There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that principle is contempt prior to investigation. —Herbert Spencer

LK Dark to LightFrom an Anon:

Donald Trump is ALWAYS many steps ahead.
Always has been and always will be.
Why did he never concede?
Why did he warn Joe about the 25th?
Why does he refuse to announce a 2024 run?
Why does he continue to call for the diamonds to be returned?
Why does he continue to tell us that he thinks we will be very happy?
Why is he still holding rallies?
Why was his last rally held directly after the Afghanistan debacle?
Why did he focus so hard on peace deals in the Middle East before leaving office?
Why is his next raly planned for the day after the audit results are released?
Why did he wait until a week ago to say he thinks the election will be decertifed?
Why did he just spotlight Raffensperger and tell him to decertify the election?
Why did he occasionally ask “Where is Durham?!”
Why did he tell Hillary he was going to hire a special prosecutor to investigate her crimes?
Why would HRC be terrified of the Michael Sussmann indictment?
Why did Merrick Garland allow Durham to continue his investigation?
Why does Trump occasionally remind us of OBAMAGATE?
Why does Trump often attack “HIS people”?
Why has he repeatedly told us that Joe isn’t in control?
Why hasn’t Joe reversed EO 13818 & EO 13848?
Why are these EOs so vitally important?
Why did Joe Sign 17 executive orders on day one?
Why did Trump put Christopher Miller in charge of Special Operations Command before leaving office?
Why did Trump tell Pence it would take MORE Courage to certify the election than to decertity?
Why does Trump continuously tell us he caught them all?
Why did Trump establish the Space Force?
Why did he put the Great Reset plans into warp speed?
Why did he show the world that there are safe Covid treatments?
Why did he put Dr. Fauci in the brightest spotlight?
Why is he the only westerner to ever step foot in the Forbidden City?
Why was he treated like a king during his trip around the world in 2017?
Why did Obama follow him?
Why is Trump always confident?
Why does he continue to tell us the best is yet to come?
Why does he continue to tell us that we will make America great again?
The Art of War is a beautiful thing…

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