You see anything wrong here?


Walmart’s bathrooms are open, but their dressing rooms (which you go into alone) are not.

You can go out to eat with your family, but your family is not allowed to go to your doctor appointment with you.

You must wear a mask while walking into a restaurant, but you’re allowed to take it off once you get seated.

You may have one visitor at the hospital, but your husband can’t go to your ultrasound appointment.

You must put your money in a cup at the drive through, but the cashiers then also touch the same money as well as your bag of food when they hand it to you.

You can walk around Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, etc. with 200 other people, touching things that dozens of others have touched, but you can’t sit in church with your family and friends.

You can protest, riot, loot and destroy cities by the tholsands, but you can’t be with your elderly loved one who is dying in hospice.

No more than 10 family or friends can attend a funeral of a loved one, but thousands (actually bussed in) can attend the funeral of a lifelong criminal.

Try to use common sense friends. This whole charade is ridiculous, don’t ya think?

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