Explosions of Truth with Mel K and Charlie Ward. Many things we don’t hear about.

For our support, mental or otherwise, I think it is great to hear, that in many Countries in rest of the world, their people are dancing right along with us. Example is 175 countries, 5 million people rising up. Not many people talking or reporting about great things. The Lame stream media certainly is doing their damnedest  to hide it all from American people. There are so many things all around the world that affect what Trump and the White Hats want , plan, can and will do, any day of the week. So many people think, only DC politics and crooks are the main show. Good to hear all satanists in all walks of life are getting their ……………?

Explosions Of Truth With Mel K & Charlie Ward – Dr. Charlie Ward (drcharlieward.com)

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