Expert Says Fauci Responsible for Hundreds of Thousands of American Deaths by Blocking Hydroxychloroquine

Dr. Steven Hatfill, infectious disease expert, says the medical bureaucracy blocked an effective treatment in hydroxychloroquine so they could push through experimental vaccines.

Dr. Hatfill told War Room hydroxychloroquine is proven to be effective and costs roughly 60 cents per pill. However, the existence of a proven effective treatment would not have allowed Dr. Fauci and FDA’s Janet Woodcock to expedite covid vaccines.

“You don’t need a vaccine,” Dr. Hatfill said.

“It’s quite evident that Dr. Fauci, Dr. Woodcock, Dr. [Rick] Bright are responsible for hundreds of thousands of America deaths for causing this drug to pick up a bad name,” Dr. Hatfill said.

Dr. Hatfill said Fauci, Woodcock, and Bright were responsible for leaks to smear the cheap FDA-approved drug.

“It was fostered,” Dr. Hatfill said. “They didn’t want competition for the vaccines 

“I’m not a conspiracy person but there’s no other rationale conclusion for what happened,” he said. 

“The fact is normal vaccine development takes a long time,” he said. “And you only rush it in a dire emergency if there’s no effective drug treatment. There was interference with the use of hydroxychloroquine, intentional interference. And we’re in the mess that we’re in.”

The author of Three Seconds Until Midnight said the blood clots associated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which also produces a spike protein like the mRNA Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, are extremely rare.

“The worry is that these things can set up an inflammation in the blood vessels,” he said. 

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