Why Trump Had To Endorse Experimental Vaccines! Fauci, Gates, Big Pharm BUSTED! The [DS] Depopulation Agenda! MSM Control Thru Fear!

Why Trump Had to Endorse Experimental Vaccines! Fauci, Gates, Big Pharm Busted! The [DS] Depopulation Agenda! | Alternative | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

Trump Had To Endorse Experimental Vaccines! It’s all part of Q’s Worldwide Military Intelligence Sting Operation. Fraud Fauci, Bill Gates and Big Pharma have all been EXPOSED! The Deep State Depopulation Agenda was rushed, and pushed out into the open for all to see! MSM is the MegaPhone of The Demonic Far-Left Socialist Party! Their job is to Control Thru Fear! They too, have been exposed for their treason. All enemies Foreign and Domestic, ALL Assets Seized!

Trump had to rush vaccines into production and distribution before FDA approval to maintain an Emergency-use status. That way, they could not be forced upon Americans as Mandatory, which is exactly what the diabolical Deep State intended. Sometimes you can’t tell the people the truth, You Must Show Them!

Trump is leading The U.S. Military along with trusted allies in an epic battle of Good vs. Evil. Patriots vs. The Deep State Cabal. Fear not. Many believe this battle has already been won. Remember, in the end, God wins! The Worldwide Demonic Cabal devised a 16-year plan to destroy America and take control of the planet. Patriots in the U.S. Military interupted their evil scheme by installing President Trump into The White House. They thought Hillary couldn’t lose a rigged election. Patriots outsmarted The Deep State. And that was the beginning of the end for The Cabal. But they will not go down without a fight! We’re in the midst of an epic worldwide battle to save hummanity!

Which Deep State actors will be the first to face firing squads for Treason and Sedition against The United States of America!

Trump will return soon. Not as The President of The Bankrupt U.S. Corporation, but rather The President of The New Republic of The United States! In this New American Republic We The People have all the power. There is NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX! And America returns to The Gold Standard! Welcome to The Great Awakening! Nothing Can Stop What is Coming! Nothing. Enjoy The Show!

RC The Rapper “Just Say No!”

Please share his video far and wide. And share my video with RC The Rapper. Hopefully he will watch, hear The Gospel, and give his life to Christ!

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