 12PM ET!

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