The 7 Deadly Lies From Media Meant to Destroy America

Great info from our friends in Texas, Thanks.

Clever Journeys

Current deceptions and falsehoods

Deception #1

Washington, DC newsrooms hide facts that matter: Susan Rice’s deputies when she was Obama’s National Security Advisor were Anthony Blinken and Avril Haines. Susan Rice, with Barack Obama, is pulling the strings.


When news media reported there was “no evidence” Dominion Voting Machines didn’t have an algorithm that switched votes votes from President Trump to Biden, they lied.

Evidence of the algorithm was quickly discovered. Dr. Shiva Aayadurai presented evidenceof the algorithm publicly in November 2020.

The media kicked into propaganda overdrive with using words like “debunked,” “lampooned,” and “exposed.”

To date, Dr. Shiva’s research coninues to be 100 percent true. His analysis also revealed that the more Republican the Precinct, the worse President Trump performed.

In these charts:
The Y-axis (up and down) isTrump’s Support.
The X-axis (left to right) is the percentage ofRegistered…

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